Tunisia will not remain inactive against those who aim to threaten its security – President Kais Saied stated on April 29

“Tunisia will not remain inactive against those who aim to threaten its security,” declared President Kais Saied on April 29, during a meeting with Interior Minister Kamel Feki at Carthage Palace. The president emphasized that the Tunisian state will take decisive action against any individuals or groups who seek to jeopardize the security of its citizens.

President Saied reviewed the overall security situation in the country, highlighting the extensive security operations he had ordered in various cities and neighborhoods. These measures aim to enforce the law and dismantle criminal networks that use any means necessary to instill fear in citizens and create chaos, as well as to prevent any illegal activities. This information was provided in a statement released by the Presidency of the Republic.

The president also praised the efforts of the Interior Ministry forces, stating that he had closely monitored their operations from the beginning until the morning of the meeting, following their thorough preparations.

President Saied emphasized the importance of conducting comprehensive investigations and submitting all relevant files to the judicial authorities. He also highlighted the responsibility of all parties, both visible and hidden, involved in these desperate attempts to undermine the security of the state and society. The Tunisian government is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and will take all necessary measures to achieve this goal.