Is Tunisia Cheaper Than Turkey?

Is Tunisia Cheaper Than Turkey?

Many people in the UK are thinking about their next trip. They wonder: Is Tunisia less expensive than Turkey? This question starts a detailed look at Tunisia vs Turkey. We look at different travel costs to find out where you can save more money. After checking a lot of information, we find out which place is cheaper. This helps travellers pick a place that is kind to their wallets but also full of fun.

Key Takeaways

  • Staying in Tunisia is usually cheaper than in Turkey.
  • Eating out, especially in simple restaurants, costs less in Tunisia.
  • Getting around with public transport is cheaper in Tunisia.
  • Tunisia can help you save on everyday costs.
  • On the whole, Tunisia tends to be more budget-friendly for careful spenders.

Tunisia vs Turkey: An Overview of Travel Expenses

When comparing Tunisia and Turkey’s travel costs, we look into accommodation, food, dining, and transport fees. We offer a detailed economic comparison between Tunisia and Turkey.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation eats up a big part of travel budgets in both countries. Hotels in Turkey’s city centre can be almost double the price of those in Tunisia. This difference is clearer during high tourist seasons. It makes Tunisia a cheaper choice for places to stay.

Food and Dining

The comparison extends to eating out and grocery shopping. Meals in Tunisia are more affordable than in Turkey. Local foods and essentials are cheaper in Tunisia too. This shows Tunisia is less expensive for both dining out and buying groceries.

Transportation Costs

Transportation costs also show differences. Public transport and gas cost less in Tunisia. Monthly public transport tickets are cheaper too. This makes moving around more affordable in Tunisia.

Knowing these details helps travellers budget better. It shows why Tunisia might be the cheaper option. Both for everyday costs and travel expenses, Tunisia offers better value for tourists.

Cost of Restaurants: Tunisia vs Turkey

Eating out shows big price differences between Tunisia and Turkey. Let’s look at their dining and the effect on your wallet.

Fine Dining vs Casual Dining

For lovers of upscale meals, prices in Tunisia vs Turkey tell an interesting story. Fine dining in Tunisia is much cheaper than in Turkey. For example, a posh meal for two in Turkey may cost £50-£60, but only about £30-£35 in Tunisia.

Casual eating shows big savings in Tunisia too. It’s perfect for those who like dining out often without spending a lot.

Local and Fast Food Options

Local and fast food shows a big price drop in Tunisia compared to Turkey. Tunisian spots often charge half for a meal and drink than Turkey. Fast food, like a McDonald’s meal, is cheaper too, around £3-£4 in Tunisia and £5-£6 in Turkey.

This also applies to local dishes, offered at much lower prices in Tunisia. It makes Tunisia a great spot for those watching their spending but loving good food.

Housing Costs: Where to Save More?

Looking at housing costs, Tunisia and Turkey are quite different. In Tunisia, you can find affordable places to live. This includes both city centres and outskirts. It makes Tunisia great for those who want to save money on accommodation.

Tunisia vs Turkey cost

Not just rent, but utilities and internet are cheaper in Tunisia too. This means you can save lots if you plan to stay a while. A detailed accommodation costs comparison shows Tunisia gives you more for your money. This is especially good for people thinking about a long visit or moving.

Criteria Tunisia Turkey
City Centre Apartment (1 Bedroom) Rent £150 £300
Outskirts Apartment (1 Bedroom) Rent £100 £180
Monthly Utilities £40 £70
Internet Service £20 £25

When you compare Tunisia vs Turkey cost, Tunisia is the smarter pick for saving money. Choosing Tunisia means enjoying big savings. This is perfect for those planning to stay long or travel a lot.

Is Tunisia Cheaper Than Turkey?

Tunisia is often cheaper than Turkey for daily costs. This is true for many areas needed for a good trip.

Comparing Average Daily Expenses

In Tunisia, everyday costs are usually lower. Things like meals, groceries, and getting around cost less than in Turkey. This makes daily life more affordable.

Price Differences in Common Tourist Activities

Tourist activities are cheaper in Tunisia too. Prices for attractions and tours cost less. So, visitors can do more but spend less.

Transportation: Navigating Costs in Tunisia and Turkey

When we look at transportation costs Tunisia vs Turkey, we see big differences. Knowing about public transport and the costs for renting cars helps with budgeting. It matters a lot for travellers.

Public Transport Prices

In Tunisia, public transport is much cheaper than in Turkey. Tunisia’s monthly passes are nearly half the price. This saves money for those who travel often or stay long.

Rental Cars and Fuel Costs

For people using rental cars, Tunisia is cheaper too. Fuel costs are lower than in Turkey. This means fewer expenses for tourists. Choosing Tunisia helps save on both public and private travel.

Groceries and Everyday Essentials

Comparing Tunisia and Turkey shows differences in grocery and essentials costs. This helps figure out where daily living is cheaper.

groceries and essentials costs Tunisia vs Turkey

Comparing Grocery Prices

Groceries have varying prices. Items like milk and bread are often less costly in Tunisia. But, cheese might cost more compared to Turkey.

Looking closely at these prices teaches us to shop wisely.

Cost of Personal Care Products

Personal care items show different prices too. In Tunisia, items for personal hygiene and teeth are cheaper. Yet, skin care costs slightly more in Turkey.

It’s key to think about these price changes. They help us budget better.

Entertainment and Leisure Costs

When looking at entertainment costs Tunisia vs Turkey, Tunisia is often cheaper. This means more movies, outings, or visits to local pubs without spending a lot. You don’t lose out on fun but get to do more for less.

Eating out in Tunisia costs less, so you can try more local food. It’s easier to watch a film or have a drink with friends without spending much. This makes fun times easier to have.

  1. Cinema Tickets: In Tunisia, going to the movies can be half the price compared to Turkey. This means you can see more films.
  2. Dining Out: Food is cheaper too, so eating out doesn’t have to break the bank. You can enjoy meals out more often.
  3. Pubs and Bars: Pubs and bars are also more wallet-friendly in Tunisia. This encourages meeting up and enjoying the nightlife.

This leisure activities cost comparison shows Tunisia is great for an affordable, fun holiday. By saving on entertainment costs Tunisia vs Turkey, visitors can have more outings and meet new people. It makes holidays more cultural and enjoyable.

Clothing and Shopping: Tunisia vs Turkey

When we look at clothing costs comparison Tunisia vs Turkey, we see interesting differences. High street and designer brands are one thing. But local markets and deals are another.

High Street and Designer Brands

In Turkey, famous brands and designer clothes are cheaper. This is because there are more of them and the prices compete. In places like Istanbul, shoppers save a lot on big brands. Turkey has many stores. This means people can buy international brands without spending much.

Local Markets and Bargains

But in Tunisia, it’s great for finding unique items on a budget. Their local markets, or souks, are full of cheap, special things. There, you can find something no one else has. You can buy handmade and local items for less. This makes Tunisia a top pick for those who like different and affordable finds.

  1. High street and designer brands in Turkey
  2. Local market bargains in Tunisia
Aspect Turkey Tunisia
High Street Brands More Affordable Less Affordable
Designer Brands More Accessible Less Accessible
Local Markets Higher Prices Lower Prices
Unique Items Less Common More Common

Childcare and Education Expenses

Looking at childcare and education costs in Tunisia and Turkey is key. They both have preschool and school fees. These costs are big for families. This is true for expats and those staying a long time.

Preschools and Schools

In terms of costs, Tunisia is cheaper than Turkey. Preschool fees in Tunisia are lower. This makes many choose Tunisia. Also, fees for primary and middle school in Tunisia fit better with a family’s budget.

A table shows the differences in expenses. It points out how Tunisia is the cheaper choice:

Expense Category Tunisia Turkey
Preschool Fees (Monthly) £100 £200
Primary School Tuition (Annual) £1,200 £2,500
Middle School Tuition (Annual) £1,500 £3,000

This comparison highlights how families can save by choosing Tunisia. With its lower fees for preschools and schools, Tunisia is great for those looking for affordable education.


After looking closely, we see Tunisia as more budget-friendly than Turkey. We checked costs like hotels, food, transport, and fun activities. Tunisia is cheaper in all these areas.

For UK travellers asking if Tunisia costs less than Turkey, yes it does. Staying in Tunisia costs less. Eating out is also cheaper, whether in fancy places or simple spots.

Getting around in Tunisia saves money too. It’s cheaper than in Turkey. Fun activities and day-to-day needs are also less expensive. Overall, Tunisia is a smart pick for both culture and savings.


Is Tunisia cheaper than Turkey?

Yes, Tunisia usually costs less than Turkey. This is true for staying places, eating out, and moving around.

How do accommodation costs compare between Tunisia and Turkey?

Staying in Tunisia’s city centres is cheaper than in Turkey. This is for both short and long visits.

What about food and dining expenses?

Eating out in Tunisia costs about half as much as in Turkey, especially in budget-friendly spots.

How do transportation costs differ in Tunisia and Turkey?

Getting around is cheaper in Tunisia. For example, monthly travel passes are almost half the price than in Turkey.

Are tourist activities cheaper in Tunisia?

Yes, visiting places and doing fun things cost less in Tunisia. This lets tourists do more or stay longer.

How do grocery prices compare between Tunisia and Turkey?

Some groceries like dairy and bread are cheaper in Tunisia. But some things, like local cheese, might be more.

What are the costs for personal care products in both countries?

Personal care stuff like toothpaste and soap are cheaper in Tunisia, making self-care more budget-friendly.

Is entertainment and leisure more affordable in Tunisia or Turkey?

Fun activities and going out cost less in Tunisia. This means people can enjoy going out more often.

What about the cost of clothing and shopping?

Famous brands are cheaper in Turkey. But finding unique and affordable items is easier in Tunisia’s local markets.

Are childcare and education expenses different between Tunisia and Turkey?

Schools and preschools cost less in Tunisia. This makes it a better choice for travelling families and expats.
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