Things To Do In Hammamet Tunisia

Things To Do In Hammamet Tunisia

Did you know Hammamet welcomes almost a million visitors every year? It’s on the Cap Bon Peninsula. This beautiful beach resort combines North African culture with fun modern activities. Hammamet is known for its clean Mediterranean beaches and its old city center.

Hammamet has a rich history. It’s near many other attractions in Cap Bon. It’s great for tourists who want to learn about local culture or relax in the sun. There are many things to see and do in Hammamet, like visiting beaches or historic places. These activities make your visit unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Hammamet is a popular resort that draws nearly one million visitors annually.
  • It offers a unique blend of North African traditions and modern leisure activities.
  • Renowned for its pristine beaches and historical medina.
  • Close proximity to numerous attractions in the Cap Bon region.
  • Ideal for both cultural exploration and leisure under the Tunisian sun.

Explore Hammamet Medina

The Hammamet Medina is a special place, wrapped in 15th-century walls. As I explored its narrow paths, the traditional Tunisian architecture spoke volumes. It felt like stepping back in time.

Historic Architecture

The Medina’s old buildings caught my eye. I was especially taken by the Great Mosque. Its minaret, built in the 15th century, shows amazing Islamic art. The Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque, now a school, is stunning too. But, non-Muslims can’t go inside. The traditional Tunisian architecture here is amazing.

Shopping in the Souks

I loved walking in the Medina’s cool alleys. The souks, full of local crafts, were exciting. Shopping Hammamet was a treat with its hand-made ceramics, leather, and textiles. Though prices can be high, the items are truly worth it.

Relax on Hammamet Beach

Hammamet’s coast is famous for chill vibes and fun. It has wide, clean beaches and clear waters. This makes it perfect for relaxing or trying out water activities.

Water Activities

Hammamet is great for those who love excitement. You can go paddleboarding, kayaking, and even ride camels by the sea. The blue waters are perfect for snorkelling and diving, making it unforgettable for water lovers.

Family-Friendly Resorts

The beach is packed with family-friendly resorts. They offer things like sunbeds, shades, and pools for kids. Families can find the right mix of fun and chill in a safe place.

Knowing about Hammamet’s beach fun and resorts is exciting for trip planning. Whether you want thrilling water sports or peaceful beach days, Hammamet has it all for everyone.

Discover Hammamet Kasbah

The Hammamet Kasbah dates back to the 13th century. It sits high above the town. It lets us see deep into its rich past. This place changed from a pirate base to a Spanish fort. It tells tales of tough times and victories.

Hammamet Kasbah

Historical Insights

Walking into the Hammamet Kasbah is like time travel. A well-set museum takes you through different eras. Your visit becomes both enlightening and thrilling. This stronghold stands strong, showing Hammamet’s unbroken spirit.

Panoramic Views

Going up to the Kasbah’s walls gives amazing panoramic Mediterranean views. You can look over the twisting medina and the vast sea. It’s a dream spot for photographers or anyone who loves beauty. The views are unforgettable.

Stay until the evening. The Kasbah offers the best sunset views. It makes sightseeing in Hammamet truly special.

Visit the Town of Nabeul

Take a short trip from Hammamet to Nabeul town for culture and crafts. It’s known for its lively Friday market and amazing pottery. A top spot for anyone heading to the Cap Bon Peninsula.

Friday Market

Every Friday, Nabeul’s market bursts with life and colors. Stalls are packed with fresh foods, spices, and local items. It’s great for experiencing Tunisian life.

Local Craftsmanship

Nabeul is famous for its Tunisian pottery. The artisans create beautiful designs that show the area’s culture. Here, shoppers find unique gifts at good prices.

Archaeological Museum

Don’t miss the Nabeul Archaeological Museum. It offers a peek into the area’s history. You’ll see Punic and Roman items, learning about Cap Bon’s ancient people. A must-see for Nabeul visitors.

Experience the George Sebastian Villa

The George Sebastian Villa in Hammamet is very grand. It mixes *art nouveau* with Mediterranean style. It was first built for George Sebastian, a Romanian star. Now, it’s the Hammamet Cultural Center for visitors to explore.

I was amazed by the villa’s beautiful design. It combines old and new in a special way. The gardens are lovely and peaceful. They are great for the Hammamet International Festival.

The festival is a big event in Hammamet. It happens every July and August. The gardens turn into an outdoor theater for music and drama shows from all over.

Inside, the villa has old, elegant furniture. Each room has its own story. Even Coco Chanel ate in the dining room. The bedrooms offer sea views. Walking here feels like stepping into history.

Going to the George Sebastian Villa is like traveling in time. It also lets you enjoy Hammamet’s lively culture. It’s a must-see for lovers of history, architecture, or festivals.

Family Fun at Carthage Land

Carthage Land in Hammamet is perfect for families wanting fun and learning. The theme park in Tunisia offers loads of activities for all ages.

Carthage Land theme park Tunisia

Theme Park Rides

Rides at Carthage Land thrill everyone. Enjoy fast roller coasters and slow carousels. It’s a great place for Hammamet family fun for both kids and adults.

Water Park Attractions

In the hot months, the water park is a cool choice. It has slides and splash pools for a fun, wet day. It’s especially good in the Tunisian summer to stay cool and have fun.

Aladin Park for Young Children

Aladin Park is made for little kids with rides just for them. They can have fun safely here. Parents can relax knowing their kids are in a safe place.

Carthage Land has rides, water fun, and kids’ areas for a great family time. It mixes fun with learning, making it a top theme park in Tunisia.

Things To Do In Hammamet Tunisia: Explore Kerkouane

A trip to Hammamet must include the Kerkouane ruins. These ruins are north of Hammamet. They let you see into Punic history.

Punic Village Ruins

At the Kerkouane site, I feel like I travel back to the 6th century BCE. This place shows an old village layout. It has houses with courtyards and clever water systems.

This shows how advanced ancient people were.

Mosaic Decorations

Kerkouane is known for its beautiful mosaics. These artworks add colour and tell stories of the past. There’s also evidence of a Phoenician purple dye industry.

This industry was very important long ago. Learning about the mosaics and dyes teaches us a lot about ancient life.

Visiting Kerkouane, you get to see an ancient village up close. The well-kept ruins and mosaics show the area’s Punic history. It makes me really appreciate this heritage.

Road Trip to Cap Bon’s Northern Tip

The Cap Bon Peninsula’s northern tip is special. It’s where you find El Haouaria, a charming village. Not far from Hammamet, it’s about 100 kilometers away. People love it for birdwatching and ancient Roman quarries.

El Haouaria offers amazing views at Jebel Sidi Abiod. It’s ideal for seeing beautiful landscapes. Also, the Falconry Festival is a journey back in time. It celebrates the area’s long history of falconry.

Looking for a peaceful place? Nearby Takrouna is perfect. It shows Tunisia’s Berber heritage beautifully. Surrounded by nature, the Cap Bon Peninsula gives visitors a deep experience.


After looking at Hammamet, we see it’s more than just a pretty place.

Hammamet mixes old charm and new joys well. It has a beautiful old Medina and sandy beaches that families love. The Kasbah and other sites teach us about Tunisia’s rich history, making Hammamet a top choice for a holiday.

Hammamet is also known for its lively nights and culture. You can enjoy music at the Hammamet International Festival or have a calm dinner as the sun sets. There are many ways to feel the city’s special vibe.

In short, Hammamet is perfect for adventurers and those looking to relax. It blends cultural depth with modern comforts. This mix makes Hammamet a must-visit, showing the true charm of Tunisia.


You can do water sports like paddleboarding and kayaking in Hammamet. You can also explore places like the Medina and Kasbah. Plus, don’t miss out on beach fun and nightlife.

What can I expect when exploring Hammamet’s Medina?

Hammamet’s Medina is enclosed by walls from the 15th century. It has historic buildings, narrow paths, and shops. You can buy local crafts such as ceramics and textiles there.

What makes Hammamet’s beach activities unique?

The beaches in Hammamet have soft sand and clear waters. You can enjoy many water sports and camel rides on the beach. It’s great for families and those who love water sports.

Why should I visit the Hammamet Kasbah?

The Kasbah from the 13th century shows Hammamet’s history and has great sea views. It is great for those who love history and taking photos.

What can I discover in the town of Nabeul near Hammamet?

Nabeul is famous for its colourful Friday market, crafts, and an Archaeological Museum. The museum has items from Punic and Roman times. Nabeul is also known for its pottery.

What can I see at the George Sebastian Villa?

The George Sebastian Villa is now a cultural centre. It has beautiful early 20th-century architecture and gardens. Every July and August, it hosts a music and drama festival.

What attractions does Carthage Land offer for families?

Carthage Land is a fun park with rides, water attractions, and Aladin Park for kids. It has a mix of fun and learning about Tunisian culture.

What is special about the Kerkouane archaeological site?

Kerkouane is an ancient Punic village. It shows clever town designs, water systems, and mosaics. You’ll learn about the Punic civilisation and their purple dye work.

What can I explore on a road trip to Cap Bon’s northern tip?

At Cap Bon, you can see El Haouaria, famous for birds and Roman quarries. Enjoy big sea views from Jebel Sidi Abiod. Or see the Falconry Festival for local culture.
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