How Much Is Rent In Tunisia?

How Much Is Rent In Tunisia?

Moving to Tunisia means you need to know about housing costs. Rent can vary a lot in Tunisia. In upscale areas, furnished places cost more, but cheaper options exist in simpler areas. Apart from rent, you must also pay for utilities like electricity, water, and internet. Let’s explore the costs of living in a Tunisian home.

Key Takeaways

  • Rental prices vary significantly between upscale and modest areas.
  • Utilities are an essential factor in the cost of living in Tunisia.
  • Furnished accommodations in upscale regions are costlier.
  • Internet charges need consideration when planning your budget.
  • Understanding Tunisian accommodation costs helps in better financial planning.

Overview of Rental Market in Tunisia

The rental market in Tunisia has changed a lot in the past few years. It varies from busy cities to peaceful coastal towns. This variety affects Tunisian rental rates. Even with global economic challenges, the rental market in Tunisia shows some interesting trends.

Recently, more people are choosing furnished apartments. Let’s look closer at rental prices and other living costs:

Type of Accommodation Rental Price Range (TND)
Studio Apartments 200 – 400
One-Bedroom Apartments 300 – 600
Three-Bedroom Apartments 500 – 1200

Comparing these costs with expenses like transport, groceries, and eating out shows Tunisian rental rates are similar to other costs. For a full picture:

  • Transport: On average, locals might spend about 50 – 100 TND monthly on public transport.
  • Groceries: Monthly grocery shopping usually costs between 150 – 300 TND, depending on the size of the family and their preferences.
  • Dining Out: Eating at a mid-range restaurant might cost around 15 – 45 TND for each person.

Looking at all these factors gives us a good view of the rental market in Tunisia. By studying these trends and figures, we get a better understanding of what influences current Tunisian rental rates.

Average Rent in Major Cities

Tunisia’s rental market shows a wide range of prices across different cities. Let’s look at Tunis, Sousse, and Monastir. I’ll share what makes each city’s rental market special and talk about living costs there.

Average rent in Tunisia


Tunis is the capital and has various renting options. A one-bedroom flat in the centre costs about 1,000 TND. Move to the outskirts, and it’s around 700 TND.

For a bigger three-bedroom flat, prices range from 1,900 TND in the centre to 1,400 TND outside the centre. Costs like public transport and eating out also affect your budget.


Sousse is famous for its beautiful beaches and historic sites. Renting a one-bedroom in the city centre averages 800 TND. If you look further out, it drops to 600 TND.

For three-bedroom homes, the centre offers them at about 1,500 TND. In less central areas, it’s around 1,200 TND. With lower living and transport costs, Sousse is appealing to many.


Monastir is a quaint coastal town with reasonable rents. A one-bedroom city centre flat is roughly 750 TND. In quieter areas, prices fall to 500 TND.

A larger three-bedroom apartment in the centre will cost about 1,400 TND. Outside the centre, the price is 1,100 TND. Monastir’s allure and affordable living make it an attractive choice.

Insights on How Much Is Rent In Tunisia?

Taking a look at rent prices in Tunisia shows us what to expect. It’s interesting to see the range of rental options. You can find anything from affordable flats to luxury homes.

It’s also key to think about extra costs of living in a rental. Things like gym memberships can add a lot to monthly expenses. If you have kids, paying for childcare needs careful budget planning. So, it’s really important to grasp the full picture regarding rent costs in Tunisia.

The value you get for your money in the Tunisian rental market is quite good compared to other places. While the cost of added expenses like gym, childcare, and hobbies can differ, they’re essential in understanding the total living costs in Tunisia.

Let’s look at some extra costs:

Supplementary Cost Price Range (Monthly)
Gym Membership £20 – £50
Childcare £100 – £300
Leisure Activities £30 – £80

Considering utility bills and other household expenses is also crucial. Although rent in Tunisia might seem affordable at first, you can’t forget these extra costs. They really shape the overall budget needed for living there.

Focusing on these critical facets shows their impact on the cost of renting in Tunisia. With a deep dive into these costs, you can make smarter financial choices. Knowing about these expenses gives a complete view, helping with budgeting for life in Tunisia.

Tunisia Rent Cost for Different Types of Accommodation

Rent costs in Tunisia vary and affect where you might live. Whether it’s a simple one-bedroom or a large three-bedroom place, the location and type of accommodation are key.

Tunisia rent cost for apartments

One-Bedroom Apartments

A one-bedroom apartment’s charm is in its price and practicality, especially in busy city centres. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Tunisia can range from affordable to pricey, depending on the area. In Tunis, prices may be higher, but the fringes and smaller towns often have cheaper choices.

Three-Bedroom Apartments

For more space, the cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in Tunisia is crucial for some. These larger apartments have a wide price range, much like one-bedroom flats. Prices are higher in central areas. However, the suburbs and less urban places are cheaper for those okay with commuting or living further out. Here’s a basic price comparison:

Accommodation Type City Centre Rent Outskirts Rent
One-Bedroom High Moderate
Three-Bedroom Very High Moderate

In conclusion, the cost of renting apartments in Tunisia offers choices for all budgets and tastes. Whether you need a compact one-bedroom or a spacious three-bedroom, considering these aspects will help in your decision.

Factors Influencing Rent Prices in Tunisia

In Tunisia, factors influencing rental rates shape the housing market. Understanding accommodation cost factors in Tunisia sheds light on rental price changes.

Location is key. In cities like Tunis, rents are higher because being near business areas and services is valued. On the other hand, the countryside could be cheaper.

The size of the apartment matters too. Big apartments, for instance, three-bedroom ones, cost more than small, one-bedroom flats. This is due to the added space and amenities.

Proximity to amenities also affects rent. Being close to shops, schools, and healthcare centers can make prices go up. For many, the ease of access is appealing.

Influencing Factor Impact on Rent
Location High in urban areas; lower in rural
Size of Apartment Larger apartments have higher rents
Proximity to Amenities Closer proximity raises rental prices

The domestic market demand is crucial as well. High demand pushes up rents, particularly in popular areas. Economic factors play into this, affecting property values.

Understanding these factors influencing Tunisia rental rates helps paint a clearer picture. It’s vital for those looking to rent to keep these points in mind.


Exploring rent in Tunisia shows a mix of opportunities and challenges. Rent varies a lot from high-end areas to simpler ones. This affects what you spend.

We looked closely at how rent differs in major cities like Tunis, Sousse, and Monastir. This gave us a detailed view of housing options in urban and rural areas.

Getting to know the average rent helped us see Tunisia’s diverse living spaces. From busy city flats to calm areas on the edge of town, there’s a lot to understand. We also looked at other living costs, like gym memberships and childcare. This gave us a full picture of expenses.

In short, rent in Tunisia varies based on factors like location and the type of home. Knowing these things helps make a good choice about where to live. It’s key to consider these things along with other living costs. This way, people looking for a place can really know what they’ll spend.


How much is rent in Tunisia?

Rent in Tunisia changes based on where you live and what kind of place you choose. On average, a small apartment in the city costs between TND 400 and TND 1,200 each month. If you’re looking outside the city centre, it drops to TND 250 to TND 800.For bigger apartments with three bedrooms, the city prices go from TND 900 up to TND 2,500. Outside the city, you’ll find them cheaper, costing around TND 600 to TND 1,600.

What is the cost of living in Tunisia?

Living in Tunisia won’t break the bank, especially when you compare it to many Western countries. Things like food, meals out, getting around, and utility bills are quite pocket-friendly. A simple meal might only set you back around TND 10.A bus or train pass for the month could cost about TND 60. And running an average-sized apartment might cost you from TND 100 to TND 200 for utilities each month.

What are the average rental prices in Tunis?

In Tunis, the capital, renting a small apartment in the heart might cost you TND 600 to TND 1,200 monthly. But if you step a bit outside the central zone, prices become nicer, ranging from TND 350 to TND 800.Looking for something bigger? A three-bedroom place in the centre ranges from TND 1,500 to TND 2,500. If you’re okay being further out, the price lowers to TND 850 to TND 1,600.

How much does it cost to rent in Sousse?

In Sousse, a buzzling coastal city, a one-bed in the centre runs from TND 500 to TND 900 per month. Step outside the centre, and you’ll be looking at TND 300 to TND 600. A larger, three-bedroom in the city centre falls between TND 1,200 and TND 2,000.Choose to live a bit away from the hustle and the range is TND 800 to TND 1,400.

What are the rent prices in Monastir?

Monastir, known for its relaxed vibe, offers one-bed city centre apartments for TND 400 to TND 700 a month. Looking outside the centre? The cost drops to TND 250 to TND 500.For families needing three bedrooms, city centre prices are about TND 900 to TND 1,500. Outside, you’ll find slightly lower prices, around TND 600 to TND 1,200.

What factors influence rent prices in Tunisia?

Rent prices in Tunisia get shaped by several things. Where you live, how big your place is, and easy access to shops and schools matter. Generally, city centre or popular areas like the coast have higher rents.More suburban spots offer more bang for your buck.

How are rent prices for one-bedroom apartments in Tunisia?

For a single-bedroom flat in Tunisia’s city centres, expect to pay TND 400 to TND 1,200 monthly. Move to the outskirts, and you can find something more affordable, between TND 250 and TND 800.

What is the rent cost for three-bedroom apartments in Tunisia?

Larger families looking at three-bedroom apartments in city centres will see prices from TND 900 to TND 2,500 per month. Stepping outside the city core, the prices ease to TND 600 to TND 1,600, depending on location amenities.
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