How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

Every year, over 400,000 Nigerian tourists go abroad. Tunisia is becoming a popular choice. For Nigerian travellers, knowing the costs for a Tunisian visa is key. They need a visa to enter Tunisia.

For Nigerians, understanding the visa fee is vital for trip planning. It matters for both tourist and business visits. Since the fees are fixed and not given back, it’s important to follow the visa application steps closely. This helps avoid losing money or facing delays.

Key Takeaways

  • Nigerian citizens are not exempt from visa requirements when travelling to Tunisia.
  • Understanding Tunisia visa application fees is critical for budgeting travel expenses.
  • Visa expenses for Nigerians visiting Tunisia vary based on the type of visa.
  • Adherence to application procedures and accuracy is crucial as fees are non-refundable.
  • Preparation and compliance can help prevent delays and financial losses.

Overview of Tunisia Visa Policy

Tunisia needs visas from most outsiders. But, people from visa-free countries can stay up to 90 days for non-business visits. They must check their passport is valid for at least six months beyond their visit.

Diplomats and special passport holders from some countries don’t need a visa. Also, GCC dwellers can get a visa when they arrive. This is good for up to 15 days. They must have the correct permits and planned lodging.

Nigerian travellers have to follow specific rules for a smooth trip. Knowing about visas and costs is key. This makes entering Tunisia easier. It also keeps them in line with local laws. This avoids problems when they get there.

Types of Tunisian Visas Available for Nigerians

If you are from Nigeria and want to go to Tunisia, you need the right visa. There are different visas for tourists, business folks, and people just passing through. This makes your trip smoother.

Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa is needed if you’re going to Tunisia for fun. You might want to see the culture, enjoy the beaches, or visit people you know. Remember, you have to pay a fee to get this visa.

Business Visa

Going to Tunisia for work? Then, you’ll need a Business Visa. It’s important for meetings, conferences, or other work events. You should know the cost and what papers you need. You’ll need letters from your work in Nigeria and Tunisia.

Transit Visa

If you’re just passing through Tunisia, get a Transit Visa. It lets you stay for a short while on your way somewhere else. Make sure you know how much it costs. You need an onward ticket and maybe a visa for your next stop.

Type of Visa Duration Purpose Cost (USD)
Tourist Visa Up to 90 days Leisure, visiting family/friends Varies*
Business Visa According to business requirements Business meetings, conferences Varies*
Transit Visa Up to 7 days Transiting through Tunisia Varies*

*Please check the latest Tunisian visa costs from Nigeria with the Tunisian embassy. This gives you the newest fee details. Getting the fees and documents right will make applying easier.

Requirements for Applying for a Tunisia Visa from Nigeria

To get a Tunisia visa, Nigerian applicants must meet certain needs. The essential documents are vital for a smooth process. They help follow rules and boost approval chances.

Tunisia visa application requirements

Essential Documents

First, fill out and sign the visa application form correctly. Have a valid passport with six months left and a recent photo. You also need:

  • Proof of legal status in the resident country
  • Travel itineraries
  • Accommodation details
  • A prepaid express mail return envelope

Specific Conditions

Some may need an official invite from someone in Tunisia. If it’s for business, a company letter is crucial. Make sure you meet all visa requirements carefully. Correct and valid documents are key for a successful visa.

Tunisia Visa Fee Structure

It’s key for Nigerian folks to grasp the Tunisia visa fee setup. It changes with the visa type.

Single Entry Visa

For those planning just one visit to Tunisia, a single entry visa is needed. Check the most recent visa fees for this from the Tunisian embassy.

Multiple Entry Visa

If you visit often, a multiple entry visa is good. It lets you enter many times within a set time. For this kind, the Tunisian embassy charges more for the benefit of multiple trips.

Additional Charges

Nigerian travellers must think about extra fees too. These might be for services, quick handling, or other office costs. Always double-check the latest fees with the Tunisian embassy to avoid any confusion.

Application Process for Tunisia Visa from Nigeria

Applying for a Tunisia visa from Nigeria is simple if you follow the steps carefully. First, accurately complete the visa application form. Make sure all personal and passport details are right. This is important to avoid delays or rejection.

Next, collect all necessary documents. These include a valid passport, passport-sized photos, and extra documents the Tunisian authorities may need. Then, upload these documents as instructed. After that, pay the visa fee with a credit or debit cards. Make sure to check how much is Tunisia visa fee from Nigeria. This is because fees can differ based on the type of visa.

After you submit, wait patiently for your visa process to finish and for approval. When you get the approved visa via email, print it. You’ll show this printout to the immigration officers when you get to Tunisia.

Here’s a clear list of the important steps:

  1. Fill out the visa application form with accurate details.
  2. Gather and upload all required documents.
  3. Pay the visa application fee and check how much is Tunisia visa fee from Nigeria.
  4. Wait for the visa to be processed and approved.
  5. Print out the visa you receive and show it when you enter Tunisia.

Knowing each step well for the Tunisia visa application from Nigeria makes your travel smooth.

How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

If you’re from Nigeria and planning to visit Tunisia, you’ll need to know about visa costs. The Tunisian government sets these fees. They depend on the type of visa you’re getting. A Single Entry visa costs $90, and a Multiple Entry visa is $180. Remember, you can’t get this money back after you pay it. You must use a money order to pay these fees.

How Much Is Tunisia Visa Fee From Nigeria?

Getting your visa can take up to 21 days. So, you should apply early enough. This ensures you get your visa on time. Knowing the latest fees and how long it takes is key. It helps make your trip smooth and free from problems.

Visa Type Cost (USD) Payment Method Processing Time
Single Entry Visa $90 Money Order Up to 21 Business Days
Multiple Entry Visa $180 Money Order Up to 21 Business Days

Staying updated with visa costs and how long they take is smart. It helps plan your trip better. For travel to Tunisia from Nigeria, knowing these costs is a must. Apply early to avoid any rush. This will help make sure you get into Tunisia without troubles.

Understanding Tunisia e-Visa and Its Availability

The Tunisia e-Visa system helps make getting a visa easier for Nigerians and others. It lets people apply for a visa online, without having to go to embassies.

Nigerians can fill in the electronic visa Tunisia form online, add needed documents, pay a fee, and get their visa by email. This way, getting a visa is quicker and simpler for everyone.

However, the start date for the Tunisia e-Visa hasn’t been shared yet. It’s smart for Nigerian travellers to keep looking for updates. This way, they can use this faster visa service as soon as it starts.

Travel Tips and Advice for Nigerians Visiting Tunisia

Travelling to Tunisia means you should think about laws and your safety. Getting ready for your trip makes it better and fun. It’s important to know and follow the local laws.

Before your trip, you need to follow some important advice. Always travel with the passport you used for your e-Visa. Following the local ways and laws is crucial when you’re visiting.

  • Check your travel dates match your visa’s dates to prevent overstaying.
  • Pick the right places to enter to avoid troubles.
  • Ask the Tunisian embassy for new tips and information.

Travel Preparations

Good preparation makes your trip better. Learning about Tunisia’s culture before you go helps a lot. It makes your trip smoother and more interesting.

  • Get all your travel papers ready, like visa and where you’ll stay details.
  • Plan what you want to see and do carefully.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy, just in case.

Good legal and safety advice and travel preparations for Tunisia make your visit safe, fun, and unforgettable.


Getting a visa from Nigeria to Tunisia requires knowing the basics well. This includes the different types of visas and what you need for your application. Knowing the cost of the Tunisia visa is also crucial for a smooth process.

The Tunisia e-Visa offers a simpler way for future applicants. It’s important to stay updated about it. This will help travelers take advantage of this new option. For now, following current visa application methods is very important.

Following the rules and preparing well is key to a great trip to Tunisia. By knowing the visa fee and following these tips, travellers from Nigeria can have a wonderful time. This careful planning is good for travelers and helps Nigeria and Tunisia get along better.


How much is the Tunisia visa fee from Nigeria?

A Single Entry visa costs . A Multiple Entry visa is 0. You must pay by money order.

What are the travel requirements from Nigeria to Tunisia?

Nigerian citizens need a visa for Tunisia. You need a Nigerian passport that’s valid for six more months. You also need other documents.

What types of Tunisian visas are available for Nigerians?

Nigerians can get Tourist, Business, and Transit Visas. It depends on why you’re travelling.

Are there specific conditions for each type of visa?

Tourist Visas are for fun or visiting folks. For a Business Visa, you need an invite from a Tunisian company. Transit Visas are if you’re just passing through.

What documents are required to apply for a Tunisia visa from Nigeria?

You need a filled and signed visa form, a valid passport, and a recent photo. Also, proof of status, travel plans, where you’ll stay, and an express mail envelope.

Is there a difference between Single Entry and Multiple Entry visa fees?

Yes. Single Entry is , and Multiple Entry is 0. More access costs more.

Are there any additional charges involved in the Tunisia visa application?

There might be extra fees. Like service fees or quick handling costs.

How can I apply for a Tunisia visa from Nigeria?

Apply online and upload documents. Then pay with a card and wait for processing. Follow steps carefully to avoid problems.

How long does it take to process a Tunisia visa from Nigeria?

The process can take up to 21 business days. So, apply early to get your visa on time.

What is the Tunisia e-Visa, and is it available for Nigerians?

The Tunisia e-Visa makes travel easier. It’s not out yet, but Nigerians should keep watching for it.

What travel tips and advice should Nigerians heed when visiting Tunisia?

Follow the local rules. Use the same passport for travelling as for the visa. Stay within your visa time. Know your travel route, the local ways, and get embassy updates.
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