How Far Is Tunisia From Jordan?

How Far Is Tunisia From Jordan?

Have you thought about the distance from Tunisia to Jordan? It makes one think of busy markets and old castles. The journey from Tunisia to Jordan isn’t just about miles. It’s about the mix of cultures, languages, and stories. The distance is about 2,536 km or 1,576 miles.

Imagine eating breakfast in Tunisia and having tea in Jordan a few hours later. This shows how special modern travel is. It takes us quickly across countries and through history. Tunisia and Jordan are treasures of their areas. Tunisia is known for Carthage. Jordan is famous for the ancient city of Petra.

The miles between them, 2,536 km or 1,576, tell us little about the real journey. Thinking about the distance makes us see it as a journey of the heart. It’s more than just a trip across the sky.

Key Takeaways

  • The aerial distance from Tunisia to Jordan is about 2,536 kilometres and 1,576 miles.
  • Flights can take around 2.81 hours at an average speed.
  • Knowing the locations of these countries helps travellers plan trips.
  • Located in unique regions, Tunisia and Jordan are closer than you think.
  • Today, travel makes far distances feel short, making new experiences easy to reach.

Understanding the Geography of Tunisia and Jordan

Travel from Tunisia‘s vast lands to Jordan‘s historic sights spans continents. This trip goes from North Africa to the Middle East. Understanding the distance from Tunisia to Jordan is key. Tunisia lies at 33° 53´ N latitude and 9° 32´ E longitude. It has a Mediterranean shore and a desert inside. Jordan is at 30° 35´ N latitude and 36° 14´ E longitude. It offers different landscapes, like the Dead Sea and Petra.

Knowing the distance from Tunis to Amman helps plan your trip. It matters for making a real travel plan. The flight can be about 2,536 km or 1,576 miles long. This info sets real expectations for travel time and stops.

Here is a table comparing Tunisia and Jordan. It shows how unique each country is. This helps understand their distance:

Aspect Tunisia Jordan
Capital City Tunis Amman
Latitude 33° 53´ N 30° 35´ N
Longitude 9° 32´ E 36° 14´ E
Terrain Coastal Mediterranean to Sahara Desert Varied; Dead Sea to Arid Desert and Ancient Cities
Distance to Capital N/A Approx. 2,536 km / 1,576 miles
Flight Duration to Capital N/A Variable

The trip from Tunisia to Jordan is more than a simple route. It’s a journey through different landscapes, cultures, and experiences. It covers a huge part of the world.

Measuring the Distance: Tunisia to Jordan

Planning your trip between Tunisia and Jordan? Use the Tunisia and Jordan distance calculator. The air distance is 2,536 kilometers or 1,576 miles. This is key for your travel plans and timing.

Aerial Distance in Kilometers and Miles

Flying is the fastest way to go from Tunisia to Jordan. The Tunisia Jordan distance in miles shows the area’s size. It proves flying is the best choice.

Comparing Distances to Neighbouring Countries

With a Tunisia and Jordan distance calculator, you see clear numbers. For example, Jordan to Palau is about 10,373 kilometers away. But Tunisia to Kenya is about 4,792 kilometers. This shows how close African countries are.

In summary, knowing the distance from Tunisia to Jordan helps with travel plans. It also makes you appreciate their places on the map more.

Traveling from Tunis to Amman is an adventure across lands and seas. It connects the vibrant culture of Tunis with Amman’s historic beauty. Get ready to learn about both cities before you go.

Tunisia to Jordan travel distance map

Understanding the distance from Tunisia to Jordan is key for travelers. These countries have a deep history that ties them together. They are far apart but share a rich story.

Think about the land and sea you will see. You’ll cross the Mediterranean Sea and deserts to reach Jordan. This journey shows the beauty of our world.

As you plan your trip, you’ll get excited about what awaits. You’ll see deserts, coasts, and Jordan’s stunning landscapes. This path is full of history, art, and culture.

Now that you know about the journey from Tunis to Amman, you’re ready. You’re not just moving through space, but also through time. Get ready to see the world’s ancient and modern wonders.

Flight Information and Airlines Operating Between Tunisia and Jordan

Planning a trip from Tunisia to Jordan is exciting. The flight takes about 5 hours and 19 minutes. Knowing about the airlines helps you plan better. This journey crosses seas and deserts.

Average Flight Duration from Tunisia to Jordan

Flights from Tunisia to the Middle East take around 5 and a half hours. You’ll fly over beautiful places. It’s a chance to think about history below.

Many airlines that fly to Jordan offer choices for all. Royal Jordanian offers direct flights, which are great for avoiding stops. Others like Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, and Saudi have different routes. These may include a stop. They all fly from Tunis Airport to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Cost Considerations for Flights from Tunisia to Jordan

Planning your trip from Tunisia to Jordan needs a look at costs of flights from Tunisia to Jordan. This is key for budgeting and choosing good flights. Knowing the costs beforehand helps make your trip smoother and cheaper.

Average Prices for Round-Trip Tickets

The average cost for round-trip flights from Tunisia to Jordan is about US$877. This price helps you plan your travel budget. Yet, prices change based on time of year, when you book, and which airline you choose.

Understanding Flexible Plane Ticket Options

Some airlines have flexible tickets for changes in travel dates. This option costs more but is good if plans must change. Paying more at first for costs of flights from Tunisia to Jordan can avoid extra fees later.

Traveling from Tunisia to Jordan involves stops but the Tunis to Amman path is top choice. Starting at Tunis Airport and arriving at Queen Alia International in Amman combines two capitals. It weaves a tale of history and culture.

Tunis to Amman travel route

Airlines work hard to make your journey smooth. They offer various ways to travel from Tunis to Amman.

Airline Tunis Departure Layover Amman Arrival
Royal Jordanian 08:00 AM Direct 13:30 PM
Turkish Airlines 09:45 AM Istanbul 18:50 PM
Egyptair 02:15 PM Cairo 23:40 PM

The Tunis to Amman route blends ease with adventure. You might fly direct or enjoy layover experiences. This journey introduces you to stories and a mix of old and new.

Planning Your Journey: Tunisia to Jordan Travel Tips

If you’re considering planning travel from Tunisia to Jordan, timing and strategy are key. You want your trip to be the best it can be. This means staying up-to-date with flight schedules and prices. Knowing the best time to book flights from Tunisia to Jordan is crucial for your plans.

Best Time to Book Flights

It’s smart to book flights early, especially for trips like Tunisia to Jordan. Experts say the best time to book flights from Tunisia to Jordan is a few months before you go. They suggest booking three to six months in advance to save money.

Exploring Flight Durations and Stopovers

Planning your trip means thinking about how long the flight is and if you’ll stop anywhere. Direct flights take about 6 hours. But stopovers can change how long your journey is. A table of routes can help you decided what’s best for you.

Airline Route Approximate Duration Typical Stopover
Royal Jordanian Tunis to Amman 6 hours Direct
Egyptair Tunis to Cairo to Amman 8+ hours 1-3 hours in Cairo
Turkish Airlines Tunis to Istanbul to Amman 10+ hours 1-5 hours in Istanbul
Qatar Airways Tunis to Doha to Amman 10+ hours 1-4 hours in Doha

Think about all these things to plan the perfect trip. It will make your travel from Tunisia to Jordan great. You’ll remember it for the best reasons.

Local Insights: Currency and On-Ground Transportation

When you arrive in Jordan or Tunisia, knowing the local currency matters a lot. The Jordanian Dinar and the Tunisian Dinar are the main currencies. It’s good to understand how much they are worth for a better visit. Also, finding your way around Jordan and Tunisia is key to a smooth trip.

Getting a taxi in Amman or catching a bus in Tunisia needs some local money know-how. Prices are in Jordanian Dinar and Tunisian Dinar. And if you like to go by yourself, you can rent a car easily.

Below is a table comparing travel options in Jordan and Tunisia:

Transportation Jordan Tunisia
Taxis Widely available, metered and fixed fares Plentiful, negotiate fare in advance
Buses Extensive network, affordable fares Regional and inter-city services, economical
Car Rentals Various international and local companies Multiple options, competitive pricing

Paying for taxis or buses, you’ll need the Jordanian Dinar or Tunisian Dinar. Knowing about on-ground transportation in Jordan and Tunisia really makes your trip better.


Understanding the Tunisia to Jordan travel distance of 2,536 km or 1,576 miles is important. Your flight will take about 5 to 6 hours. This trip isn’t just moving from one place to another. It’s a journey across cultures, over the sea into the Middle East.

Checking the cost of flights from Tunisia to Jordan is key in planning your trip. Prices change due to many reasons like time of year and demand. So, research well to find the best deal. This helps make your trip more enjoyable. Flexible tickets can also help if plans change, giving you peace of mind.

Your journey ends with great memories and useful travel knowledge. Knowing about the local money, the Jordanian Dinar and the Tunisian Dinar, helps. Also, understanding transport options in both countries makes things easier. Ready to explore Amman’s busy streets or Tunis’s historic charm? You’re set to go with confidence.


How Far Is Tunisia From Jordan?

Tunisia is about 2,536 kilometers away from Jordan. That’s the same as 1,576 miles. This is how far they are if you go straight through the air.

What Are the Geographical Coordinates of Tunisia and Jordan?

Tunisia’s coordinates are 33.88692 in latitude and 9.53750 in longitude. Jordan is at 30.58516 latitude and 36.23842 longitude. Their capitals are Tunis and Amman. This info helps with travel plans.

How Long Does It Take to Fly from Tunisia to Jordan?

Flying from Tunisia to Jordan takes about 5 hours and 19 minutes. This is if you fly straight there without stopping. But, this time might change based on the airline or the path it takes.

Which Airlines Operate Flights Between Tunisia and Jordan?

Many airlines fly between Tunisia and Jordan. Some are Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, Saudi, and Afriqiyah Airways. Royal Jordanian has direct flights for these places.

What Is the Average Price for a Round-Trip Flight from Tunisia to Jordan?

A round-trip flight from Tunisia to Jordan costs around US7 on average. This price can change depending on when you book and which airline you choose.

Are There Flexible Plane Ticket Options When Travelling from Tunisia to Jordan?

Yes, you can find tickets that let you change your travel dates. This might cost a bit extra. But it means you can change your plans without paying a lot more.
People often fly from Tunis Airport to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. It’s popular because there are direct flights. It also makes it easy to get between the two capitals.

When Is the Best Time to Book Flights from Tunisia to Jordan?

Booking early is usually best to get good deals. Flight prices change based on many things. Booking early often means you pay less.

What Should I Know About Flight Durations and Stopovers?

Direct flights from Tunisia to Jordan take about 5-6 hours. But, the total travel time can be longer. It depends on the airline and if you have to stop somewhere. It’s good to look at all the options to find what suits you best.

What Are the Local Currencies in Tunisia and Jordan?

In Tunisia, they use the Tunisian Dinar. In Jordan, it’s the Jordanian Dinar. Knowing the money is key for paying for things on your trip.

What Are the On-Ground Transportation Options in Jordan and Tunisia?

You can get around by bus, taxi, or renting a car in both countries. These options make it easy to move from the airport to the city. And to travel around the country too.
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