President Kais Saied Honors Two Heroic Workers Involved in Rades Port Explosion

On Wednesday afternoon, President Kais Saied visited the home of Abdelaziz Chehi, who was severely burned in the explosion at the Rades port on March 14. The President presented Chehi with the First Class Labour Medal in recognition of his courage and deep sense of responsibility, along with his colleagues.

According to a statement by the Presidency, the Tunisian State is committed to providing employment opportunities for all and guaranteeing the rights of workers to fair wages and full support.

President Kais Saied also visited the home of the late Slim Ben Jemii, who died of severe burns sustained in the same explosion. The President presented Ben Jemii’s family with the First Class Labour Medal, saying that his heroic action saved Tunisia from disaster by blocking the gas leak and facing the fire, despite knowing the risks to his own life.

The President stressed that Tunisia honors its heroes even after their deaths and will spare no effort to take full care of their families.

During his visit, President Kais Saied met with a number of citizens and listened to their concerns. He emphasized the government’s firm commitment to responding to their demands and ensuring a decent life for citizens in all sectors.

The President also expressed strong determination to overcome all challenges and difficulties, stating that “the Tunisian people deserve to live in dignity in a state that provides them with all the means of freedom, justice and dignity.”

The fire at the Rades port on March 14 was caused by a gas leak in one of the pipes used to fill household gas cylinders. The Ministry of Industry has opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the fire.