Things To Do In Tunisia With Kids

Things To Do In Tunisia With Kids
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    1. Key Takeaways
  1. Introduction to Tunisia for Families
    1. Overview of Tunisia
    2. Why Tunisia is Family-Friendly
  2. Top Family-Friendly Beach Resorts
    1. Hammamet Resorts
    2. Sousse Resorts
    3. Resorts in Djerba
  3. Exploring Ancient Ruins
    1. Visiting Carthage
    2. Ruins of Dougga
    3. El Jem Amphitheatre
  4. Medinas and Markets
    1. Sousse Medina
    2. Beb Jedi Market
    3. Kairouan Medina
  5. Outdoor Adventures and Desert Tours
    1. Camel Rides in the Desert
    2. Quad Biking Adventures
    3. Camping in the Sahara
  6. Fun Things To Do In Tunisia With Kids
    1. Visit Waterparks
    2. Pirate Ship Excursions
    3. 3D Trickery Museum
  7. Family-Friendly Museums
    1. Sousse Archaeological Museum
    2. National Bardo Museum
    3. Ennejma Ezzahra Palace
  8. Day Trips and Nearby Excursions
    1. Berber Villages like Hergla
    2. Exploring Sidi Bou Said
    3. Visiting the Atlas Mountains
  9. Kid-Friendly Activities at Your Resort
    1. Pools and Water Activities
    2. Kiddie Entertainment Programs
    3. On-site Sports and Games
  10. Local Food and Eating Out
    1. Traditional Tunisian Dishes
    2. Western-Friendly Restaurants
    3. Food Festivals and Markets
  11. Practical Tips for a Family Holiday
    1. Safety Concerns
    2. Travel Insurance
    3. Best Time to Visit
  12. Conclusion
  13. FAQ
    1. What makes Tunisia a family-friendly destination?
    2. Are there any family-friendly resorts in Tunisia?
    3. What are some top family-friendly beach resorts?
    4. What historical sites can families visit in Tunisia?
    5. Where can families experience traditional medinas and markets?
    6. What outdoor adventures are available for families in Tunisia?
    7. Are there fun things to do with kids in Tunisia?
    8. Which museums are family-friendly in Tunisia?
    9. What day trips and excursions are suitable for families?
    10. What kid-friendly activities are available at Tunisian resorts?
    11. What food options are available for families in Tunisia?
    12. What practical tips should families consider when planning a trip to Tunisia?
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Did you know Tunisia is full of fun for families? It’s just three hours by plane from the UK. This place mixes beautiful beaches with exciting history. It’s great for a family trip. You can relax by the sea or have adventures. Tunisia has lots to do for everyone.

Many families pick On The Beach Holidays for trips. They offer deals that are safe and easy to pay for over time. The Iberostar Diar El Andalus in Sousse is perfect for families. It has big pools, fun for kids, and shows at night.

There’s more than just the resort. You can see Sousse’s old Medina and cool markets like Beb Jedi. If you like adventures, try the pirate ship trips or the 3D Trickery Museum. Tunisia has a great mix of chilling out and exploring. Your family holiday will be full of great times and activities for kids.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia is a short three-hour flight from the UK, making it a convenient family vacation destination.
  • Family-friendly resorts like Iberostar Diar El Andalus offer extensive pools and kid-centric activities.
  • Package holidays from On The Beach Holidays come with ATOL protection and flexible payment options.
  • Sousse’s Medina, Beb Jedi markets, pirate ship excursions, and the 3D Trickery Museum provide diverse entertainment.
  • Tunisia combines sun-soaked relaxation with opportunities for cultural and adventurous exploration.

Introduction to Tunisia for Families

Tunisia is a great place for families. It mixes the Mediterranean’s beauty with North African charm. Families love it because it’s close to the UK and full of fun things to do.

Overview of Tunisia

Tunisia is near the UK and has lovely weather. It combines a warm Mediterranean climate with exciting North African culture. This makes it great for a family holiday.

There are lots of family-friendly activities in Tunisia. You can enjoy beautiful beaches or learn about the culture. There’s something for everyone, without going too far.

Why Tunisia is Family-Friendly

Tunisia is friendly and safe for families. It has many places that welcome kids. You’ll find exciting markets, museums, and seaside towns to explore.

There are also fun things to do with children in Tunisia. You can go to waterparks or explore historic sites. Tunisia is perfect for making happy family memories.

Top Family-Friendly Beach Resorts

Tunisia is a great place for families to visit. It has beautiful beach resorts on the northeastern coast. There are lots of fun activities and places to see that are good for all ages. Families can relax, have adventures, and learn about history at these lovely beach resorts.

Hammamet Resorts

Hammamet is perfect for family trips in Tunisia. It has long, sandy beaches and safe waters for kids. Families can find great places to stay with pools and fun things for kids to do. While kids have fun with planned activities, parents can relax. It’s a favourite place for families.

Sousse Resorts

Sousse has many resorts that are great for families. They offer things like big pools and fun activities for kids. Plus, Sousse is close to historical places. This mix makes for a great holiday. Families can relax and also explore the culture.

Resorts in Djerba

Djerba is a wonderful place for family holidays, with lots of resorts. The resorts offer beach fun and trips to see cultural sites. Families can enjoy pool time or go out exploring. Djerba gives families fun stories to tell about their trip.

Exploring Ancient Ruins

Tunisia is full of ancient treasures waiting for families to explore. There are many family-friendly activities Tunisia at these sites. It’s a great mix of history and fun outdoors.

Visiting Carthage

Carthage is a top spot for cultural experiences Tunisia. It has amazing ruins and big baths. It’s a fun place for families, full of history and beautiful views.

Ruins of Dougga

The Ruins of Dougga sit high on a hill, amazing everyone. It’s one of the best-kept ancient cities in North Africa. The view from Dougga is breathtaking, making it perfect for family-friendly activities Tunisia.

El Jem Amphitheatre

The El Jem Amphitheatre shows off Roman skill. It’s really well-kept, letting families see history up close. Visiting El Jem is a great way to mix cultural experiences Tunisia and outdoor adventures Tunisia.

Medinas and Markets

Discovering Tunisia’s medinas and markets is special for families. It shows the country’s lively culture. You will find great places for kids to explore Tunisia’s heart with you.

things to do in Tunisia with kids

Sousse Medina

The Sousse Medina is full of narrow streets and shops. White walls make it pretty. It’s a fun place for kids to meet local crafters and find cool things.

This place is great for family fun and culture.

Beb Jedi Market

Beb Jedi Market is near Sousse Medina. It’s busy and real Tunisian. Kids and parents will like the different things to buy.

It’s got fresh food and crafts. It’s fun for families to see this part of Tunisia.

Kairouan Medina

Kairouan Medina is known for its crafts. You can see artisans making things. It’s great for families to learn about Tunisia’s culture.

Don’t miss out on this place. It’s a must for family trips.

Outdoor Adventures and Desert Tours

Tunisia’s landscapes are exciting for families. The dunes and skies are captivating in the Tunisian desert. They welcome exploration.

Camel Rides in the Desert

Riding a camel is a top outdoor adventure Tunisia offers. As the sun sets, dunes turn golden. This creates an unforgettable view for families on majestic camels. Kids will remember this journey across the sands forever.

Quad Biking Adventures

Quad biking offers more thrill. Powerful bikes let you tackle rough ground easily. It’s an exciting way for families to explore the desert’s secrets. This makes it a top fun thing to do with children in Tunisia.

Camping in the Sahara

Camping in the Sahara is very special. It’s more than setting up a tent. There’s amazing food and starry nights. Peaceful nights contrast with exciting days, making it unforgettable. This is a key part of any desert tours Tunisia.

These adventures bring families closer. Whether on camels, quads, or under the stars, Tunisia’s desert is unique.

Fun Things To Do In Tunisia With Kids

Tunisia is a great place for kids to have fun. From waterparks to pirate adventures, there’s heaps to do. Kids and families can enjoy lots of exciting activities together.

Visit Waterparks

Aqua Palace in Sousse is awesome for kids. It has slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. Families will love spending time here, having fun and relaxing.

Pirate Ship Excursions

Pirate ship trips are amazing for kids. They start from Sousse’s port. These adventures mix history with fun, making them special for kids.

3D Trickery Museum

The 3D Trickery Museum is perfect for indoor fun. It has art and illusions that trick your eyes. It’s a place where both kids and adults can have a great time.

Family-Friendly Museums

Tunisia is full of cultural experiences perfect for families. Many museums mix cool exhibits with fun activities. They’re great for families looking for travel tips in Tunisia.

Sousse Archaeological Museum

The Sousse Archaeological Museum is amazing. It shows Tunisia’s ancient history with mosaics and artefacts. It’s in the Kasbah of Sousse, great for families who love history. Everyone will find something interesting here.

National Bardo Museum

The National Bardo Museum in Tunis is full of history. It has Roman mosaics and Islamic art. It’s perfect for families. You can see lots of different stories in its artefacts. It’s a deep cultural experience.

Ennejma Ezzahra Palace

Ennejma Ezzahra in Sidi Bou Said is stunning. It’s a palace that’s all about music history. Families will love it. The gardens and interiors are beautiful. It shows the area’s musical background.

Museum Highlights Location
Sousse Archaeological Museum Mosaics, Artefacts Sousse
National Bardo Museum Roman Mosaics, Islamic Art Tunis
Ennejma Ezzahra Palace Musical Heritage, Architecture Sidi Bou Said

Day Trips and Nearby Excursions

Day trips in Tunisia offer more than just beach fun. They show the country’s rich culture and beauty. These trips are fun and teach a lot, great for family outings.

Berber Villages like Hergla

Visiting Berber villages like Hergla is a top family activity in Tunisia. Hergla is peaceful, showing the traditional Berber way of life. It’s known for authentic homes and beautiful crafts, offering great kid activities.

Exploring Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is a beautiful village, perfect for families. Its blue-and-white buildings are stunning. Walking the streets, you’ll find wonderful crafts and food. It’s a great outdoor adventure for families in Tunisia.

activities for kids Tunisia

Visiting the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are amazing for family trips. You can see beautiful views and try exciting activities. Exploring these mountains is a must-do, allowing families to enjoy nature and have memorable adventures.

Kid-Friendly Activities at Your Resort

When you plan your visit to Tunisia, keeping kids busy is key. Resorts offer lots of fun things to do, perfect for families. This means everyone can have a great time together.

Pools and Water Activities

Resorts in Tunisia are known for their pools and water fun. Little ones can enjoy splash zones while older kids try out big slides. These child-friendly attractions fill your days with joy and safety.

Kiddie Entertainment Programs

Resorts also have special programs for kids. They feature arts, crafts, games, and mini-discos. Such activities keep kids active and help them make new friends. With children’s entertainment covered, parents can relax too.

On-site Sports and Games

Your Tunisia trip must include sports and games. Resorts have tennis, mini-golf, and volleyball for all. These add excitement to your family vacation ideas Tunisia and keep kids moving.

Local Food and Eating Out

Tunisian cuisine blends Mediterranean and African tastes. It’s perfect for families. You’ll find traditional meals and Western options. Tunisia’s dining offers something for everyone.

Traditional Tunisian Dishes

Trying Tunisian food is a must. It’s part of the fun for families in Tunisia. You should taste couscous with meat or seafood, and chakchouka. These dishes are loved by all.

Brik is a favourite, too. It’s a fried pastry with tuna, egg, or cheese inside. It’s popular on the streets and truly Tunisian.

Western-Friendly Restaurants

Families with picky eaters will find Western-style food. Cities like Tunis, Sousse, and Hammamet have many options. They offer pizza, burgers, and other international foods.

Everyone can find something they like. This adds to Tunisia’s family-friendly spots.

Food Festivals and Markets

Visiting food markets and festivals is fun for families. You get to try different regional foods. Markets in Tunis and Sousse show Tunisia’s local cuisine.

You can enjoy fresh baked goods, spices, and sweets. It’s a great way to experience Tunisia’s culture and food.

Eating out, whether it’s local or Western food, will make your trip special. Tunisia’s food scene is a big highlight for families.

Practical Tips for a Family Holiday

Planning a trip to Tunisia with your family is exciting. But, it needs careful thought to make sure it’s safe and fun. Here are some top tips for organising your family holiday in Tunisia.

Safety Concerns

For a safe family vacation in Tunisia, keep up with safety advice. The Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office offers the latest travel tips. It helps you make wise choices for your journey. Also, learn about the local ways and rules to show respect and avoid mistakes.

Travel Insurance

Never go on a trip without full travel insurance. It protects you from unexpected costs like medical issues, cancelling the trip, or lost bags. Picking the right insurance is vital. It gives you peace of mind while you enjoy Tunisia.

Best Time to Visit

Tunisia is lovely all year. But spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) are best. These times have nice weather for outdoor fun. They’re not too busy or expensive either. Good planning considers these to make your visit comfy and easy.

Follow these tips to have a great and well-planned holiday in Tunisia. They’ll help your family have a fun and smooth trip.


Tunisia is perfect for family holidays. It combines fun activities, history, and beautiful sights. You can visit old ruins, sunny beaches, and busy markets.

Taking kids to Tunisia is fun because there’s lots to do. There are waterparks, ship tours, museums, and desert adventures. Resorts offer fun for kids so parents can relax too.

A family trip to Tunisia offers relax and adventure. See the Carthage ruins, ride Sahara camels, or try local food at markets. It’s an exciting and relaxing holiday spot for families.


What makes Tunisia a family-friendly destination?

Tunisia has a mix of Mediterranean and African charm. It’s unique and safe for families. You’ll find beach resorts and cultural sites perfect for relaxation and adventure. The Tunisian people are very welcoming too.

Are there any family-friendly resorts in Tunisia?

Yes, Tunisia has many family-friendly resorts. Places like Hammamet and Sousse are great. They have pools, kids’ programs, and sports.

What are some top family-friendly beach resorts?

The top spots are Hammamet, Sousse, and Djerba. They have beautiful sandy beaches and safe waters. These places also offer family-friendly accommodation.

What historical sites can families visit in Tunisia?

Families can see ancient ruins. Places like Carthage, Dougga, and El Jem are great. They offer a look into Tunisia’s history.

Where can families experience traditional medinas and markets?

Visit Sousse Medina, Beb Jedi Market, and Kairouan Medina. These places have traditional Tunisian markets and crafts.

What outdoor adventures are available for families in Tunisia?

The desert in Tunisia is perfect for adventure. Enjoy camel rides, quad biking, and camping in the Sahara. It’s exciting and cultural.

Are there fun things to do with kids in Tunisia?

Definitely! Enjoy waterparks like Aqua Palace in Sousse, pirate ships, and the 3D Trickery Museum. They offer fun art and illusions.

Which museums are family-friendly in Tunisia?

Check out the Sousse Archaeological Museum, National Bardo Museum, and Ennejma Ezzahra Palace. They are great for education and culture.

What day trips and excursions are suitable for families?

Visit Berber villages like Hergla or see Sidi Bou Said. Also, the Atlas Mountains are breathtaking. These trips are perfect for families.

What kid-friendly activities are available at Tunisian resorts?

Resorts in Tunisia have great facilities for kids. They offer pools, water activities, entertainment programs, and sports.

What food options are available for families in Tunisia?

Tunisia has traditional and Western food. Try dishes like couscous and chakchouka. Food festivals and markets also offer tasty adventures.

What practical tips should families consider when planning a trip to Tunisia?

Check safety tips from the Foreign Office and get good travel insurance. Visit during shoulder seasons for nice weather and fewer people.
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