Is It Worth Visiting Tunisia?

Is It Worth Visiting Tunisia?

Did you know Tunisia welcomed almost 9 million visitors in 2019? It is a special place in North Africa. It mixes history with beach fun, making it great for travellers. As I visited, I saw its beauty and history. “Is Tunisia worth the trip?” I thought. Flying there from the UK is easy, like from Birmingham International.

Staying at the Belessaire and Thalasso in Hammamet was a highlight for me. It’s relaxing and close to important sites. This makes Tunisia a standout destination.

But, you must be careful because of old security issues. Knowing and respecting the local ways makes your trip better. Whether you’re checking out Roman ruins or chilling on beautiful beaches, Tunisia is affordable and rich in experiences. Let’s dive into why Tunisia is a place to think about visiting.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia drew nearly 9 million tourists in 2019, showing its appeal as a holiday spot.
  • Direct flights from the UK, like from Birmingham International, make getting to Tunisia easy.
  • The Belessaire and Thalasso resort in Hammamet mixes relaxation with cultural discovery.
  • Being careful due to past security issues is smart, and valuing local customs is key.
  • Tunisia provides a budget-friendly choice with its mix of history and beach fun.

Introduction to Tunisia

Tunisia is a mix of sea beauty and desert mystery. It attracts adventure fans and history lovers. The Tunisia travel guide shows the country’s rich culture and beautiful scenery.

Tunisia has many historical spots to see. You can visit old ruins in Carthage and beautiful medinas. Star Wars fans will be happy to see where some scenes were filmed.

“Tunisia is a place full of history and stunning nature, offering a unique travel adventure.”

Traveling in Tunisia has many great points but also some things to think about. It’s easy for European visitors to get there. But it’s important to respect local ways and stay safe.

Tunisia is a wonderful place for trips full of fun and rest. You can enjoy its old culture or seaside charm. Visiting Tunisia will give you memories to keep forever.

Historical Significance of Tunisia

Tunisia is very important for those who love ancient history. It has many old landmarks. These show its rich history and give visitors lots to see and learn.

Roman Ruins

When it comes to places to see, the Roman Ruins are amazing. You can see the huge Antoninus Baths and the well-kept El Djem Roman Amphitheatre. They are some of the best old buildings outside Italy. Seeing these places teaches us a lot about Tunisia’s Roman past.

Islamic Architecture

Tunisia is also known for its Islamic architecture. The Kairouan Great Mosque is the oldest in North Africa. It’s very important in the Islamic world. As you visit these places, you’ll see Tunisia’s beautiful architecture. It shows Tunisia’s rich culture. This reminds us to respect and learn from these historical places.

Tunisian Beaches

Tunisia’s trip is not complete without seeing its beautiful Mediterranean beaches. These beaches are peaceful spots, great for families and couples. They offer lots of fun activities too.


Hammamet is famous for its clear blue water and clean sand. It’s perfect for those who love a tidy place. You can try jet skiing and windsurfing here.


Djerba is special with its traditional feel. Its beaches have white sand and a friendly culture. It’s good for both chilling and exploring new customs.

The beaches become quiet places to relax outside the busy seasons. It’s a break from the fast city life.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Tunisia

Thinking of going to Tunisia? It’s important to look at the good and the bad. This helps make sure your trip is amazing and memorable.

The Pros

Tunisia is known for its amazing culture and history. You can see old ruins and lively markets. It’s also great value for your money. It’s easy to fly there from the UK. And, you can join tours to learn about Tunisia’s past and culture. The country is also beautiful, with lovely beaches and deserts.

Exploring Tunisia pros and cons

The Cons

Yet, there are some downsides to consider. Sometimes, hotel food isn’t what you hoped for. You might meet pushy sellers which can be annoying. Also, scams and security issues from the past mean you have to be careful. Being prepared for these things is wise.

Aspect Pros Cons
Cultural Expeditions Rich historical sites and organised tours None
Travel Accessibility Direct flights from the UK None
Hotel Experience Generally good value for money Potential issues with dining standards
Local Environment Beautiful landscapes and beaches Assertive touting and scams
Security None Past security concerns

In the end, knowing the pros and cons of Tunisia is key. The country’s culture and beauty are real pluses. If you’re well-prepared, you can have a great trip to this fascinating place.

Experiencing Tunisian Culture

Exploring the Tunisia culture experience, the Kasbahs amaze me. These fortresses stand for Tunisia’s rich history. They show off years of skilled work.

The lively markets, or souks, are full of life. I walk through them, surrounded by different smells, colours, and sounds. They sell crafts and spices, showing real Tunisian life.

The old Medina in Tunis is full of history. Its streets are really well kept, like a peek into the past. The Tunisian tourist attractions here include beautiful mosque courtyards. They are calm spots amidst the busy streets.

The call to prayer fills the Medina, showing Tunisia’s strong Islamic connection. Seeing daily life gives deep insight into local traditions.

The religious side of Tunisia is clear in its stunning mosques. These places are peaceful and very impressive. They tell stories of Tunisia’s past. This all enriches the cultural journey.

Key Cultural Elements Description
Kasbahs Historical fortresses with intricate designs showcasing Tunisia’s legacy.
Markets (Souks) Vibrant, bustling hubs offering handmade crafts, spices, and more.
Old Medina Preserved historical district with winding streets and picturesque courtyards.
Mosques Magnificent religious sites reflecting deep Islamic roots and architectural grandeur.

Diving into the Tunisia culture experience is like weaving through tradition, history, and faith. These elements make Tunisia a place full of cultural riches to find.

Adventures in the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert in Tunisia is unforgettable. It mixes stunning places with rich cultures. The beautiful dunes and Bedouin ways offer a special journey.

Tunisia adventure activities

Douz and Tozeur

Douz and Tozeur are key for Sahara trips in Tunisia. Douz, the Sahara’s doorway, has a lively market. You can find crafts and souvenirs there.

The Sahara Festival in Douz shows off camel wrestling and dances. Tozeur is known for palm trees and old buildings. Its museum, Dar Chrait, shows local treasures.

These places are great for starting desert adventures.

Desert Excursions

Desert trips in Tunisia are full of adventure and peace. You can go on 4×4 safaris, camel rides, and sleep under the stars. Campfire dinners with Bedouin music are magical.

For thrill-seekers, quad biking on the dunes is perfect. These trips let you enjoy the desert’s beauty and quiet. It’s a top part of visiting Tunisia.

Activity Highlights
4×4 Safaris Exploring rugged terrains and vast dunes
Camel Treks Traditional travel, deep desert immersion
Quad Biking High-speed adventure through the sands

Local Tunisian Cuisine

Tunisian cuisine is a mix of amazing flavours and ingredients. It combines Berber, Arab, and Mediterranean styles. This makes eating in Tunisia a special adventure, as enjoyable as seeing the sights.

Signature Dishes

You must try some dishes in Tunisia. Couscous is a big deal here, served with meat or fish. Brik, a pastry with egg and tuna, is deep-fried and tasty. And harissa adds spice to dishes. Here are some top dishes:

  1. Couscous
  2. Brik
  3. Harissa
  4. Mechouia
  5. Ojja

Dining Experience

Eating out in Tunisia is an adventure for all senses. You can try many foods at different places. From simple spots to fancy restaurants, you’ll find something great.

Dining Option Ambience Specialties Price Range
Casual Eateries Relaxed, Informal Brik, Ojja £5-£15
Upscale Restaurants Elegant, Formal Couscous, Fish Dishes £20-£50
Street Food Vibrant, Bustling Brik, Mechouia £2-£10

Choose any place to eat and dive into the Tunisia dining guide. Enjoy every bit of the tasty Tunisian food.


I have looked into Tunisia based on travel reviews. I find Tunisia full of history and unique culture. It has ancient Roman ruins, Islamic buildings, and beautiful beaches. This mix makes it great for anyone to explore.

When planning a trip, think about a few important things. Being careful about safety and local ways can help you have a great time. This way, you can fully enjoy Tunisia’s stunning beauty and rich heritage. You can visit busy markets in Tunis, relax on Hammamet’s beaches, or go on a Sahara adventure. Tunisia has lots to offer for a memorable trip.

So, is it worth visiting Tunisia? I say yes. Even with some challenges, Tunisia’s beauty is clear. If you stay informed and ready, your trip to Tunisia can be rewarding and fun. It’s a place you should consider visiting.


Is it worth visiting Tunisia?

Yes, Tunisia is worth a visit. It has history and lovely beaches. You can see many places without spending much.

What should I know before travelling to Tunisia?

Know the good and bad before going. You’ll see great sites. But stay alert for safety and cultural differences.

What are the main historical attractions in Tunisia?

Tunisia has amazing Roman Ruins. Don’t miss the Antoninus Baths and El Djem Amphitheatre. The Kairouan Mosque shows its Islamic past.

Which beaches in Tunisia are worth visiting?

Hammamet and Djerba have lovely beaches. They’re perfect for relaxing and trying water sports. Both families and couples enjoy these places.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Tunisia?

Good points are cultural sights and great prices. Flights from the UK are direct. But, be careful of touts, scams, and safety risks.

How can I experience Tunisian culture?

See the Kasbahs and markets for culture. Don’t miss the mosques and old Medina in Tunis. They offer a peek into Tunisian life.

What adventures are available in the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara offers oasis towns like Douz and Tozeur. Try a 4×4 safari or camp overnight for a unique desert adventure.

What should I try from Tunisian cuisine?

Tunisian food is tasty and varied. Try ‘brik’ and couscous dishes. Eating here takes you through Berber, Arab, and Mediterranean flavours.
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