Things To Do In Sousse Tunisia

Things To Do In Sousse Tunisia

Sousse, Tunisia, is filled with history, dating back 3,000 years. It has well-kept Roman mosaics. The city has grown from an ancient site to a modern beach spot. After gaining independence in the 1950s, it became a loved holiday place with beautiful beaches and resorts.

In Sousse, there’s plenty to see beyond the beach. Visit the UNESCO-listed Medina to see ancient streets. The city’s Grand Mosque is also a wonder. Don’t miss the Archaeological Museum and its Roman treasures.

But Sousse is not only about the past. At Port El Kantaoui, enjoy modern activities and sights. Thalassotherapy is a big deal here, using sea water for health.

Key Takeaways

  • Sousse offers a balanced mix of historical and modern attractions.
  • The city’s development as a holiday destination began in the 1950s.
  • The UNESCO-listed Medina and Grand Mosque are must-visit Sousse landmarks.
  • Port El Kantaoui is a contemporary retreat with various Sousse sightseeing activities.
  • Thalassotherapy is a popular wellness treatment in many centres throughout Sousse.

Exploring the Medina of Sousse

As I step into the Medina of Sousse, I feel like I’m in the past. This place is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It’s full of history and culture. It’s also busy with life today.

Entering Through the Historic Gates

The Medina’s grand gates welcome us to explore. They remind us of old times. Each corner tells its own tale. It’s the perfect start to seeing Sousse’s history.

Inside, I wander through maze-like alleys. Every turn shows hidden parts of historic Sousse. The beautiful houses stand out. They are busy inside, showing a mix of beauty and life.

Shopping in the Souks

You must see the souks in the Medina. Shopping here is special. You’ll find spices, beautiful cloths, and crafts. The souks show the local way of selling and making things.

Visiting the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque sits in the Medina’s heart. It’s from the 9th-century. It shows Sousse’s Islamic history. Inside, it’s peaceful, different from the busy streets. It’s a must-see for its history and calm.

Seeing the Medina of Sousse shows you the city’s soul. You’ll learn about history, the busy markets, and the mosque’s peace. It’s a journey full of culture and history.

Step into the Past at the Archaeological Museum of Sousse

The Archaeological Museum of Sousse is a real treasure. It sits in the historic Kasbah. It pulls in everyone who loves history with its big collection of artefacts. These show Sousse’s rich past.

Sousse attractions

Discover the Roman Mosaics

The museum has some of Africa’s finest Roman mosaics. Each one gives us a peek into Roman daily life, their art, and myths. They make this place a must-see in archaeological sites in Sousse.

Explore Artefacts from Different Eras

The museum doesn’t just have Roman mosaics. It has items from many times, like the Punic and early Christian days. These finds give us clues about the history of Sousse tourism. They show the area’s complex history.

The Historical Ambiance of the Kasbah

Being in the Kasbah adds to the museum’s appeal and importance. The strong Kasbah walls outside and the precious items inside show Sousse’s power and culture mix well.

Feature Details
Roman Mosaics Extensive collection, window into Roman life
Historical Artefacts Punic and early Christian artefacts
Kasbah Setting Striking contrast of architecture and artefacts

Discover Tunisian Culture at the Dar Essid Museum

The Dar Essid Museum is like a time machine. It takes you back to Sousse in the 1800s. Here, you see how people from that time lived their daily lives. It’s a great place to learn about Tunisian culture.

19th-century Home Layout

This museum is built around a traditional Tunisian courtyard. This setup was common back then. The courtyard was a peaceful place away from the busy streets.

Period Furniture and Artefacts

The museum rooms are full of old furniture. This shows us how the people who lived there spent their days. You’ll see beautiful textiles, woodwork, and other items. They all tell stories of life in Sousse long ago.

Authentic Daily Life Exhibits

The museum carefully shows what daily life was like in Sousse’s past. From kitchen tools to clothes, every item has a story. It helps us understand the Tunisian way of life. Visiting the Dar Essid Museum is a must to really get to know Sousse.

Panoramic Views from the Ribat

The Ribat of Sousse is a major Sousse landmark. It lets you see early Islamic military buildings. This well-kept fort from the 8th century takes you back to medieval times. It shows the old ways of defending the sea.

History of the Ribat

The Ribat began in the 8th century. It was built to keep the area safe from sea attacks. As an important historical building in Sousse, it shows Islamic design and strength.

Climbing the Nador Tower

You can go up the Nador Tower, in the Ribat’s heart. The climb is tough but rewarding. At the top, you find amazing views of Sousse and beyond.

Views of the Medina and Coastline

Atop the Nador Tower, you see vast views of Sousse. You look over the busy Medina and the bright coastline. This spot shows why the Ribat was so vital. It also mixes Sousse’s old and new beauty.

Sousse landmarks

Exploring the Catacombs

The Catacombs of Sousse are fascinating to explore. Many people visit to learn about early Christians. These tunnels stretch about 5 kilometres and have 15,000 tombs. They show how ancient people buried their dead.

Early Christian Burial Practices

These catacombs show how early Christians buried their loved ones. They were used from the 2nd to the 4th century AD. They were carefully made to show respect and follow Christian beliefs. This adds something special to what we can learn in Sousse.

Inscriptions and Engravings

In the tight passageways, there are many writings and symbols on the walls. These show religious signs and messages. They tell stories from long ago. These engravings help us understand early Christian beliefs. They make Sousse’s history richer.

Visiting Challenges and Access

Getting to the catacombs can be a bit tricky. It’s a good idea to look up tour times before you go. Even though it might be hard to get there, it’s worth it. Visiting them helps you feel a deep connection to Sousse’s past.

Visit the Great Mosque of Sousse

The Great Mosque of Sousse is an important symbol of Islamic design. It shows the area’s long history and the simple style of its religious buildings.

Architectural Significance

It was built in the 9th century during the Aghlabid era. The mosque is known for its Islamic style in Sousse. Its square minaret and big courtyard stand out. These make the mosque simple yet functional.

The arched passages around the courtyard give a peaceful feeling. They are perfect for quiet thought and connecting with faith.

Historical Context

The Great Mosque is a key landmark in Sousse. It has been at the heart of the city’s religious and community life for many years. The mosque looks much the same as it did in the Aghlabid period. This lets visitors feel connected to Sousse’s old stories.

Its lasting design and role in the community show its importance. The mosque truly is a bridge to the past.

Visiting Hours and Entry Requirements

Visiting this respected mosque needs some planning. You must follow the local customs. The mosque opens at certain times, usually when people come to pray. Dressing simply is a must.

Following these rules makes your visit better. You’ll get to really appreciate this amazing Islamic building in Sousse.

Port El Kantaoui: A Modern Retreat

Port El Kantaoui, just north of Sousse, showcases modern fun and luxury. It’s a beautiful marina mixing Tunisian style with top facilities. It’s perfect for those looking for fun Sousse activities. You can try exciting water sports or go on peaceful boat tours. Both offer beautiful views of the coast.

If you want to relax, the marina has lovely cafes and restaurants. They offer great local and international food. With its lovely views, Port El Kantaoui is wonderful for eating out and chilling. Also, the marina has great golf courses nearby. They are fun for both new and experienced golfers.

Here’s a list of top things to do in modern Sousse at Port El Kantaoui:

  • Engaging in various water sports.
  • Embarking on scenic boat tours.
  • Enjoying gourmet meals at waterfront cafes and restaurants.
  • Playing on world-class golf courses.

Port El Kantaoui blends new leisure with Tunisian traditions. It’s not just a stylish getaway. It also adds to Sousse activities and shows modern Sousse. It invites everyone to discover a lively and diverse place.

Thalassotherapy in Sousse

Sousse’s coast is loved for its pretty beaches and amazing health treatments, like thalassotherapy. This old healing method uses seawater and sea stuff to improve health. It helps blood flow, cleans the body, and makes you relax both body and mind.

Benefits of Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is known for its many health perks. Minerals in seawater and seaweed boost blood flow, ease muscles, and keep skin healthy. It’s a natural way to fight stress and other health issues, offering relaxation and healing.

In Sousse, many wellness places and spas offer great thalassotherapy. Places like El Mouradi Palm Marina and Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa are famous for their treatments. Here, you can relax and enjoy healing treatments in a peaceful setting.

Treatments and Services Offered

Visitors to Sousse can try many thalassotherapy treatments. Choices include hydrotherapy baths, seaweed wraps, and massages using the sea’s healing powers. These treatments come with luxury spa comforts. They offer a mix of indulgence and health benefits.


What are the must-see Sousse attractions?

You must see the Medina in Sousse. It’s a UNESCO site. Don’t miss the Grand Mosque and the Archaeological Museum of Sousse. The Ribat and Catacombs are important too. Each spot tells part of the city’s story.

What activities can I do in the Medina of Sousse?

The Medina is full of things to do. You can look at old gates and walk through narrow alleys. Shopping in the souks is great for finding local goods. Also, visiting the 9th-century Grand Mosque is a must.

What can I expect to see at the Archaeological Museum of Sousse?

This museum is famous for its Roman mosaics. It has items from Punic to early Christian times. It’s in the Kasbah, adding to the historical feel.

What makes the Dar Essid Museum a unique place to visit?

The Dar Essid Museum lets you see how Tunisians lived in the 19th century. It shows old furniture, textiles, and other items. It gives insight into their daily life and traditions.

Why is the Ribat of Sousse significant?

The Ribat is an 8th-century fort. It helped protect the Islamic lands. From its Nador Tower, you can see all around the Medina and coast. It’s a must-see for its history and views.

What is special about the Catacombs of Sousse?

The Catacombs are an ancient Christian burial site. They stretch for 5 kilometres. They have old inscriptions that show burial traditions. Make sure to plan your visit as access varies.

What architectural features make the Great Mosque of Sousse noteworthy?

Built in the 9th century, the Great Mosque is simple but meaningful. Its calm courtyard and square minaret stand out. They show the city’s Islamic influences.

What can I do in Port El Kantaoui?

Port El Kantaoui is all about luxury and fun. It has water sports and boat tours. Golf is also an option. It’s perfect for eating out, relaxing, and enjoying Sousse.

What are the benefits of thalassotherapy in Sousse?

Thalassotherapy uses seawater to improve your health. It helps with blood flow, cleaning the body, and feeling good. In Sousse, spas offer treatments like seaweed wraps and hydrotherapy baths.
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