Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Potential in Tunisia

Tunisia is prioritizing the growth of its digital economy, creating significant prospects for U.S. companies in the cybersecurity and cloud computing sectors.

The Tunisian government recognizes the importance of digital transformation and associated risks. It has implemented initiatives to boost cybersecurity measures and cloud adoption, such as establishing the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSC) to provide a regulatory framework for security policies, training programs, and certifying cloud providers.

Tunisia is preparing to launch its first cloud computing project and national data storage space. The ANSC’s certification of cloud providers with G-cloud and N-cloud labels presents opportunities for cloud service firms to cater to government agencies and essential organizations.

As Tunisia increases digital platform adoption, robust cloud security and cybersecurity solutions are needed to address emerging threats. The demand for secure data storage and aligning supply chains with rising digital demands may create openings for advanced software security infrastructure installation. Efforts promoting intelligent automation and improved user experiences further contribute to Tunisia’s cybersecurity sector growth prospects.

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