Things To Do In Tunisia In December

Things To Do In Tunisia In December

Did you know Tunisia gets lots of sunshine, with 300 sunny days a year? It’s a top December holiday spot for Europeans. The reason? It has sun, culture, and history all close by. Whether you want to dive into local customs or see the stunning Mediterranean coast, Tunisia has it. You can choose from posh beach resorts to exciting desert trips. Winter in Tunisia is never dull.

In Tunisia, every place tells stories of ancient times. You can find traces of the Romans and Phoenicians everywhere. Tunisia in December has so many things to do and see. You get good deals and can experience a wide range of fun things. A winter break here is both rewarding and unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia is an ideal winter destination with 300 sunny days annually.
  • A unique mix of sunshine, culture, and history awaits European travellers.
  • Discover ancient legacies from Roman and Phoenician eras.
  • A variety of activities and attractions cater to all budgets and interests.
  • Luxurious coastal resorts and thrilling desert adventures provide unique experiences.

Explore Tunisia’s Coastal Towns

Tunisia’s coastal towns are sun-filled, historical, and perfect for all travellers. You can enjoy sandy beaches, local culture or historical sights in Hammamet, Sousse, and Monastir. Each town has its unique charm, offering a memorable Mediterranean adventure.

Relax on Hammamet’s Beaches

Hammamet, on the Mediterranean coast, is famous for its stunning beaches and clear waters. The town is encircled by ancient walls, perfect for sunbathing and snorkelling. Walk along the shore to find peaceful spots. Hammamet has luxury resorts and local eateries, ideal for beach lovers.

Experience Sousse’s Culture

Sousse is a bustling city full of history and excitement. It has the UNESCO-listed medina, a lively harbour, and colourful markets. Walk through the medina’s narrow streets to see shops, cafes, and historical sites. Sousse mixes old with new, letting visitors feel the rich local culture.

Visit Monastir’s Historical Sites

Monastir is calm but full of history. The ribat is a major Islamic fortification in North Africa, near the sea. Monastir also has the Great Mosque and more for those who love history. Its clear waters and sandy beaches make it great for both exploring and relaxing.

Town Main Attraction Highlighted Feature
Hammamet Beaches White Sands
Sousse Medina UNESCO-listed
Monastir Ribat Historical Sites

Historical Monuments and Roman Ruins

Exploring Tunisia’s ancient sites is a unique journey through history. Each place tells the stories of past times. They make every visitor feel awe and interest.

Discover Carthage

The Carthage ruins are by the Gulf of Tunis. They show the greatness of Roman and Phoenician times. Walking through them, you uncover the stories held in the stones.

Walk Through the El Jem Amphitheatre

It’s a UNESCO heritage site in Tunisia. You can imagine the gladiator battles in its huge corridors and design.

Visit the Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum in Tunis is in a beautiful 19th-century palace. It’s full of Roman mosaics and treasures. The museum shows Tunisia’s rich history and is a must-see for history fans.

Historical Site Key Features UNESCO Heritage
Carthage ruins Roman and Phoenician historical remains Yes
El Jem Amphitheatre Impressive gladiatorial amphitheatre Yes
Bardo Museum Tunis Rich collection of Roman mosaics and artefacts No

Visiting these sites lets you see Tunisia’s historical depth. They include the Carthage ruins, El Jem Amphitheatre, and Bardo Museum. Each place is a part of UNESCO heritage Tunisia. They take you on an unmatched journey through history.

Things To Do In Tunisia In December

December in Tunisia is filled with unique experiences for all travelers. It’s a North African gem that always pleases. Enjoy the winter sun on beautiful beaches or discover lively cultural and historical spots. With mild weather and fewer tourists, December is the best time to explore.

  • Explore the Coast: Winter lets you enjoy Tunisia’s stunning Mediterranean beaches without many people. Chill on the sand, swim in the sea, and try water sports.
  • Immerse in Local Culture: Join local traditions and events like the International Festival of the Sahara for a deep cultural experience. Enjoy the festivities, parades, and camel races in December.
  • Historical Exploration: Go inland to see ancient Roman ruins, like the El Jem Amphitheatre. Visit Carthage and the Bardo Museum to see Tunisia’s historical richness.
  • Sahara Desert Adventures: Visit the Sahara for jeep tours or camel treks. The desert’s vast landscape is even more stunning in winter, a top attraction.

With so many activities and a mix of sunshine and culture, Tunisia is a top winter spot. Whether it’s relaxing on the coast or exploring history, there’s something unforgettable for everyone in Tunisia in December.

Bustling Capital: Tunis

Tunisian capital

Exploring Tunis brings you into a world of history, culture, and tradition. Every corner of the city has something exciting. It’s a place full of life.

Visit the Medina of Tunis

Walk through the Medina of Tunis to find narrow streets and shops. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with old buildings and busy markets. You’ll see colorful textiles and smell lovely spices here.

Shop in the Souks

The Tunis souks are must-visit markets. Places like Ech-Chaouachine, El Attarine, and El Berka are great for shopping. You can haggle and find crafts, jewellery, and souvenirs.

Experience Café Culture

Cafés in Tunis mix old charm with new vibes. They are cozy spots for tea or coffee. You’ll also find tasty local snacks and pastries.

Visiting these cafés lets you relax and see local life. It’s a great way to feel part of Tunis.

Activity Description
Medina of Tunis Exploration Discover a maze of ancient streets, historic sites, and vibrant markets in the UNESCO-listed Medina of Tunis.
Shopping in the Souks Engage in the lively market culture at Ech-Chaouachine, El Attarine, and El Berka, where traditional crafts are abundant.
Tunisian Café Scene Relax and people-watch in the numerous cafés that blend historic charm with modern comfort, offering local delicacies and beverages.

A Sahara Desert Adventure

Going on a Sahara Desert adventure is really exciting. You will see big dunes, amazing places, and learn about different cultures. There are many fun things to do that let you see the desert’s beauty.

4×4 Tours in the Sahara

Riding 4x4s in the Sahara is super fun. You’ll go over huge dunes that are very tall. A guide will show you special places in the desert. This makes your trip to Tunisia something you’ll always remember.

Visit Jebil National Park

You must visit Jebil National Park on your tour. It has special plants and animals. It’s a peaceful place that’s great for people who love wildlife and nature.

Stay in a Berber Camp

Staying in a Berber camp is a big highlight. It’s comfy and real, letting you meet the Berber people. You’ll enjoy traditional food, music, and stories by a fire. It’s a great way to learn about their culture.

From 4×4 rides on sand dunes, to seeing Jebil National Park, to staying in a Berber camp. A Sahara Desert adventure in Tunisia brings you close to the desert’s heart.

Traditional Markets and Souks

Exploring Tunisian markets lets you see the vibrant culture and daily life. You will find spices, textiles, and fresh food. These places are full of local treasures for shopping.

Souks of Tunis

Walking in Tunis souks is like a treasure hunt. You’ll smell exotic spices and see bright textiles. Each shop offers different goods, making it a cultural journey.

Medina Markets in Sousse

The Sousse medina is a UNESCO site you must see. Its alleys lead to markets with jewellery and ceramics. The lively vibe of Sousse is unforgettable.

Explore Monastir’s Markets

Monastir’s markets are a bit calmer but just as interesting. You’ll find crafts and fresh food there. Shopping in Monastir is a chance to meet locals and learn bargaining.

Visiting Tunisian markets is about more than just shopping. It’s about diving into Tunisia’s rich culture. Every market, from Tunis to Monastir, offers a glimpse into Tunisian life.

Unique Architectural Styles

Tunisia’s architecture is like a journey through history and culture. It mixes Arab, Byzantine, Roman, and French styles. This blend makes the cities very special.

Medina of Tunis shows off Tunisia’s amazing architecture. Its narrow lanes lead to beautiful mosques and palaces. The El Zitouna Mosque is a key Islamic building. Its designs and writings are stunning.

The Antonine Baths in Carthage show Roman greatness. These ruins highlight ancient engineering skills. The Amphitheatre of El Jem is another Roman masterpiece. It’s very well kept.

Sidi Bou Said by the sea looks different. Its white-and-blue houses are very pretty. This town is simple but beautiful and inspires many artists.

In Tunis, the modern buildings are exciting too. They mix new with old. The Théâtre Municipal and Cathédrale de St. Vincent de Paul show this mix well.

Traditional Tunisian Cuisine

Tunisian cuisine is colourful and full of taste. It’s known for its amazing mix of flavours and history.

Tunisian couscous and Harissa spice

Indulge in Couscous

Tunisian couscous is a key dish in North Africa.

It’s made from steamed semolina grains, with meat or veggies. The couscous soaks up the tasty broth in a tagine.

Savour Harissa Flavours

Harissa spice is vital to Tunisian food. It’s a spicy paste from chillies, garlic, and spices.

Harissa adds a special taste to everything. You can use it in many ways, like in soups or as a marinade.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood

Tunisia’s long coastline means lots of Tunisian seafood. You can try octopus brik or grilled calamari.

Seafood here mixes with North African spice. It makes every dish special.

Here are some popular Tunisian dishes to try:

Traditional Dish Main Ingredients Distinct Features
Couscous Semolina, vegetables, meat Steamed in a tagine, absorbs flavours
Harissa Chillies, garlic, spices Fiery, used as sauces or marinades
Brik Thin pastry, egg, tuna Crispy, often deep-fried
Grilled Seafood Calamari, fish, shrimp Fresh, often seasoned with local spices

Winter Festivals and Events

Tunisia shines in December with its winter festivals and events. They show the country’s rich culture.

The Festival of the Sahara in Douz is amazing. You can see exciting camel races, dance to folk music, and eat tasty couscous. It shows how close Tunisia is to its desert roots.

In Djerba, the Ulysses Festival is about the island’s old stories. It combines plays, music, and food. Walking around, I get to see history and modern art together. It makes my winter trip very special.

Tunis has the Medina Festival up north. The old medina fills with shows and art that celebrate Tunisian talents. This festival takes place in the city’s old, winding streets. It’s a great cultural adventure.

Then there’s the International Carthage Film Festival. People from everywhere come to see films from Africa and the Arab world. This festival shows that Tunisia is important in movies. It gives me a chance to see great stories and creativity.

The Symphonic Music Festival in El Jem is special. Classical music concerts happen in the big El Jem Amphitheatre. The music sounds amazing with the old Roman architecture around. This event feels magical under the winter sky.

The winter season is full of activities that explore Tunisia’s lively culture. All this happens in the lovely winter weather of Tunisia.

Event Location Highlight
Festival of the Sahara Douz Camel races, folk dances, local cuisine
Ulysses Festival Djerba Theatre, music, local cuisine
Medina Festival Tunis Arts, crafts, performances
International Carthage Film Festival Tunis African and Arab films
Symphonic Music Festival El Jem Classical music in Roman amphitheatre

Outdoor Activities and Excursions

Tunisia is perfect for active holidays. It has beautiful nature and lots of culture.

Go Hiking in Jebel Boukornine National Park

Jebel Boukornine National Park has great trails for hikers. You’ll see Tunisia’s unique plants and animals here. The park is near Tunis and has trails for all abilities.

Experience Camel Safaris

Camel safaris Tunisia let you see the dunes and valleys in a cool way. You feel like a North African nomad on these trips. They can last a few hours or a whole day.

Try Water Sports in Hammamet

Hammamet is great for water sports. It has clear waters and sandy beaches. Water sports in Hammamet include jet skiing, windsurfing, and paddle-boarding.

Tunisia offers many Tunisia excursions for all kinds of interests. It’s a top place for fun and culture.

Activity Location Highlights
Tunisia hiking trails Jebel Boukornine National Park Scenic trails, rich biodiversity
Camel safaris Tunisia Sahara Desert Traditional travel, captivating landscapes
Water sports in Hammamet Hammamet Jet skiing, windsurfing, paddle-boarding
Tunisia excursions Various Locations Cultural and natural attractions

Discover Tunisia’s Wildlife

Tunisia is filled with amazing animals and plants. It has big parks and protected areas by the sea. These places are perfect for anyone who loves animals.

The country is known for its birds. Ichkeul National Park is very special for bird lovers. It has flamingos, storks, and egrets. This park is also a rest stop for birds flying to other places.

Tunisia has more than just birds. You can see mammals, reptiles, and sea creatures too. In the land, you might see Dorcas gazelles and Barbary sheep. The sea has fish, dolphins, and sometimes whales.

Not just parks and seas, but deserts and mountains in Tunisia have animals too. The Sahara Desert is home to the Fennec fox and Saharan horned viper. These animals are used to living in very hot places.

Habitat Key Wildlife Location
Ichkeul National Park Flamingos, Storks, Egrets Bizerta
Gulf of Gabes Fish, Dolphins, Whales Southeastern Tunisia
Sahara Desert Fennec Fox, Saharan Horned Viper Southern Tunisia

Exploring Tunisia is a fun adventure. You can walk in forests, cross deserts, or sail on coasts. Seeing Tunisia’s animals is a great way to learn about nature. It shows how beautiful and different our world is.


As our journey through Tunisia in December ends, we see what a special place it is. It welcomes all kinds of travellers. Hammamet’s beaches, Carthage’s history, and Tunis’s bustle have something for everyone.

The buildings are a feast for the eyes, mixing old Roman and Islamic styles. The food, like couscous and harissa, will make your mouth water. The lively markets are full of life and local colours.

Going through the Sahara on a camel or walking in Jebel Boukornine National Park are great adventures.

Tunisia in December is more than a trip; it’s a whole experience. It brings history and today together. It has quiet spots and thrilling activities. Tunisia is ready to make your winter trip unforgettable with its kindness and beauty.


What are the best things to do in Tunisia in December?

Tunisia has lots to offer in December. You can explore winter spots and enjoy water sports. There are also unique events. Enjoy Hammamet’s sandy beaches or discover ancient sites. You might also hike in Jebel Boukornine National Park. So, there’s fun for everyone.

Which coastal towns in Tunisia are worth visiting?

You must visit Hammamet, Sousse, and Monastir. Hammamet has lovely beaches and blue waters. Sousse is all about culture and has a famous medina. Monastir is known for its history, like the ribat and the Great Mosque.

What historical sites should I see in Tunisia?

Don’t miss Carthage’s ruins, El Jem Amphitheatre, and the Bardo Museum in Tunis. They show Roman and Phoenician histories. These places are key to Tunisia’s past.

What should I explore in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia?

Tunis offers a historic medina, lively souks, and great café culture. The Medina of Tunis is a special place with streets full of vendors. Try shopping in souks like Ech-Chaouachine for a traditional experience.

What kind of desert adventures can I experience in Tunisia?

The Sahara desert is perfect for exciting activities. You can try 4×4 tours, visit Jebil National Park, or stay in Berber camps. These let you see beautiful deserts and learn about Berber life.

Where can I find traditional markets and souks in Tunisia?

Traditional markets and souks are all over Tunisia. Visit the souks in Tunis, markets in Sousse, and Monastir for a real taste of local culture. Here, you can shop for traditional items and enjoy the busy atmosphere.

What are some traditional Tunisian dishes to try?

Tunisian food is full of flavour. Try couscous with veggies, meat, or fish. Harissa is a spicy sauce that makes meals exciting. With Tunisia’s coastline, seafood is always fresh and tasty.

What outdoor activities are available in Tunisia in winter?

Winter in Tunisia is great for hiking in Jebel Boukornine National Park. You can also go on camel safaris or do water sports in Hammamet. These activities show you Tunisia’s beautiful nature and are fun too.

Are there any winter festivals or events in Tunisia?

Yes, Tunisia has many festivals and events in December. It’s a fantastic way to see the country’s culture and traditions. Enjoy local music and food during this time.

What unique architectural styles can be seen in Tunisia?

Tunisia has ancient Roman sites and North African designs. The Great Mosque in Monastir and medinas in Tunis show the country’s architectural variety. There are many historic buildings with diverse styles.

What wildlife can be observed in Tunisia?

Jebil National Park and other places are full of wildlife. You can go birdwatching or see other native species. It’s a great way for nature lovers to see Tunisia’s animals.
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