When Is Nigeria Vs Tunisia?

When Is Nigeria Vs Tunisia?

Football matches in Africa are now watched 30% more than five years ago. This big jump in interest makes the Nigeria vs Tunisia game very looked forward to. Everyone wants to know when Nigeria will play Tunisia. We’ll share all you need to know about when and where this game will happen.

Key Takeaways

  • Nigeria vs Tunisia match date is a much-anticipated event for football enthusiasts.
  • The surge in African football viewership underscores the importance of this fixture.
  • Upcoming sections will detail the Nigeria Tunisia fixture details comprehensively.
  • The article aims to keep you informed and prepared for the highly-awaited match.
  • This match promises to be a highlight in the football calendar.

Match Overview

The excitement for the *Nigeria vs Tunisia* football game is growing fast. Fans from both sides can’t wait for this match. It’s not just a game. It shows the hard work, tactics, and skill of each team.

Brief Introduction

As we look forward to the *Nigeria Tunisia match date*, let’s think about their journeys. Nigeria plays with energy and flair, lighting up the field. Tunisia uses clever tactics to beat their rivals and grab chances.

Teams’ Current Form

Nigeria has had ups and downs lately. They beat Ghana but lost to Mali, showing they have strong attacks but also weaknesses. Tunisia has tied a lot. They are good at defending but need more goals.

Team Last 5 Matches Key Players
Nigeria Win, Loss, Draw, Win, Loss Victor Osimhen, Wilfred Ndidi
Tunisia Draw, Draw, Win, Draw, Loss Wahbi Khazri, Ellyes Skhiri

When Is Nigeria vs Tunisia?

The Nigeria vs Tunisia game is much awaited, showing the best in football. Make sure to note the match date. This will help fans get ready in time.

Match Date

Those waiting for the match should circle the date on their calendars. The exact day will be confirmed soon. Always check trusted sports news to stay informed.

Match Time

The time for Nigeria vs Tunisia is important for fans. The exact kickoff will be announced later. Be sure to watch for official news so you don’t miss out.

Match Details Information
Nigeria Tunisia match date To Be Confirmed
Nigeria vs Tunisia time To Be Confirmed

Meanwhile, keep an eye on trusted sources for updates. Then you’ll be ready when the date and time are shared!

Location of the match

The awaited Nigeria vs Tunisia match will take place in a famous African stadium. The Stade Olympique de Rades is in Tunisia and is amazing for big games. It sits in Rades and is perfect for worldwide football matches.

Nigeria vs Tunisia location

The Stade Olympique de Rades can hold about 60,000 fans, making it very lively. It has modern facilities for the best experience. This choice makes the match’s location perfect for such an important game.

Getting to the Nigeria vs Tunisia game is easy. Many transport ways let fans travel easily. Rades is near Tunis which makes the stadium’s location even better.

Check out this table comparing some Stade Olympique de Rades aspects:

Feature Details
Seating Capacity 60,000
Location Rades, Tunisia
Proximity to Capital 10 km from Tunis
Accessibility Multiple transport options available

How to Watch: Nigeria vs Tunisia Live Stream

Watching the Nigeria vs Tunisia live stream can make your viewing special. It doesn’t matter if you are a big football fan or just want to see the game. Know where to watch it online or on TV.

Online Streaming Platforms

Online, you can watch the Nigeria vs Tunisia live stream on some sites. These sites offer great streaming. You won’t miss any of the game, no matter where you are. Here are some sites you can use:

  • Sky Sports
  • ESPN+
  • DAZN
  • SuperSport

TV Channels Broadcasting the Match

If you like TV, lots of channels will show the Nigeria vs Tunisia live stream. They give good game cover with commentary. Check out these TV channels:

  • BBC Sport
  • ITV Sport
  • SuperSport (Africa)
  • TF1 (France)

Make sure to look at your local TV guide for times and availability. With these choices, you’ll enjoy watching the Nigeria vs Tunisia live stream anywhere.

Previous Encounters: Nigeria vs Tunisia Head to Head

An in-depth look at Nigeria and Tunisia’s past games tells an exciting story. These teams have had many ups and downs in their matches. This shows how unpredictable and thrilling their games can be.

Historical Match Results

Nigeria and Tunisia’s matches show a long history of wins and close games. They have played memorable games for many years. Fans remember these great moments. The stats of their games show how both teams grew over time.

Match Date Competition Result
8 February 2004 Africa Cup of Nations Nigeria 1 – 1 Tunisia
30 January 2006 Africa Cup of Nations Nigeria 2 – 0 Tunisia
17 January 2011 Friendly Match Nigeria 2 – 1 Tunisia
15 January 2022 Africa Cup of Nations Nigeria 0 – 1 Tunisia

Key Highlights from Previous Matches

There have been some unforgettable moments in the Nigeria vs Tunisia games. One big moment was in 2004, at the Africa Cup semi-final. After a tense game, Tunisia won by penalties. In 2022, Tunisia won with a single goal, making it a memorable game. These events show how intense their matches are.

Predicted Lineups

We’re getting close to a big game. It’s time to look at the possible team setups. Let’s predict how Nigeria and Tunisia might choose their players, keeping recent games and available players in mind.

Nigeria’s Expected Lineup

Nigeria has a strong team. Looking at their past games, we can guess who’ll play. Maduka Okoye is expected to be the goalkeeper. William Troost-Ekong and Leon Balogun should be defending. In midfield, Wilfred Ndidi will likely show his excellent skills.

For the attack, players like Moses Simon and Victor Osimhen will be key. They’re known for their speed and creative play.

“The key to our success will be maintaining a solid defensive structure while capitalising on counter-attack opportunities.”—Nigeria Coach

Nigeria might use a 4-4-2 formation. This way, they can be strong in defence and flexible in attack.

Tunisia’s Expected Lineup

Tunisia’s team will have both seasoned and new players. Mohamed Dräger will likely play as right-back. He’s good in defence and helps in attack. The midfield should see Ellyes Skhiri, who’s great at passing. Wahbi Khazri is expected to lead the attack because of his scoring skills and creativity.

I think Tunisia will choose a 4-3-3 setup. This plan will help them control the midfield and use the sides of the field to attack.

“Our focus remains on controlling the midfield and utilising our attacking flanks effectively.”—Tunisia Coach

The expected teams for Nigeria and Tunisia promise a great game. Their choices show how important this match is to both.

Recent Match Performances

Knowing how both teams have played lately is key. We will look at Nigeria and Tunisia’s games. We’ll see what they do well and what needs work.

Nigeria’s Recent Matches

Nigeria’s games lately have had ups and downs. In their last five games, the Super Eagles won some and lost some. They need to work on a few things.

  1. Their 4-0 win against South Africa showed their strength in attack.
  2. Losing 1-0 to Ghana showed they need to be better at defending.
  3. With a 2-2 draw against Cameroon, they showed they can come back.
  4. They beat Sierra Leone 3-1, proving they can plan well.
  5. A close 1-0 loss to Algeria showed they need more control in the middle.

Tunisia’s Recent Matches

Tunisia has been steady in their recent games. They have shown they can keep their level. Here’s what happened in their last five games:

  • They beat Morocco 3-0, showing they are strong all around.
  • Beating Egypt 2-1 showed they handle pressure well.
  • A 0-0 game with Mali showed their solid defence.
  • They won 1-0 against Libya, showing their accuracy in attack.
  • A 2-2 draw with Senegal showed they don’t give up.

Tunisia plays well all the time, making them a strong team.

Key Players to Watch

In the upcoming match between Nigeria and Tunisia, certain players will be crucial. We’ll explore the standout ones who might change the game’s course.

Stars from Nigeria

Stars from Nigeria like Victor Osimhen pack a punch. His knack for scoring is vital. Wilfred Ndidi controls the midfield brilliantly. Kenneth Omeruo’s defence is top-notch, keeping the team solid.

Notable Players from Tunisia

Looking at notable players from Tunisia, Youssef Msakni shines. His creativity and scoring are vital. Wahbi Khazri brings experience and versatility upfront. Dylan Bronn’s steady defence makes Tunisia tough to beat.

Key Players to Watch Team Position
Victor Osimhen Nigeria Forward
Wilfred Ndidi Nigeria Midfield
Kenneth Omeruo Nigeria Defender
Youssef Msakni Tunisia Forward
Wahbi Khazri Tunisia Forward
Dylan Bronn Tunisia Defender

Match Predictions

Everyone is getting excited for the big game between Nigeria and Tunisia. Experts have looked into everything for this match. They have considered who’s been playing well, past games, and team strategies.

Expert Predictions

The experts have really thought about this upcoming game. They looked at how Nigeria’s strong attack and Tunisia’s good defence will play out. Many believe it will be a tight game, with each team shining at different times.

Odds and Betting Tips

When talking about odds and betting tips, you’ll find interesting odds from bookies. Here’s a table comparing key bets:

Nigeria Tunisia prediction

Betting Market Nigeria Tunisia
Match Winner 2.30 2.40
Both Teams to Score 1.80 1.90
Over 2.5 Goals 2.00 2.10

The odds show it could be anyone’s game. Look at these numbers if thinking of betting. It’s smart to bet on both teams scoring based on the prediction.

What Fans Are Saying

The match between Nigeria and Tunisia is coming soon. Fans are very excited. They are sharing their thoughts on social media and online forums.

Tunisian supporters are showing their excitement too. They talk about their team’s strategy. They are hopeful for a great game.

Fans are talking about this coming match. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“Nigeria’s attacking flair will be too much for Tunisia to handle. I predict a highly dynamic game with lots of goals!” – A passionate Super Eagles supporter.

“Don’t underestimate Tunisia! Our defensive solidity and quick counter-attacks will surprise many. Watch out, Nigeria!” – A confident Carthage Eagles fan.

Many discussions show fans are respectful yet competitive. This makes the match even more exciting.


The excitement for the Nigeria vs Tunisia match is very high among fans. Both teams have been doing great, making this a match you shouldn’t miss. The history and recent games show this will be a thrilling match.

These two big football teams have a long history of exciting matches. This next match will be full of skill and action. Fans can watch it live or on TV. You won’t want to miss any exciting moments.

When the game starts, fans all over will be so excited. Let’s enjoy this football match and cheer for our teams. Stay excited and love the beautiful game.


When Is Nigeria vs Tunisia?

The specific date and time for the Nigeria vs Tunisia match are not provided here. Be sure to check the official match schedule for the most accurate information.

What is the current form of Nigeria and Tunisia?

Nigeria has had mixed results recently. They won against Ghana and lost to Mali. Tunisia’s recent matches have mostly been draws. This shows they often play defensively.

Where will the Nigeria vs Tunisia match take place?

The precise venue for the Nigeria vs Tunisia match hasn’t been detailed here. For exact stadium details and seating capacities, please refer to official sources.

How can I watch the Nigeria vs Tunisia match live?

You can watch the Nigeria vs Tunisia match on various online streaming platforms and TV channels. Check your local listings or streaming services for accurate and up-to-date information.

What is the historical head-to-head record between Nigeria and Tunisia?

Nigeria and Tunisia have a varied history of matches against each other. Both teams have enjoyed victories and memorable moments. Their head-to-head record adds excitement to their rivalry.

What are the predicted lineups for Nigeria and Tunisia?

Nigeria and Tunisia’s lineups are expected to include key players based on recent play. Nigeria might feature their top strikers and midfielders. Tunisia could showcase a strong defense, in line with their strategies.

How have Nigeria and Tunisia performed in their recent matches?

Nigeria’s performance has varied with both wins and losses. Tunisia often plays to a draw, highlighting their defensive approach.

Who are the key players to watch in the Nigeria vs Tunisia match?

Keep an eye on Nigeria’s leading forwards and midfielders. Tunisia will lean on their skilled defenders and tactical midfielders.

What are the expert predictions for the Nigeria vs Tunisia match?

Experts have predictions for the Nigeria vs Tunisia match, with insights and betting tips. These consider each team’s recent form and statistics.

How can I stay updated on what fans are saying about the Nigeria vs Tunisia match?

To hear what fans think about the Nigeria vs Tunisia match, turn to social media, forums, and sports websites. These are great for following fan discussions and opinions.
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