How Much Does It Cost To Live In Tunisia?

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Tunisia?

Living in Tunisia means knowing about various daily expenses. For example, dining out presents several options. Eating at a budget-friendly place might cost about 10 DT. Meanwhile, a dinner for two at a medium-priced spot could be around 60 DT. For fast food lovers, a combo meal often costs about 15 DT.

Looking at drinks, a small Coke or Pepsi is around 1.79 DT. A cup of cappuccino goes for about 2.54 DT. These prices give a snapshot of the cost of life in Tunisia. They’re very useful for anyone planning a budget or studying living costs there.

Key Takeaways

  • A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs around 10 DT.
  • A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is about 60 DT.
  • Fast-food combo meals are approximately 15 DT.
  • A small bottle of Coke or Pepsi costs roughly 1.79 DT.
  • A regular cappuccino is priced at around 2.54 DT.

Cost of Accommodation in Tunisia

When thinking about how much it costs to live in Tunisia, remember that prices change a lot by location. Living in cities tends to cost more than in the outskirts.

Rent Prices in City Centre

Renting in Tunisia’s city centres costs more. For a single bedroom in the city, you’ll pay about 658.78 DT each month. Being near to shops, offices, and places for fun makes it pricier. If you like city life and being close to everything, it might be worth it for you.

Rent Prices Outside City Centre

Outside the city centre, it’s much cheaper. A one-bedroom place costs around 465.13 DT monthly. This shows living a bit away from the city saves money. It suits those okay with travelling to the city. Plus, it’s quieter and you might get more space.

Buying Property in Tunisia

Buying property in Tunisia shows a similar trend. In the city centre, property costs about 269.50 DT per square foot. Prime locations come at a higher cost. Meanwhile, properties are much cheaper outside city areas. This is great for buyers with different budgets.

Accommodation Type Location Average Cost (DT)
One-bedroom Rent City Centre 658.78 DT
One-bedroom Rent Outside City Centre 465.13 DT
Property Purchase City Centre 269.50 DT per sq ft

Knowing these price differences helps with planning your budget. Whether renting or buying in Tunisia, how close you are to the city impacts your costs.

Tunisia Cost of Living: Groceries and Markets

Getting a grip on the cost of groceries in Tunisia is vital for budget planning. Whether you live in Tunisia or are just visiting. Groceries and market prices play a big role in your total living expenses in Tunisia. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll face.

Cost of groceries in Tunisia

Basic Food Items

The cost of groceries in Tunisia is quite budget-friendly for basic foods. A gallon of milk is priced between 4.73 DT and 8.33 DT. A loaf of fresh white bread costs around 0.43 DT. These items are essentials for daily shopping, making Tunisia an affordable place for groceries.

Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Alcohol and tobacco have moderate prices. A decent bottle of wine costs about 18.00 DT. A pack of Marlboro cigarettes goes for roughly 10.00 DT. These costs help paint a broader picture of the living expenses in Tunisia.

In summary, the cost of groceries in Tunisia shows that living costs are within reach. This offers a glimpse into affordable living in this North African nation.

Transportation Expenses in Tunisia

Transport costs in Tunisia cover public transport, having your own car, and using taxis. Knowing these costs helps plan your budget better.

Public Transport Costs

Public transport in Tunisia is cheap and good for everyday travel. A single ticket costs about 0.80 DT. Monthly tickets cost between 20.00 DT and 50.00 DT, based on the service and area covered.

Private Vehicle Costs

Having a car in Tunisia can be pricey. A new Volkswagen Golf might cost from 100,000 DT to 120,000 DT. Besides buying the car, you must pay for fuel, upkeep, and insurance too.

Taxi and Ride-sharing Services

Taxis and ride-sharing are convenient but cost a bit more. The starting fare for a taxi is around 0.90 DT. Waiting for an hour costs about 13.00 DT. Ride-sharing can cost as much as taxis but is easier to book with apps.

Cost of Healthcare in Tunisia

Looking into the cost of healthcare in Tunisia, one notices affordable rates for various medical services. A visit to a private doctor typically costs about 120 DT. This price is much lower than what one might pay in many Western countries.

A small visit to a general practitioner costs just 120 DT, within reach for many people.

Cost of healthcare in Tunisia

Medicines are a big part of healthcare spending too. A box of antibiotics usually costs around 24 DT. For a common cold, over-the-counter treatments cost about 9 DT for a week. This shows how basic healthcare in Tunisia can be cost-effective.

  • Doctor’s visit: 120 DT
  • Antibiotics: 24 DT
  • Cold medicine: 9 DT

The total cost of healthcare in Tunisia matters a lot, especially for expats and retirees. Both private healthcare services and medicines are quite affordable. This means getting medical care won’t drain your finances.

Healthcare Service Average Cost (DT)
Doctor’s Consultation 120
Antibiotics (per box) 24
Cold Medicine (per week) 9

In general, the cost of healthcare in Tunisia matches the country’s cost of living. It’s an attractive option for those thinking about moving or staying long-term.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Tunisia?

The cost of living in Tunisia covers many monthly expenses. This includes both basics and fun activities. Let’s look into what you might spend in an average month.

Average Monthly Expenses

How much you spend each month in Tunisia depends on your lifestyle. With the average monthly take-home pay around 939.81 DT, it’s important to plan your budget. Here’s what you might pay for key things every month:

  • Rent (1 bedroom apartment in city centre): 658.78 DT
  • Rent (1 bedroom apartment outside city centre): 465.13 DT
  • Basic groceries and dining: varied but generally affordable

Utilities and Internet Costs

Monthly costs for utilities and Internet in Tunisia are big parts of the budget. For a standard 915 sq ft apartment, utilities cost about 159.09 DT. A good Internet plan costs 66.56 DT per month, which is quite affordable.

Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Entertainment in Tunisia is about enjoying life and staying healthy. A gym membership starts at 81.69 DT. For movie fans, a ticket is about 16.00 DT, offering good ways to relax and have fun.

In summary, living in Tunisia provides a good balance between cost and lifestyle. Monthly outgoings, including utilities and internet, show it’s reasonably priced. Entertainment options are also well-priced, making fun activities accessible.


Living in Tunisia means looking at many different costs. You’ve got to think about where you’ll live, what you’ll eat, and how you’ll get around. It’s clear that Tunisia is quite affordable, especially when you compare it to countries in the West.

Housing costs change a lot depending on where you are. In city centres, you might pay more for rent. But buying groceries or eating out won’t break the bank. And getting around, either by bus or your own car, affects your budget too. It’s key to understand these things if you’re planning your finances in Tunisia.

When it comes to healthcare, Tunisia is pretty budget-friendly. Seeing a doctor or buying medicine doesn’t cost too much. Bills for things like water, electricity, and internet are part of your living costs. And for fun, memberships to gyms or movie tickets are easy on the wallet. Knowing how these expenses stack up against what you earn is crucial for good budget management in Tunisia.

To wrap things up, living in Tunisia can be easy on your wallet. But how much you spend depends a lot on how you live and where you stay. Planning your budget is super important to make sure you live comfortably and keep your finances in check while in Tunisia.


How much does a meal cost at a restaurant in Tunisia?

A meal in an inexpensive eatery costs about 10 DT. A three-course meal for two in a mid-range place is around 60 DT. For a fast-food combo meal, it’s roughly 15 DT.

What is the average cost of rent in Tunisia?

Rent costs vary by location. In the city centre, you would pay about 658.78 DT monthly for a one-bedroom flat. Outside the centre, the price drops to 465.13 DT.

How much do groceries cost in Tunisia?

Basic groceries like a gallon of milk cost between 4.73 and 8.33 DT. Fresh white bread is as cheap as 0.43 DT. Expect to pay 18.00 DT for a mid-range wine bottle, and 10.00 DT for Marlboro cigarettes.

What are the transportation costs in Tunisia?

A one-way ticket on public transport costs about 0.80 DT. Monthly passes are priced between 20.00 and 50.00 DT. Taxis start at 0.90 DT, with an hour’s wait around 13.00 DT. A new Volkswagen Golf costs between 100,000 and 120,000 DT.

How much does healthcare cost in Tunisia?

Seeing a private doctor usually costs 120 DT. A box of antibiotics is about 24 DT. Cold medicine for a week averages 9 DT.

What is the average monthly salary in Tunisia?

The average monthly take-home pay is around 939.81 DT.

How much do utilities and internet cost in Tunisia?

Monthly utilities for a 915 sq ft apartment are about 159.09 DT. For fast, unlimited internet, it’s approximately 66.56 DT.

What are the costs for leisure activities in Tunisia?

Fitness club membership begins at 81.69 DT per month. Cinema tickets are roughly 16.00 DT each.
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