How Big Is Tunisia Compared To Uk?

How Big Is Tunisia Compared To Uk?

When we look at how big Tunisia is compared to the UK, we notice a big difference. The UK’s land covers about 243,610 square kilometres. In contrast, Tunisia covers 163,610 square kilometres. So, Tunisia is roughly 67.16% as big as the United Kingdom.

Another source echoes that Tunisia’s area is 163,610 square kilometres, making the UK 49% larger. Despite being smaller, Tunisia has around 11.9 million people. The UK’s population is much larger, at about 67.8 million.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia’s land area is approximately 67.16% the size of the UK.
  • The UK covers roughly 243,610 square kilometres, while Tunisia spans 163,610 square kilometres.
  • Despite its smaller area, Tunisia has a population of around 11.9 million people.
  • The UK is home to around 67.8 million people, reflecting a significant population difference.
  • Tunisia versus UK dimensions indicate stark contrasts in geography and demographics.

Geographical Size of Tunisia and the UK

Comparing the sizes of Tunisia and the UK is quite fascinating. We look at their areas in square kilometres and square miles. This shows how different their sizes are.

Land Area in Square Kilometres

The UK covers 243,610 square kilometres. Tunisia has an area of 163,610 square kilometres. This makes the UK notably larger than Tunisia.

Land Area in Square Miles

When we look at it in square miles, the UK spans about 94,058 square miles. Tunisia, on the other hand, covers around 63,170 square miles. This clearly shows the size difference between Tunisia and the UK.

Country Land Area (km²) Land Area (mi²)
United Kingdom 243,610 94,058
Tunisia 163,610 63,170

Tunisia Size vs UK Size in Context

Comparing the Tunisia UK square miles contrast helps us understand the size difference. Tunisia is more than triple the size of Wales. Yet, next to the whole UK, Tunisia’s size tells a different story.

Tunisia UK square miles contrast

Different mapping methods show the size gap between Tunisia and the UK. For example, the Mercator projection sheds light on their size difference. Even though Tunisia is smaller in square miles, its population density tells us more. It enriches our view of its space and people compared to the UK.

Population and Density Comparison

Looking at Tunisia and the UK helps us see differences in population and density. We get to understand how they grow and develop. Their city growth trends also become clear.

Population Numbers

The population of Tunisia and the UK are quite different. The UK has around 66,971,000 people. Tunisia, however, has about 12,356,000 people. This shows the UK’s larger population size.

Population Density

When it comes to how crowded places are, Tunisia and the UK are not the same. The UK has 274.9 people per square kilometre. Tunisia has 75.5 people for the same space. These numbers show how packed the UK is compared to Tunisia.

Other Comparisons of Tunisia and UK

Comparing the economy and living standards of Tunisia and the UK shows big differences. The UK’s economy is stronger, with an average income of $49,240. Tunisia’s average income is much lower, at $3,830. This shows the wide economic gap between them.

Tunisia size vs UK size

Economy and Standard of Living

The rates of unemployment and inflation show different economic conditions in each country. While both experience high inflation, the UK’s unemployment rate is lower. This points to differing living standards, closely linked to their economies.

Quality of Life and Political Stability

The UK greatly outdoes Tunisia in terms of life quality. It scores 75 for political stability, versus Tunisia’s 44. In terms of civil rights, the UK gets 90, while Tunisia scores 42. These scores highlight the gap in political climates and civil freedoms.

When it comes to healthcare, education, and infrastructure, the UK stands out. These factors contribute to its higher living standards. This means better daily life and well-being for its people, making the UK more stable and thriving than Tunisia.

Metric UK Tunisia
Average Income $49,240 $3,830
Political Stability 75 44
Civil Rights 90 42

These figures reveal more than just size differences between Tunisia and the UK. They show us a wide gap in economic situations, quality of life, and political stability. This offers a full view of the contrasts between the two countries.

Geographical Regions and Climate

Tunisia and the UK sit in different parts of the world. This means they have different landscapes and weather. Each place has its own beauty, shaped by nature.

Climate Differences

In Tunisia, days are usually warm, with temperatures around 25.9°C. It’s mostly dry with not much rain. The UK, however, has cooler days averaging 12.9°C. It gets more rain, making it more humid.

The sea in Tunisia is warmer, fitting its dry lands. In the UK, the sea is cooler, matching its damp climate. These weather differences highlight the unique climates of both places.

Geographical Landscapes

The UK is full of different scenes. There are tall mountains, gentle hills, and flat lands. It offers changing views wherever you go.

Tunisia has the Sahara Desert, green coasts, and tall mountains. These places make its nature rich and varied.

This comparison shows how Tunisia and the UK are different.

Feature Tunisia UK
Main Landscapes Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains, Coastal Plains Highlands, Lowlands, Rolling Hills
Climate Type Mediterranean Temperate
Average Daytime Temperature 25.9°C 12.9°C
Water Temperature Higher Lower
Rain Days Fewer More


Tunisia and the UK differ greatly in size and population. Tunisia is much smaller, with an area of 163,610 square kilometres. That’s about 67.16% the size of the UK, which covers 243,610 square kilometres. Even with its smaller size, Tunisia has far fewer people, about 11.9 million, compared to the UK’s 67.8 million.

It’s not just about the physical size when comparing Tunisia and the UK. The UK enjoys a higher income and more political stability. Meanwhile, Tunisia boasts a unique climate with the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean coasts. The UK has a mild climate with varied landscapes like highlands.

The difference in size between Tunisia and the UK tells us more than just numbers. Their unique climates and landscapes greatly influence their lifestyles. The UK is known for its greenery and cooler weather, while Tunisia offers dry areas and warm weather. This contrast adds to their unique identities globally.


How big is Tunisia compared to the UK?

Tunisia covers about 163,610 square kilometres. It’s roughly 67.16% the size of the UK, which is 243,610 square kilometres.

What is the land area of Tunisia and the UK in square kilometres?

Tunisia’s area is 163,610 square kilometres. The UK is bigger, with 243,610 square kilometres.

How do Tunisia and the UK compare in land area in square miles?

In square miles, the UK is larger at 94,058. Tunisia has an area of about 63,170 square miles.

What is the population of Tunisia and the UK?

Tunisia has around 11.9 million people. The UK’s population is about 67.8 million.

How densely populated are Tunisia and the UK?

The UK’s density is 274.9 people per square kilometre. Tunisia has 75.5 people per square kilometre.

How do the economies and standards of living compare between Tunisia and the UK?

The UK’s average income is around ,240. Tunisia’s average is ,830. The UK enjoys a higher standard of living, with better healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

What are the key differences in political stability and quality of life between Tunisia and the UK?

The UK has a political stability score of 75. Tunisia’s score is 44. In civil rights, the UK scores 90 and Tunisia 42. This shows the UK’s superior political stability and civil rights.

What are the climatic differences between Tunisia and the UK?

Tunisia enjoys a Mediterranean climate, averaging 25.9°C. The UK has a temperate climate, with average temperatures around 12.9°C. Tunisia also tends to be drier with fewer rainy days.

How do the geographical landscapes of Tunisia and the UK differ?

The UK has hills, highlands, and lowlands. Tunisia is home to the Sahara desert, coastal plains, and the Atlas Mountains. This highlights the diverse terrains of both places.
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