How Old Is Latifa Al Tunisia?

How Old Is Latifa Al Tunisia?

Latifa Al Tunisia is a big name in Arab pop music, and she’s now 63. She was born on February 14, 1961, which makes her a valentine baby! Coming from Manouba, Tunisia, she’s been making music since the 1980s.

Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day, making it even more special. She has touched many with her unique voice and moving songs.

Key Takeaways

  • Latifa Al Tunisia’s age is 63 as of 2023.
  • She was born on February 14, 1961, in Manouba, Tunisia.
  • Her career in the music industry spans over four decades.
  • Latifa has become a seminal figure in Arab pop music.
  • Her birthday coincides with Valentine’s Day.

Introduction to Latifa Al Tunisia

Latifa Al Tunisia is a beloved figure in the Arab world. She has shone brightly as a pop singer and once as an actress. Born as Latifa bint Alaya El Arfaoui, she hails from Manouba, Tunisia. She moved from being a budding talent in Tunisia to a leading name in Egyptian Arabic music.

Latifa has a deep connection with Egypt that has shaped her music. Her story shows how she evolved as a Tunisian pop singer. She broke new boundaries in the music scene. Latifa has been in the industry for many years and remains a beloved artist. Her voice is versatile and strong.

Latifa’s journey in music comes with exciting facts. She is known for her commitment and hard work. She is a key figure in Arab pop music. Her hits are memorable, and her performances, captivating.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Latifa Al Tunisia

Latifa is seen as a leading voice in Arabic music internationally. Her unique sound and innovative style have won many fans and critical praise. The Latifa Al Tunisia wiki often talks about her influence on the music genre.

Latifa has blended Tunisian heritage with modern Egyptian music beautifully. Her dedication to music and innovation has made her a respected Tunisian pop singer.

Latifa Al Tunisia’s Early Life

Latifa was born in Manouba, Tunisia, with the full name Latifa bint Alaya El Arfaoui. Her birthplace, full of beauty, nurtured her love for art and culture.

Latifa Al Tunisia’s Family Background

Latifa came from the El Arfaoui family, known for their cultural passions. Growing up in Manouba, her family’s support shaped her artistic path. They surrounded her with music and art from a young age.

Influences and Inspirations

Music caught Latifa’s heart early on. Following her father’s death, her family moved to Egypt. There, she met composers Baligh Hamdi and Mohamed Abdel Wahab. These encounters deeply influenced her music career.

The Beginning of Latifa’s Musical Career

Latifa Al Tunisia began her music journey in 1984 with her first albums. The release of Mesa Al Jamal shone a spotlight on her. It introduced her talent to the Egyptian music scene. Then, in 1986, she brought out Akthar Min Roohi. This album caught the attention of listeners all over the Arab world.

She worked with famous artists like Ammar El Sheree and Abdulwahab Mohammed. These collaborations showed her ability to mix old Arab Tarab and modern styles. Even tango music found its way into her songs. This mix made her Arab pop songs special, creating a unique music style.

Latifa was always ready to try new things in her music. This brought her many fans. Her new take on Arab pop made her stand out. The success of Akthar Min Roohi and her other albums had a big influence. They marked the start of a successful journey. This journey still influences many today.

Educational Pursuits

After her dad passed, Latifa went back to Tunisia. She had to finish school there, even without much money.

Latifa's education

She then delved into Dutch literature. It wasn’t easy, but she stayed strong. With her family’s support, Latifa then moved to Egypt. This change was big for her future.

Studying at the Arab Academy of Music

In Egypt, she studied music at the Arab Academy. She earned a Bachelor’s degree. This was key for her music career. The academy helped her become a star.

Major Breakthroughs in Latifa’s Career

Latifa’s career shines with many special moments. These have made her a top name in music. She mixes Arabic styles with modern pop, creating a fresh and impactful sound.

In 1997, Latifa released “Al Ghinwa”. This album was a big step for her. It showed her skill and brought her fame. Then, “Taloomoni Al Donya” made her even more popular. Her songs from these albums are loved by many.

Latifa’s albums have won hearts and awards. She blends new and old music styles well. This has made her a bold and creative singer.

Collaboration with Renowned Artists

Latifa has sung with many famous artists. This has shown her talent and versatility. Her work in “Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms II” crossed music and cultural limits. She helps share Arabic music with the world.

Album Release Year Key Hits
Al Ghinwa 1997 “In Shaa Allah”
Taloomoni Al Donya 2001 “Taloomoni Al Donya”
Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms II 2001 “Yama le” featuring Latifa

Latifa loves to try new things in music. These team-ups have lifted her career and changed music globally. Her creativity and love for music never end.

Accomplishments and Awards

Latifa is known for her impact on music. In 2004, she won the World Music Award as the top best-selling artist in the Middle East and North Africa. This showed her success and fame in the region.

Her album “Ma Etrohsh Ba’ed” made a big splash. Produced by Alam El Phan, it won her fans’ hearts. Her hard work has brought her many awards. They celebrate her talent and dedication to music. These wins show her effort to improve Arabic pop music.

Besides the World Music Award, Latifa has earned many other honours. They show her wide influence in music. Her mixing of Arabic tunes with modern vibes has made her a trailblazer. She holds a key place in the cultural scene.

Here is a table with some of her amazing awards:

Year Award Description
2002 Golden Microphone Award Honoured for outstanding vocal performance.
2004 World Music Award Recognised as the best-selling artist in the Middle East and North Africa.
2016 Murex d’Or Awarded for her exceptional contribution to Arabic music.

Latifa’s accolades show her skill and hard work. Her impact in the music world is big. It boosts her legacy and motivates new artists.

Latifa’s Role in Contemporary Arabic Music

Latifa is a key figure in modern Arabic music. She mixes old and new music styles to create something special. Her songs are a big part of Arabic pop culture, combining lovely old melodies with today’s energetic beats.

Her impact goes beyond Tunisia, reaching the whole Arab world. By updating classic songs, Latifa keeps them fresh for young people. This helps change Arabic pop culture.

Latifa’s ability to harmonise heritage and modernity highlights her as an irreplaceable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary Arabic music.

Latifa also works with artists from around the world. This shows how important she is globally in music. She helps bring people together through her songs, despite their different backgrounds.

Aspect Details
Style Fusion of traditional and modern genres
Impact Resonates across generations and cultures
Collaborations Includes international artists
Legacy Shaping the sound of modern Arab pop

How Old Is Latifa Al Tunisia?

Latifa Al Tunisia is 63 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 14. Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day, which makes her day even more special.

Her age reflects a significant time in music history. She has seen and helped music evolve.

Latifa Al Tunisia current age

Now, at 63, she remains a beacon of elegance and innovation. She inspires many younger artists. Her age represents a rich past and a dynamic present in music, showing her amazing journey.

Year Age Notable Achievements
1961 0 Born on February 14
1984 23 Released debut album “Mesa Al Jamal”
2004 43 Won World Music Award
2023 63 Continues to influence and inspire the music industry

Latifa’s Current Projects and Endeavours

Latifa is still very active in the music world. She’s trying new things and starting new artistic projects. Her song “Fresh,” came out in 2016. It shows she wants to stay up-to-date but also keep her true style.

She’s always looking for ways to bring something new. Latifa has teamed up with new artists. Together, they mix old and modern sounds. This mix shows her skill and keeps her music fresh.

Latifa has been trying out different music styles. She’s including sounds from around the world in her work. These projects show how much she loves to explore in art. Latifa gives her all, whether on her own or with others. Her love for music always stands out.

“Music is a universal language; it connects me to my roots and allows me to communicate my experiences and emotions,” says Latifa.

Latifa also loves performing live. She has done many big shows around the world. These concerts prove she can really touch people’s hearts with her art.

  1. Release of single “Fresh” in 2016.
  2. Collaborations with international artists.
  3. Incorporation of diverse musical genres.
  4. International live performances.
  5. Continued exploration of new music landscapes.

With all her recent work, Latifa keeps leading the way in music. She’s always finding new ideas. This way, she makes a big impact now and for future musicians.

Personal Hy and Interests

Latifa Al Tunisia is famous for her singing. She loves acting and reading too.

Latifa as an Actress

Latifa is not just a singer. She became an actress too. She acted in the Arabic “E.R.,” called “Lahazat Harega.” Her acting shows she’s talented in many ways, not just singing.

Literary Pursuits

Latifa loves books as much as music and acting. She enjoys Dutch literature a lot. She reads to learn about stories and history. She even thinks about studying more to get a master’s degree. Latifa never stops wanting to learn.

Latifa is great at many things. She keeps getting better at her arts and studies. She’s a star in more than one way.

Latifa’s Influence and Legacy

Latifa is a star that shines brightly in Arab pop music. Her songs reach people everywhere. She mixes old Arab tunes with new beats. This makes her a true music legend.

Many new artists look up to her. Latifa knows how to mix old and new in her songs. This makes her special and loved. She has a powerful voice that touches hearts.

Her album, “Akthar Min Roohi,” shows her ability to try new things. She works with other artists, making her music known worldwide. Latifa is more than a singer; she’s a music pioneer.

But Latifa does more than make music. She helps with important causes. This makes her a role model. Her music and actions inspire people all over.


Latifa Al Tunisia’s career is a tale of great achievements and love for her art. She broke many barriers in Arab music. Her hard work and skill have greatly enriched Arabic pop music. Latifa has shown that music can truly change the world.

Throughout her journey, Latifa mixed old and new tunes to create her unique sound. This has made her a key figure in Arab pop music. She inspires many new artists to follow their dreams. Latifa’s music shows how she has shaped art and culture over the years.

Latifa loves to learn and grow. This has helped her keep succeeding. Her commitment reminds us how important it is to always aim to be better. Looking at her work, we see that Latifa is not just about her songs. She has left a lasting mark on the Arab music world. This shows her great artistic skill and cultural pride.


How old is Latifa Al Tunisia?

As of 2023, she is 63 years old.

When is Latifa Al Tunisia’s birthday?

She celebrates her birthday on February 14, 1961.

What is Latifa Al Tunisia’s full name?

Her full name is Latifa bint Alaya El Arfaoui.

Where is Latifa Al Tunisia from?

She comes from Manouba in Tunisia.

What is Latifa Al Tunisia’s nationality?

She is Tunisian.

Can you provide a brief overview of Latifa Al Tunisia’s biography?

Latifa is a famous Tunisian pop singer. She also used to act. She’s well-known in the Arab world. Born in Manouba, Tunisia, her music career started in the early 1980s. She has greatly influenced Arabic pop music.

What are some key facts about Latifa Al Tunisia’s early life?

Latifa grew up in a family that loved the arts. This love shaped her musical path. After losing her father, her family moved to Egypt. There, she met famous musicians like Baligh Hamdi.

How did Latifa Al Tunisia’s musical career begin?

Her first albums came out in 1984, making her famous in Egypt. Then, her 1986 album won over even more fans across the Arab nations.

Where did Latifa Al Tunisia pursue her education?

She studied music at the Arab Academy of Music in Egypt. There, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in music.

What are some of Latifa Al Tunisia’s major career breakthroughs?

Latifa became famous with albums like “Al Ghinwa.” Working with well-known artists helped her become a star.

What awards has Latifa Al Tunisia received?

She won many awards. In 2004, she got the World Music Award for being the best-selling artist in the Middle East.

What role has Latifa Al Tunisia played in contemporary Arabic music?

Latifa mixed traditional Arabic tunes with modern music. She helped shape today’s Arabic pop sound.

What is Latifa Al Tunisia’s current age?

She is 63 years old now, in 2023.

What are Latifa Al Tunisia’s recent projects?

Latifa keeps making new music. Her song “Fresh,” from 2016, shows she’s up to date with music trends.

Has Latifa Al Tunisia ventured into acting?

Yes, she tried acting too. She even appeared in the Arabic version of “E.R.,” named “Lahazat Harega.”

What are Latifa Al Tunisia’s literary interests?

She loves Dutch literature. She’s thinking about doing a master’s degree.

What is Latifa Al Tunisia’s legacy?

Latifa’s music has inspired many. She has left a lasting mark on Arabic pop music and culture.
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