How Much Should You Tip In Tunisia?

How Much Should You Tip In Tunisia?

In Tunisia, tipping is a bit different. It’s not as set as it might be in your home country. While in places like the U.S., tipping is normal for many services, in Tunisia, it’s more up to you. But people still expect tips. It’s important to use Tunisian Dinars for tips, not USD.

Finding the right tip amount can be tricky. Local customs on tipping vary. For travelers wanting to fit in and show thanks, it helps to understand these customs. Exchanging money is easy. You can do it at banks, change offices, hotels, and post offices.

Many places in Tunisia don’t take cards. So, having cash is smart. Knowing about tipping will make your trip smooth and show respect for local ways.

Key Takeaways

  • Tipping in Tunisia is not as rigid as in the U.S., but is largely expected for good service.
  • Always tip in Tunisian Dinars, as USD is not accepted for local transactions.
  • Ensure to exchange currency at banks, bureau de changes, hotels, or post offices.
  • Carry sufficient cash as many establishments do not accept debit or credit cards.
  • Understanding and respecting local tipping customs enriches the travel experience.

Understanding Tipping Culture in Tunisia

In Tunisia, people often tip, known as ‘bakschisch.’ It might seem strange at first. But getting to know this tipping culture can make your visit better. It shows thankfulness and respect, rooted in history, and shapes today’s manners.

Historical Context

Tipping in Tunisia has old roots. It was a way to thank for good service long ago. Travellers left coins at markets as thanks. This kindness has grown but is still key in how Tunisians show gratitude today. Tipping also reflects one’s generosity and status.

Modern Practices

Now, tipping in Tunisia follows old traditions, but more people expect it. This includes waiters, taxi drivers, and hotel staff. Prices usually don’t include service charges. So, tips show you liked the service. But, it’s okay to skip the tip if you didn’t ask for the service. This keeps the tradition respectful and sensible.

Tipping in Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

When dining out in Tunisia, it helps to know local tipping rules. This can make your visit better. It leaves a nice impression. Here are some tips to remember:

How Much to Tip in Restaurants

In Tunisian eateries, tipping about 10-15% of your bill is common. This shows you know local tipping practices. If a service charge is already included, no extra tip is needed.

Tipping Etiquette in Cafes

Tipping in cafes is simpler. You might leave a few coins or up to 3 dinars. It depends on your happiness with the service.

Gratuity Norms in Bars

In bars, tipping isn’t so strict. Tips are rarely expected. Yet, in tourist spots, watch out for hidden charges. Be smart about how much you tip.

Below is a simple guide for tipping across Tunisia:

Establishment Normal Tip
Restaurants 10-15% of the bill
Cafes A few hundred millimes to 3 dinars
Bars Not generally expected

Tipping Hotel Staff in Tunisia

When you stay at a hotel in Tunisia, it’s nice to thank the staff. They work hard to make sure you’re comfortable. This guide will help you tip the right amount for different services.


Porters take your bags when you arrive and leave. You should give them about 1 Tunisian dinar for each suitcase. This small tip is a way to say thank you without spending too much.


You should tip housekeeping staff about 20 dinars each week. This shows you appreciate their work in keeping your room clean and comfy. Put the tip in an envelope labelled “Housekeeping” so it goes to the right person.

Concierge Services

If the concierge helps you a lot, like booking places to eat, tours, or cars, think about giving a tip. You don’t have to, but it’s a nice way to say thanks for their great service. A few dinars can show your thanks.

Knowing how to tip in Tunisian hotels can make your trip better. It helps you get along well with the staff. Remember, being generous makes your stay nicer for everyone.

Tipping Your Taxi Driver

In Tunisia, giving tips to tipping taxi drivers isn’t the same as in the West. They usually return all your change. Yet, at times, they like a small extra.

Standard Practices

City taxis in Tunisia have meters. This makes sure you pay a fair price in cities. For longer trips, they follow set prices. So, knowing how much to tip taxi drivers in Tunisia isn’t straightforward. You don’t have to tip. But rounding up the fare is a nice touch.

tipping taxi driver Tunisia

When to Tip Extra

Sometimes a little extra is very welcome. If the driver helps with bags or avoids traffic, consider a small tip. If they’re especially nice or helpful, round up the fare by 2 or 3 dinars.

Tipping Tour Guides and Drivers

When in Tunisia, knowing how to tip tour guides and drivers is key. Your tips show your thanks for their hard work and knowledge. This makes your holiday special.

Group Tours

In group tours, tipping varies. Tour guides in Tunisia don’t always expect tips as they get paid. Yet, if they do an excellent job, giving 10 to 20 dinars is nice.

Private Tours

Private tours are different. Here, both driver and guide should get tips for their extra care. For great service, give drivers 20 to 30 dinars and guides 30 to 50 dinars. This shows you value their work. It helps them a lot and makes things nice for future visitors.

Currency Tips: Paying in Tunisian Dinars

When tipping in Tunisia, remember to use Tunisian Dinars. This helps because locals can’t swap foreign money. Also, giving tips in local currency is thoughtful. It shows respect for their rules and lifestyle.

Create to have enough Tunisian Dinars on hand. Many shops don’t take cards, making cash key. When you need to change money, choose official spots. Banks, exchange offices, hotels, and post offices offer good rates and safe exchanges.

currency tips Tunisia

Knowing about small bills is good for tipping. Tips are usually given in little amounts. This guide makes it easier to understand:

Denomination Equivalent Value (approx.)
1 Dinar €0.30
5 Dinars €1.50
10 Dinars €3.00
20 Dinars €6.00

Knowing these tips about money in Tunisia is smart. It ensures your tips are right and valued. Always carry different small bills. This makes tipping easy and stress-free during your visit.

Special Situations: When Tipping is Most Appreciated

In Tunisia, tipping is very important in some situations. It shows tourists appreciate the kindness they receive.

Exceptional Service

When exceptional service is given, tipping is a nice way to say thank you. This includes personal care in restaurants or great treatment in hotels. If a hotel concierge makes your stay special, or a waiter gives great advice, tip them more. Tipping well for great service in Tunisia leaves a good impression.

Holiday Seasons

Holiday times like Ramadan or New Year are busy for service people. They work extra hard during these times. Tipping a bit more can make their day better. It shows you see and value their effort.


Thinking about tipping in Tunisia shows how important it is. When you eat out, stay in a hotel, or hire a guide, it’s key to tip right. Usually, giving 10-15% at restaurants and a few coins for services like bags and rooms is good.

It’s important to have Tunisian Dinars for tips, as other money isn’t taken. This helps make sure everyone is happy. Tipping is about respecting culture and saying thank you for good service.

Following these tips helps your trip and supports the local economy. It also shows respect to those who make your visit better. When you handle taxi costs or say thanks for great service, it brings you closer to Tunisia’s culture.


How much should I tip in Tunisia?

In restaurants, tipping 10-15% of the bill is common. This depends on the service. In cafes, a small tip of a few hundred millimes to 3 dinars is usual. At bars, you typically don’t need to tip. But, at tourist places, a service charge may be added.

What are the general tipping customs in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, tipping is called ‘bakschisch’. People expect tips for many services. This includes tipping waitstaff, luggage carriers, and hotel staff. Yet, the amount you tip is up to you. Always tip in Tunisian Dinars.

What is the tipping etiquette for hotel staff in Tunisia?

Give porters about 1 dinar for each suitcase. Housekeeping staff should get about 20 dinars per week. Tipping the concierge depends on how they help you. It is optional.

Is it necessary to tip taxi drivers in Tunisia?

You don’t have to tip taxi drivers. They normally give you back your change. But, if they give great service or help a lot, consider a small tip. Rounding up the fare is a nice gesture.

How much should I tip tour guides and drivers in Tunisia?

For private tours, tipping the guide and driver is a kind act. Give about 20 to 50 dinars for great service. Group tours don’t usually need tips.

Can I tip in foreign currency in Tunisia?

You should only tip in Tunisian Dinars. Locals can’t change foreign currency. Make sure to have local currency for tips.

What are some special circumstances where tipping is most appreciated?

Tipping is highly valued for special help. Or during busy holidays when staff work extra hard. It shows you recognise their effort.
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