Tunisia Cabinet Meeting Gives Green Light to Several Draft Laws and Decrees

During its session on Thursday, chaired by Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani, the Cabinet sanctioned a range of draft laws and decrees primarily focusing on economic and social realms.

Draft Laws:

  1. Approval of a draft law endorsing the guarantee contract inked on December 22, 2023, between Tunisia and the German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW). This contract pertains to a loan extended to the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (TEG), earmarked for bolstering the financing of the Tunisia-Europe electricity interconnection project (ELMED).

Draft Decrees:

  1. An amendment draft decree altering Decree No. 2278/2001 dated September 25, 2001, addressing the implementation of specific provisions within the Code of Collective Labour Institutions, as legislated by Law No. 83/2001 dated July 24, 2001.
  2. A draft decree outlining the remuneration system for diverse categories of teaching staff and individuals undertaking exceptional duties at the National Customs School.
  3. A revision draft decree amending Government Decree No. 93 of January 19, 2017, extending the deadline provided to microcredit associations for compliance with Decree No. 117 of November 5, 2011, regulating the operations of microfinance institutions.
  • It’s important to underline that microcredit associations, funded by the Tunisian Solidarity Bank from the national budget, aim at fostering economic and social inclusivity by financing income-generating ventures, job creation endeavors, and improving living standards. Beneficiaries typically include individuals from economically disadvantaged families and vulnerable demographics, possessing the capacity to engage in economic activities or skilled in various professions or crafts.
  1. A draft decree amending Government Decree No. 476 of June 28, 2021, setting the special expense allowance amount for direct employees under the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
  2. A draft decree amending and augmenting Government Decree No. 357 of March 21, 2019, governing the organizational framework of the Ministry of State Property and Land Affairs.
  3. A draft decree delineating the structure of regional departments under State Property and Land Affairs, along with defining their respective duties.
  4. A draft decree designating the rehabilitation of the Wadi Chaabouni industrial zone in Sfax governorate as a project of public interest.
  5. A draft decree regulating the administrative and financial structure of the National Anti-Doping Agency, along with its operational methodologies.
  6. A draft decree revising and supplementing Decree No. 499 of April 27, 1974, pertaining to the framework governing old-age, disability, and survivors’ benefits within the non-agricultural sector.
  7. A draft decree governing the organization of maritime search and rescue operations.