How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

More Nigerians are getting Tunisia visas now, with a 25% increase in three years. If you’re planning a trip from Nigeria to Tunisia, know the visa cost. Nigerians need a visa to enter Tunisia unless they’re exempt. Knowing the costs and how to apply is key for easy travel.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tunisian visa fee from Nigeria is crucial knowledge for budgeting travellers.
  • Current fee for a single-entry visa is $90.
  • A multiple-entry visa fee stands at $180.
  • It’s advisable to start the visa application process early due to a processing time of up to 21 business days.
  • Understanding the costs and procedure ensures a hassle-free travel experience to Tunisia.

Introduction to Tunisia Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Nigerians need to get a visa before going to Tunisia. This doesn’t apply to people from countries that don’t need a visa or if they have a GCC residence permit. It’s important to follow these steps to make sure your trip is legal.


Nigerians should start the Tunisian visa application process early. You’ll need to fill out an application, provide some documents, and wait for approval. It’s crucial to meet all visa requirements to avoid problems when entering Tunisia.

Benefits of a Tunisian Visa

With a Tunisian visa, Nigerians can enjoy Tunisia for up to 90 days. They can visit many tourist spots without extra paperwork. Also, the visa allows entering areas without needing a passport during your stay, making the trip easier and more fun.

Types of Tunisia Visas Available to Nigerian Citizens

If you’re a Nigerian heading to Tunisia, knowing about different visa types is key. You can choose from tourist, business, or transit visas. Each visa type suits different travel needs.

Tourist Visa

Want to see Tunisia’s beauty and history? Get a tourist visa. It lets you visit lots of places easily. Just make sure your passport is valid for six months more. Also, have a recent photo and a filled-out visa application.

Business Visa

For business in Tunisia, you’ll need a business visa. It makes working and meeting in Tunisia smooth. Having an invitation from a Tunisian company is a must. Plus, bring the usual visa stuff like your passport and a photo.

Transit Visa

Just passing through? A transit visa is what you need. It’s for short stops. You’ll have to submit a valid passport, a visa form, and a photo, like with other visas.

Visa Type Purpose Validity Key Requirements
Tunisia Tourist Visa Tourism Up to 90 days Valid passport, application form, photo
Business Visa for Tunisia Business Activities As per the business engagement Valid passport, application form, photo, invitation letter
Transit Visa through Tunisia Transit Up to 7 days Valid passport, application form, photo

How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

When planning a trip abroad, knowing the visa cost is key. For those going to Tunisia from Nigeria, the visa fees vary by type. Here is a simple guide on the costs:

  • Single Entry Visa: $90
  • Multiple Entry Visa: $180

Remember, you can’t get your money back if your visa is not approved. So, make sure your documents are correct to avoid losing money.

Think about how long it takes to get your visa too. It usually takes about 21 days. So, it’s best to apply well before your trip to avoid stress.

Here’s a quick look at the visa fees:

Type of Visa Fee
Single Entry $90
Multiple Entry $180

Knowing the visa fees helps you plan better for your trip to Tunisia.

The Application Process for a Tunisia Visa

Getting a Tunisian visa can sound hard, but knowing what you need makes it simpler. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill in the visa form from the Tunisian consulate’s website.
  2. Make sure you have all needed papers, and they’re all up to date.
  3. Take your form and documents for Tunisia visa to the nearest embassy or consulate.
  4. Pay the visa fee as told.
  5. Then wait up to 21 days for them to process it.

Documents Required

You’ll need some key documents for a Tunisia visa:

  • A passport that’s valid for six more months after your trip.
  • A recent photo of yourself.
  • If needed, a card showing where you live.
  • Show you have enough money for your trip.
  • A place to stay or an invite letter from someone in Tunisia.
Document Type Description
Passport Valid for six months beyond stay
Photograph Recent passport-sized photo
Legal Status Proof Residence card or equivalent
Financial Evidence Proof of financial capability
Accommodation Confirmation Hotel reservation or host invitation

Understanding Tunisia’s Visa Policy

If you’re planning a trip, knowing about Tunisia’s visa policy is key. People from countries that don’t need a visa can stay for up to 90 days. This is thanks to the Tunisia visa waiver program, making travel easier.

GCC country residents can get a visa when they arrive in Tunisia for up to 15 days. They need a GCC residence permit and must follow Tunisia’s rules. It’s very important to know and follow these rules to avoid problems.

Getting to know the Tunisia visa policy makes for a smoother trip. Whether you’re using the Tunisia visa waiver program or a GCC residence permit, it helps to know the details.

The Role of Tunisia Embassy in Nigeria

The Tunisia embassy in Nigeria helps Nigerians travel and apply for visas. It makes sure visitors have smooth journeys. The embassy offers many consular services to help applicants.

Tunisia embassy in Nigeria

Contact Information

To ask about visas, contact the Tunisia embassy in Nigeria. Make sure you have the right details. This avoids problems with your application.

Services Provided

The embassy handles visa applications and gives travel tips. It helps make sure your documents are correct. They also guide you on extra steps for a successful visit.

Tunisia Visa Application Processing Time

When you’re planning to visit Tunisia, knowing the Tunisia visa processing time is key. It usually takes up to 21 business days to process a visa. This time helps check all the information and documents you submitted.

It’s smart to apply before your travel dates. If you apply early, you can deal with any delays. Doing this helps make sure you’re ready, giving you time for other travel plans.

Here’s a table to show the normal times to process different Tunisia visas:

Visa Type Processing Time Recommendation
Tourist Visa Up to 21 business days Apply 4-6 weeks before travel date
Business Visa Up to 21 business days Apply 4-6 weeks before travel date
Transit Visa Up to 10 business days Apply 4 weeks before travel date

Knowing the Tunisia visa processing time is vital for planning. Quick processing lets you book flights and hotels efficiently.

Tunisia Visa Exemptions and Special Cases

Tunisia has special rules to help certain people visit easier. A key rule is the visa waiver program. This lets people from some countries come to Tunisia without a visa for short visits.

Visa Waiver Program

This program lets people from certain countries visit Tunisia easily. They don’t need a visa beforehand. It’s to boost tourism and make short visits simpler, for up to 90 days.

GCC Residence Permit Holders

People with a GCC residence permit get a special deal. They can get a visa when they arrive, for up to 15 days. This rule makes it easier for them to enter Tunisia. These rules show Tunisia wants to make travel easy but also keep the country safe.

Tips for a Successful Tunisia Visa Application

Getting a Tunisia visa can be easy if you know what to do. You should follow some key tips. These tips will help make your application process smooth and successful.

successful Tunisia visa application tips

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Incorrect or Invalid Documents: A big mistake is having wrong or outdated documents. Make sure your passport and other papers are current and filled out correctly.
  • Incomplete Application Forms: Another mistake is not filling out the form completely. Check your form to make sure you’ve filled in every part.
  • Missing Deadlines: It’s important to apply on time. If you’re late, it might delay or even cause your application to be rejected.
  • Non-compliance with Local Laws: Ignoring Tunisia’s laws can harm your visa application. Make sure you follow all the rules and respect local customs.

Following these tips can really help with your visa application. It’s important to be thorough, on time, and respectful of the rules. Doing so will increase your chances of a good outcome.

Common Mistake Consequence
Incorrect or Invalid Documents Application Rejection
Incomplete Application Forms Processing Delays
Missing Deadlines Missed Travel Plans
Non-compliance with Local Laws Potential Legal Issues

What to Expect After Your Tunisia Visa is Approved

Once your Tunisia visa is approved, get ready for your trip. Plan well to make your travel to Tunisia smooth and fun.

Travel Preparations

With your approved Tunisia visa, book your stay first. Choose hotels or resorts that match what you like and can pay for. A good place to stay makes your trip better.

Then, know how you will enter Tunisia. Learn about border rules and where to go in. This helps you plan your travel day well.

Also, get ready to respect Tunisia’s ways and laws. Knowing the culture and laws makes fitting in easier. You’ll enjoy your visit more by being respectful.

  1. Approved Tunisia visa: Check your visa is okay and know how you can use it.
  2. Accommodation Booking: Book your stay early.
  3. Route of Entry: Learn about where and how you can enter.
  4. Local Laws and Customs: Look up and get ready to follow Tunisia’s culture.

By doing these preparations for travel to Tunisia, your trip will be smooth. This lets you take in Tunisia’s rich culture and beauty. Good planning makes your trip better. Have a great journey!


Getting to know Tunisia visa details is key for anyone from Nigeria planning a trip. The visa process might seem big, but if you follow the steps, it will be easy. This will make your travel smooth and worry-free.

It is important to know about visa fees, the types of visas, and how long it takes. Knowing these details helps avoid mistakes. It makes your visa application go well.

In short, being ready is very important. Make sure you have all needed documents. Follow Tunisia’s visa rules and keep up with updates. Good planning helps you have a great trip to Tunisia. Have a safe journey!


How much is the Tunisia visa fee from Nigeria?

The Tunisia visa fee from Nigeria is for one visit. For multiple visits, it’s 0. This fee is non-refundable.

What are the Tunisia visa requirements for Nigerians?

The requirements are filling a visa form and having a valid passport. You also need a recent photo and proof of legal status. Plus, a hotel booking or an invite from someone in Tunisia, and the visa fee.

What types of Tunisia visas are available to Nigerian citizens?

Nigerian citizens can apply for several visas. These include a tourist visa, a business visa, and a transit visa.

How long does it take to process a Tunisia visa from Nigeria?

The processing time can be up to 21 business days. So, apply well before your trip.

Can Nigerians get a visa on arrival in Tunisia?

Usually, Nigerians must get a visa before arrival. But, GCC permit holders might get a visa on arrival. They can stay for 15 days if they meet certain conditions.

What is the role of the Tunisia embassy in Nigeria?

The Tunisia embassy in Nigeria handles visa applications. They offer travel info and help Nigerians visit Tunisia. They ensure visa processes are smooth for Nigerians.

What steps are involved in the Tunisia visa application process?

The process includes filling a visa application form and uploading documents. You’ll need a valid passport and recent photo, and pay the fee. You may also need a hotel booking or a host’s invite from Tunisia.

What should I do if my Tunisia visa application is approved?

Once your Tunisia visa is approved, get ready for your trip. Book your stay, know the entry routes, and learn local laws and customs.

Are there any visa exemptions for travelling to Tunisia?

Tunisia allows travellers from visa-exempt countries to stay for 90 days visa-free. GCC permit holders may get a visa on arrival, under certain conditions.

What should I avoid when applying for a Tunisia visa?

To avoid application issues, don’t submit wrong documents. Make sure to fill in the application form completely. Always respect Tunisia’s laws and customs.
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