Things To Do In Tunisia For Families

Things To Do In Tunisia For Families

Did you know Tunisia has lots of UNESCO World Heritage sites? These sites show the country’s rich culture and history. A short 3-hour flight from the UK takes families to a place where the charm of the Mediterranean meets North Africa.

Tunisia is perfect for family holidays. It offers beautiful beaches and exciting cultural trips. Families can enjoy comfy resorts, visit ancient sites, have adventures, or shop in lively markets. With On The Beach Holidays, trips are affordable and safe. This is because they offer low deposits and ATOL protection. Find out why Tunisia is great for Family Holidays Tunisia, Child-friendly Places Tunisia, and Kids Activities Tunisia. Go and make lasting memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia is a quick and convenient 3-hour flight from the UK.
  • The country boasts a rich blend of Mediterranean and North African influences.
  • A range of activities from pristine beaches to cultural excursions are available.
  • Family-friendly resorts ensure comfort and enjoyment for all.
  • On The Beach Holidays provides flexible booking options and ATOL protection.

Why Tunisia is a Great Family Destination

Looking for a fun yet affordable family holiday? Think about Tunisia. It’s got lots of reasons to be your next stop. You’ll find good-value travel and cultural experiences that everyone will like. It’s perfect for a memorable family trip.

Accessible and Affordable

Tunisia is super easy to get to, especially from the UK. It only takes three hours to fly there. Airlines like Tunisair fly from Heathrow and Gatwick. This makes it a top pick for a family vacation spot. Plus, staying and having fun there won’t cost you much. This means you can have a great time without spending too much money.

Unique Cultural Experiences

Tunisia has lots of different cultures, making it great for family-friendly tours. Places like Sidi Bou Said are beautiful with their blue-and-white buildings. It’s ideal for snapping family photos. You can also explore old medinas. They show the local life with busy markets and ancient ruins. These spots are fun and interesting for kids too.

These child-friendly places in Tunisia are found all over the country. You can see many traditions and histories. As you explore ancient streets or look at big ruins, the cultural experiences are amazing. They leave you with fun memories you’ll always remember.

Family-Friendly Resorts in Tunisia

Looking for a great family holiday? Tunisia has great resorts for families. They offer fun activities and fancy comforts.

Iberostar Diar El Andalus

The Iberostar Diar El Andalus in Sousse is perfect for families. It has big pools and all you can eat meals. Kids love the special games and shows just for them.

There’s food for everyone, even vegan dishes. Your family will not get bored with all there is to do.

Belessaire & Thelasso Resort

The Belessaire & Thelasso Resort in Hammamet is amazing too. It’s got fancy stuff and it’s close to old places. You can relax and also see interesting things nearby.

It’s got lots of fun things for families. It’s a great spot if you want adventure in your holiday.

Resort Name Location Key Features Notable Activities
Iberostar Diar El Andalus Sousse Expansive pools, All-inclusive dining, Children’s entertainment Vegan-friendly dining, Silver service restaurants, Kiddie entertainers
Belessaire & Thelasso Resort Hammamet Luxurious facilities, Proximity to historical sites Cultural explorations, Family-friendly activities

Beautiful Beaches and Water Activities

Tunisia’s coast is a wonderland for families who love the sun, sand, and sea. It’s packed with pretty, kid-friendly spots. You’re sure to find a beach to relax and make lasting memories.

Top Beach Destinations

Hammamet and Sousse are top picks for beach holidays in Tunisia. They boast beautiful sands and welcoming waters. Here, you can chill under straw umbrellas or enjoy lively beach fun. These spots are great for all, especially for kids.

Water Sports and Activities

Tunisia’s beaches also offer exciting water sports. You can try windsurfing, jet-skiing, and more. For something calmer, how about paddle boating or a banana boat ride? These activities suit all ages, mixing fun with peace on your holiday.

Tunisia’s coast has both quiet beauty and fun water sports. Whether you’re enjoying calm beaches or active water sports, it’s unbeatable. A beach day here is sure to be memorable.

Aspect Hammamet Sousse
Pristine Sands Yes Yes
Child-Friendly Yes Yes
Water Sports Yes Yes
Relaxation Yes Yes

Exploring Tunisian Culture and History

Exploring Tunisian culture and history is truly enlightening. It takes families through a rich mix of traditions and stories. From Tunis’s bustling Medina to Sousse Medina’s charming alleys, each step shows living history.

The Medinas mix Mediterranean and North African vibes. They have whitewashed walls, cobbled paths, and bright markets. Families can enjoy family-friendly activities Tunisia offers. They can buy unique crafts and souvenirs that capture the spirit of the area.

Venturing through these places isn’t just for looking around. It’s about connecting with local culture and life. Each market stall, artisan shop, and monument tells a story. This makes exploring Tunisian culture and history a deep experience. It ensures families leave with special memories.

Must-Visit Historical Sites

Planning a family trip? Don’t forget the Top Family Attractions in Tunisia. These places let you peek into history. They are fun and teach both kids and adults.

Roman Ruins of Carthage

The Roman Ruins of Carthage show ancient Tunisia’s splendour. It’s a UNESCO site called Historical Sites Tunisia. Families can explore old ruins there. Sites like Antonine Baths connect us to the past.

El Djem Amphitheatre

The El Djem Amphitheatre is a must-see in Tunisia. It’s as grand as Rome’s Colosseum. It shows Roman architecture. Visiting is like stepping back in time.

These places are great for Kids Activities Tunisia. They mix fun with learning. Tunisia is great for families wanting adventure and knowledge.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Tunisia is great for family fun outdoors. One exciting trip is the Red Lizard Train ride. It goes through the beautiful Seldja Gorge. This journey is full of wonderful sights and is perfect for all ages. It’s one of the unique Tunisia family adventure ideas.

Adventure Holidays Tunisia

Red Lizard Train Ride

On the Red Lizard Train, families will see amazing views. They’ll pass rocky canyons and green valleys. It’s an adventure not to be forgotten. These outdoor activities in Tunisia show the country’s beauty and history. The train ride is very special.

Desert Safaris

The Sahara in Tunisia offers a wild desert adventure. Desert safaris let families see huge sand dunes and enjoy the starry night sky. It’s a thrilling way to have an adventure holiday in Tunisia. You’ll get close to nature and have lots of fun exploring.

Fun Family Attractions

Enjoy fun times at Tunisia’s family attractions. Go on a pirate ship adventure or explore a 3D museum. There’s fun for everyone.

Pirate Ship Trip

Don’t miss the Pirate Ship Trip in Sousse for Fun Family Outings Tunisia. It’s an exciting sea adventure for kids. They wear bandanas and help steer. The trip is full of fun, making it great for all ages.

3D Trickery Museum

The 3D Trickery Museum is a top spot for Family-Friendly Attractions Tunisia. It’s filled with illusions and fun exhibits. A great place for Kids Activities Tunisia, it’s perfect for funny photos and laughter.

Shopping in Tunisian Markets

Shopping in Tunis markets is fun for families. It helps them connect with local culture. It’s also a chance to find special things. Markets are full of life with many sights, sounds, and smells. They are great for family trips to Tunisia. These markets are more than just shops. They are places where families meet locals and learn about Tunisian life.

Sousse Medina

The Sousse Medina offers a great shopping trip. As you walk through narrow lanes, you see many local items. You’ll find things like handmade rugs and colorful ceramics. It’s busy but also welcoming for kids. Families enjoy bartering, which makes for fun memories.

Beb Jedi Market

Beb Jedi Market has a cosy, yet rich shopping feel. Here, you can buy fresh fruits, bread, and handmade items. It’s a great way for families to immerse in the culture. Buying things here makes family trips to Tunisia more fun.

Market Specialities Family-friendly Features
Sousse Medina Handwoven rugs, ceramics Child-friendly atmosphere, interactive haggling
Beb Jedi Market Seasonal fruits, fresh bread, handcrafted goods Cultural immersion, engaging for kids

Tasting Tunisian Cuisine

When in Tunisia, families can start a food adventure. They will explore the rich tastes of Tunisian Cuisine. There are lots of Traditional Tunisian Foods for everyone to enjoy. From spicy harissa to sweet treats, there’s so much for all ages.

Traditional Foods to Try

Tunisian cooking traditions are old and mix delicious spices with fresh stuff. Couscous is very common and often comes with veggies and lamb. Tajine is a tasty, egg-based dish filled with meat and veggies, different from Morocco’s version. For dessert, bambalouni is a fried doughnut, sugary and great for sweet lovers.

Traditional Tunisian Foods

Family-Friendly Restaurants

It’s easy to find places to eat that are good for families in Tunisia. Dar Belhadj in Tunis offers traditional food and a warm welcome. Chez Achour in Hammamet has great seafood and a nice atmosphere for families. These places make eating out special, with tasty food and happy times.

Dish Description Popular Restaurants
Couscous A versatile dish made with steamed semolina grains, often accompanied by vegetables, lamb, or fish. Dar Belhadj, Tunis
Tajine An egg-based dish with a combination of meat and vegetables, flavoured with a unique blend of spices. Chez Achour, Hammamet
Bambalouni A delectable fried doughnut, usually sprinkled with sugar, ideal for a sweet snack. Various street food vendors


Tunisia is a fantastic place for a family trip. It mixes old culture, history, and modern fun. If you’re looking for a great family holiday, Tunisia has lots to offer. It’s both varied and easy on the budget. There are special tours for families to see everything special about Tunisia.

There are great spots in Tunisia for families, like the Roman Ruins of Carthage. The beaches of Hammamet are also beautiful. Resorts in Tunisia are welcoming to families. They are perfect for fun, learning, and relaxing. Flights from the UK to Tunisia are short and don’t cost much. This makes Tunisia easy to get to.

Tunisia has something for everyone. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, learn about history, or try delicious food. It mixes adventure and comfort perfectly. Every holiday here is filled with fun moments. Tunisia is perfect for your next family trip. Whether you love sunshine or ancient stories, Tunisia is the place to go.


What are some things to do in Tunisia for families?

Families love Tunisia for its fun. There are lovely beaches and exciting historic sites. Markets are colorful, and tours bring adventures. Families adore the Roman Ruins and the Medina of Tunis. Pirate Ship Trips in Sousse are a hit too.

Why is Tunisia a great family destination?

Flights from the UK to Tunisia are quick and cheap. This place has a mix of cultures. Families enjoy resorts, historic places, and fun activities here.

Can you recommend family-friendly resorts in Tunisia?

Sure! Check out Iberostar Diar El Andalus in Sousse. Belessaire & Thalasso Resort in Hammamet is great too. They have big pools, food for everyone, and fun for kids.

Are there beautiful beaches and water activities in Tunisia?

Yes! Hammamet and Sousse have great beaches for families. The sand is clean, and the water is clear. Everyone can swim, try windsurfing, or jet skiing.

What cultural and historical experiences can families enjoy in Tunisia?

Visit the Medina of Tunis and Sousse for a live history lesson. The Roman Ruins and El Djem Amphitheatre are must-sees. They tell stories of Tunisia’s past.

What are some must-visit historical sites in Tunisia for families?

Don’t miss the Roman Ruins of Carthage and the El Djem Amphitheatre. They are perfect for families. Here, history feels alive and exciting.

Are there adventure and outdoor activities suitable for families in Tunisia?

Yes! Take the Red Lizard Train through the Seldja Gorge. Desert safaris in the Sahara are fun too. They’re perfect for active families.

What fun family attractions are available in Tunisia?

For fun, try a Pirate Ship Trip in Sousse. The 3D Trickery Museum is also cool. These places make great memories for families.

Where can families shop in Tunisian markets?

The Sousse Medina and Beb Jedi Market are great for shopping. Families find local goods and handcrafted items. They’re great for unique gifts.

What Tunisian cuisine should families try?

Families should taste couscous, tajine, and bambalouni. You can eat these at street food stalls or family places. Everyone will find something yummy.
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