How Much Does It Cost To Send A Package To Tunisia?

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Package To Tunisia?

Tunisia is a land of stunning deserts and beautiful seas. But, sending a package there raises questions. How much does it cost to send a package to Tunisia? I found myself wondering this as I planned to ship a present to Tunis. I looked into international shipping costs to Tunisia to find the most cost-effective options and any hidden fees.

I discovered that sending a parcel can be both affordable and depends on several factors. Parcel2Go offered an inexpensive start at around £25.39. This price covered not only the shipping but also extras like tracking and different delivery options. Their tool for getting an instant quote made figuring out the total package delivery expenses to Tunisia quite easy.

My journey to find a cheap but reliable shipping option taught me a lot. It helped me balance my budget with the need for dependable service. This was critical for sending items overseas.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of sending a package to Tunisia can start from an economical figure.
  • Parcel2Go offers transparent pricing with a variety of delivery options.
  • Signature tracking and parcel cover are crucial for a customised shipping experience.
  • Utilising instant quote facilities simplifies the calculation of international shipping costs to Tunisia.
  • Understanding the various factors that make up the sending a parcel to Tunisia price can save money and stress.
  • Planning ahead and comparing rates can significantly reduce package delivery expenses to Tunisia.

Understanding International Shipping Costs to Tunisia

If you’re planning to send a package to Tunisia from the UK, you should know that several factors can change the cost significantly. The size and weight of your package are important. So is the choice between express or economy delivery. Let’s look into what affects these costs.

Factors Affecting Parcel Delivery Expenses to Tunisia

Choosing between standard and express delivery is the first big decision. Your choice will impact how fast the package arrives and its cost. This choice is all about balancing speed against expense.

Weight and Size: How They Influence the Price

The bigger and heavier your package, the more it costs to send it to Tunisia from the UK. That’s because heavier, larger packages need more space and more energy to transport. This is really important for international deliveries to places like Tunisia.

Average Pricing for Different Weight Categories

To give you an idea of what it might cost, I’ve looked into standard Air Express charges for different package weights. Here’s what the prices tend to look like.

Weight of Parcel Cost (£)
1 kg 33
5 kg 55
10 kg 67 – 164

Choosing Your Courier: Comparing Service Providers

Choosing the right courier for sending a parcel to Tunisia affects costs, reliability, and speed. From personal experience and research, comparing big courier services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx gives a better idea of service and cost.

Courier Expected Delivery Time Base Rate (approx.) Services Included
FedEx 1-3 days £50 Tracking, Priority DropOff
DHL 2-4 days £45 Tracking, Signature on Delivery
UPS 2-5 days £47 Insurance up to £100, Drop-off options

Looking at package delivery expenses to Tunisia means checking both upfront costs and extra services. Choosing a provider should match your budget and the services you need.

Comparing Shipping Costs to Tunisia

Reading customer reviews and looking at the courier’s past performance is smart. It helps ensure timely and safe package arrival, reducing international shipping issues.

Prioritising transparency in pricing and reliability in delivery can make a substantial difference in the overall cost-effectiveness and satisfaction of sending a parcel to Tunisia.

The right choice becomes clear when you consider what matters most in delivery. It could be speed, cost, or even the shipping method’s environmental impact. Making an informed decision ensures your package gets to Tunisia as expected, with no extra costs or delays.

Customs and Import Charges: What to Expect

When sending parcels to Tunisia from the UK, it’s key to get ready for customs and international delivery costs. This guide will help you understand and prepare for these charges. By doing so, your delivery process will go smoothly.

All packages going to Tunisia must clear customs. This means there might be extra shipping fees based on what’s in your parcel. To follow the rules, you need to fill out a declaration form for every package. Accurate details about your parcel’s contents and value keep you clear of delays or extra charges.

Prohibited Items: What You Can’t Send to Tunisia

There are strict rules on what items you can send to Tunisia. These rules ban things like drugs, some religious and political materials, fake goods, and weapons. Knowing these bans is essential. It helps you steer clear of legal troubles and stops customs from taking your items.

Category Description Customs Status
Narcotics Drugs and related substances Strictly Prohibited
Explosives Fireworks, ammunitions Strictly Prohibited
Obscene Material Items that conflict with Islamic laws Strictly Prohibited
Henna Used for body art Restricted – requires special approval

If you’re sending packages to Tunisia, talking to the Tunisian customs or checking their online info helps avoid extra fees. This step is key for a smooth experience at the border.

Knowing about shipping costs and Tunisia’s import rules makes your shipping process efficient. It guarantees a trouble-free time with Tunisia’s customs.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Package To Tunisia?

I often look for ways to send parcels overseas cheaply. The cost to ship to Tunisia is something that especially grabs my attention. Using sites like, I save a lot, often finding prices up to 75% less than usual express delivery costs.

Figuring out How Much Does It Cost To Send A Package To Tunisia can be tricky. Different sizes and delivery choices affect the price. It’s important for senders to consider these factors to understand the total cost.

Online tools like help me estimate costs by considering size and delivery type. This lets me plan my budget better and avoid surprises.

Package Size Estimated Cost without Discount Estimated Cost with Upela Discount
Small Parcel (Up to 2kg) £35.00 £28.00
Medium Parcel (Up to 5kg) £50.00 £40.00
Large Parcel (Up to 10kg) £70.00 £56.00

By using online comparators and discounts from reliable sources, shipping to Tunisia becomes cheaper. It has changed the way I look at sending packages, making it both easier and more predictable.

Packaging Tips: Ensuring Your Parcel Arrives Safely

When thinking of sending a parcel to Tunisia, both the international shipping costs to Tunisia and ensuring the parcel’s safe packaging matter. It’s critical to plan your packaging well to prevent any damage during transit. The right materials and methods make a big difference in keeping your parcel safe.

Choosing the right packing materials is the first step. The type of boxing and cushioning materials is important. Use strong boxes for protection and bubble wrap or packing peanuts for cushioning. It’s vital that all materials are high quality to work well.

Material Use Case Benefits
Corrugated Cardboard Boxes For most items Sturdy and lightweight
Bubble Wrap For fragile items Provides cushioning
Packing Peanuts Void filling Prevents item movement inside the package

To ensure your parcel’s safe arrival in Tunisia, following courier service guidelines is a must. They offer important tips for packaging safely. These can also help avoid extra costs from damage.

Spending a bit more on secure packaging can save money in the long run. It can prevent the expenses of replacing damaged items. This way, you can keep the international shipping costs to Tunisia reasonable.

Shipping Options: Economy Versus Express Delivery

Choosing the right shipping option is crucial when sending a parcel to Tunisia. It helps balance cost and delivery speed. Knowing the difference between economy and express delivery is key for anyone wanting to save on sending packages to Tunisia.

Understanding Delivery Time Frames to Tunisia

Delivery times differ greatly between economy and express services. Economy shipping is cheaper but slower and takes over three days. On the other hand, express delivery is much quicker, delivering packages in 1-3 days. Remember, national holidays and non-working days in Tunisia can delay deliveries with any service.

Cost Comparison: Economy vs. Express Services

When posting a parcel to Tunisia, cost is a big factor. Express delivery gets parcels there faster but costs more. If you’re not in a hurry, economy shipping, like FedEx International Connect Plus Drop Off, is slower but saves money.

Service Type Delivery Time Frame Cost
Economy Shipping More than 3 days Lower
Express Delivery 1-3 days Higher

Express Delivery Options

Additional Costs: Insurance and Tracking Features

When sending parcels overseas, like to Tunisia, it’s key to know about additional shipping costs. My experience with Parcel2Go shows that insurance and tracking are vital. They keep the shipment secure and its journey under watch.

The cost of shipping to Tunisia from the UK makes extra insurance and tracking smart choices. Parcel2Go offers cover up to £50, extendable to £5000. This is crucial for items of high value.

Service Feature Basic Cost Enhanced Coverage Cost
Insurance £50 coverage Up to £5000
Real-Time Tracking Included in base price

Adding tracking gives peace of mind. It lets me watch my parcel’s journey to Tunisia. Especially important for urgent or essential items. This approach helps manage my deliveries and their costs efficiently.

These additional costs are usually a wise investment. This is true for places with potential delivery delays or complicated customs. Adding them early on is a smart move to avoid stress or unexpected costs later.

In summary, while additional shipping costs raise initial expenses, they ensure my Tunisia shipments are well-managed and secure.


Wrapping up our chat on shipping to the Mediterranean, knowing the shipping costs to Tunisia is crucial. If you’re sending packages from the UK, many factors affect the price. These include your parcel’s weight and size and the courier service you choose. Plus, extra services like insurance and tracking matter too. My study shows that choosing wisely can save money and keep your package safe.

Customs rules might seem confusing, but getting to know them helps. Making smart choices about delivery and packaging lowers the risk of delays or damage. This means you won’t face unexpected costs. I’ve found tools like Parcel2Go’s instant quote and‘s comparer very useful for budgeting parcel to Tunisia.

Ending on a note of optimism, sending your parcel to Tunisia from the UK can be smooth. Using tech tools and having the right knowledge makes it easier. This is true whether you’re sending a personal gift or business goods. Keeping these tips in mind ensures a great shipping experience.


How Much Does It Cost To Send A Package To Tunisia?

Shipping costs to Tunisia start from £25.39. Prices vary based on factors like size, weight, and the courier service. Use services like Parcel2Go to get an instant quote for an accurate price.

What Factors Affect Parcel Delivery Expenses to Tunisia?

Delivery costs are influenced by the parcel’s size and weight. The courier chosen and the service type (economy or express) also affect the price. Additional features like tracking and insurance play a role.

How Do Weight and Size Influence the Price?

Bigger and heavier parcels cost more to ship to Tunisia. For instance, a 1 kg package may be around £33. Prices for a 10 kg package can be anywhere from £67 to £164.

What Is the Average Pricing for Different Weight Categories?

For a 1 kg parcel, rates start at about £33. For a 10 kg parcel, prices range from £67 to £164+. These rates vary with the urgency and courier service chosen.

How Can I Compare Service Providers When Choosing My Courier?

Compare couriers on reputation, services, speed, and price. Look for additional features like parcel cover. DHL, UPS, and FedEx offer a variety of services worth considering.

What Should I Know About Navigating Tunisia’s Customs Regulations?

Packages to Tunisia must go through customs with the right forms. Knowing and following Tunisia’s import rules is key to avoid delays in shipment.

Are There Any Prohibited Items I Can’t Send to Tunisia?

Tunisia bans certain items, including narcotics, pornography as defined by Islamic law, explosives, and henna. Always check the complete list of banned items before shipping.

What Are Some Packaging Tips to Ensure My Parcel Arrives Safely?

To ensure safe arrival, use strong packaging and provide plenty of cushioning for fragile items. Securing your items as per courier guidelines is essential to prevent damage.

How Do Delivery Time Frames to Tunisia Work?

Delivery times vary with the service chosen. Express services take 1-3 days, while economy services are slower. National holidays in Tunisia can also impact delivery times.

How Does the Cost Compare Between Economy and Express Services?

Economy services are less expensive but slower than express services. If you need fast delivery, choose express. Otherwise, economy services can save money.

What Additional Costs Should I Consider When Shipping to Tunisia?

Consider additional costs like insurance and tracking. These services add to the price but offer security and track your package’s progress.
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