When Does The Sun Set In Tunisia?

When Does The Sun Set In Tunisia?

Did you know that on the 6th of July 2024, the day in Tunis is long? It lasts for about 14 hours and 35 minutes. The sun rises at 5:06 am and sets at 7:41 pm. This fact gives us insight into Tunisia’s *sunset schedule*. It’s perfect for those who wonder *when does the sun set in Tunisia* or want to know about *sunset in Tunisia today*. Knowing this helps you plan better and enjoy Tunisia’s beauty.

Key Takeaways

  • The 6th of July 2024 shows us a long summer day in Tunis, lasting 14 hours and 35 minutes.
  • On this special day, the sun peeks at 5:06 am and hides at 7:41 pm.
  • These moments shine a light on the *Tunisia sunset schedule*, revealing Tunisia’s special spot on the map.
  • Knowing when the sun sets helps us plan our days and trips better.
  • Questions like *when does the sun set in Tunisia?* help us enjoy the twilight more.
  • The sun’s show time changes with the seasons in Tunisia.

Understanding Sunset Times in Tunisia

Tunisia’s sunsets are magical. Many things affect when they happen. Where Tunisia is and the time of year matter a lot.

Factors Affecting Sunset Times

Tunisia’s location and the seasons change when the sun sets. The country’s place on the globe is key. Also, how Earth circles the sun shifts sunset times over the year.

Geographical Influences

Tunisia is at 37 degrees north. This means its sunsets are later than places closer to the equator. Its exact spot makes its sunset times special.

Seasonal Variations

Seasons also change sunset times in Tunisia. In summer, days are longer, so sunsets are late. Winter means shorter days and earlier sunsets.

In June, there’s light for about 14 hours and 43 minutes. But in December, that drops to about 9 hours and 42 minutes. This shows how seasons really change sunset times.

Tunisian Sunset Time Variations Throughout the Year

Tunisian sunsets change a lot over the year. They show how days get longer and shorter. Summer and winter sunsets are very different. Tunisia doesn’t use Daylight Savings, which is interesting.

Winter vs Summer Sunset Times

In winter, the sun sets early, around 5:05 pm in December. But in summer, it sets much later, about 7:41 pm in June. Days can be short, about 9 hours and 58 minutes in January. Or long, around 14 hours and 43 minutes in June.

Monthly Sunset Averages

Here are Tunisia’s average sunset times by month:

Month Average Sunset Time
January 5:20 pm
February 5:51 pm
March 6:17 pm
April 6:41 pm
May 7:06 pm
June 7:41 pm
July 7:41 pm
August 7:17 pm
September 6:41 pm
October 6:03 pm
November 5:33 pm
December 5:05 pm

Impact of Daylight Savings Time

Tunisia doesn’t have Daylight Savings. Most places change clocks, but Tunisia does not. This makes day and night times more steady. There’s no sudden jump in time.

When Does The Sun Set In Tunisia?

Are you looking to see a sunset in Tunisia today? Knowing the exact time can make it better. Each city in Tunisia has a different sunset time. Let’s check out when they happen in big cities.

Current Sunset Time in Tunis

On July 6, 2024, Tunis will see the sunset at 7:41 pm. This is a great time for amazing sky colours. With Tunis’s nice weather, today is a great day for sunset watching.

Sunset Times in Other Major Cities

Different cities in Tunisia have slightly different sunset times. Here are the times for some big cities on July 6, 2024:

City Sunset Time
Zarzis 07:30 pm
Sfax 07:35 pm
Bizerte 07:45 pm

Knowing when the sun sets helps you catch great views. In Zarzis, Sfax, or Bizerte, you won’t miss the beauty.

Twilight in Tunisia

Twilight in Tunisia has three phases: astronomical, nautical, and civil. Each one makes dusk in Tunisia special and beautiful. It’s a time that makes the evening magical.

Tunisia twilight hour

Astronomical Twilight

Astronomical twilight happens when the sun goes 12 to 18 degrees below the horizon. The sky gets dark enough to see stars without the sun’s light getting in the way. It’s perfect for looking at stars, as you can see them clearly.

Nautical Twilight

Nautical twilight is when the sun is 6 to 12 degrees below the horizon. Sailors find this time helpful because they can still see the horizon and use the stars to navigate. The sky mixes fading sunlight with the first stars, creating a peaceful time for sea adventures or walks by the sea.

Civil Twilight

Civil twilight is just before night, when the sun is 0 to 6 degrees below the horizon. There’s still natural light, so you don’t need lamps or other lights. The sky turns into soft colours, perfect for taking photos or just relaxing outside.

Twilight Phase Sun’s Position Key Activities
Astronomical Twilight 12°-18° below horizon Stargazing, Celestial Observations
Nautical Twilight 6°-12° below horizon Navigation, Evening Walks
Civil Twilight 0°-6° below horizon Photography, Outdoor Activities

Best Time to See Tunisia Sunset

Finding the best time to see Tunisia’s sunset can be very rewarding. The sunsets change with seasons and places. In June, Tunisia has long twilights, great for photos and enjoying the view.

Tunisia is not by the equator, so sunsets take longer. This slow sunset is lovely to watch.

The sunset times in Tunisia change through the year. Summer days are long, winter days are short. Plan your visit to see Tunisia’s stunning sunsets at their best.

Sunset Durations in Tunisia Compared to Other Countries

Tunisia has a special spot on the map which makes sunsets there unique. When we look at sunset times in Tunisia, we see how different they are from other places.

Sunset duration in Tunisia

Comparison with Equatorial Regions

Places near the equator have quick sunsets, lasting about 20 minutes. Tunisia’s sunsets, though, go on for about 32 minutes. This means you get more time to see the sky change colours.

Comparison with European Countries

Comparing Tunisia’s sunsets with those in Europe shows big differences. For instance, Germany gets longer sunsets than Tunisia. This is clear in June, when Berlin enjoys daylight for up to 16 hours and 42 minutes. Tunisia, in contrast, sees daylight for about 14 hours and 43 minutes during the same time.

Region Average Sunset Duration Maximum Daylight Duration
Tunisia 32 minutes 14 hours and 43 minutes
Equatorial Regions 20 minutes 12 hours
Germany (Berlin) Up to 36 minutes 16 hours and 42 minutes

These facts show why Tunisia is a great place to watch a sunset. Its sunset time is longer than in equatorial regions but different from European countries. This makes Tunisia a unique spot for enjoying the end of the day.

The Experience of a Tunisian Sunset

Seeing the sun set in Tunisia is amazing. As the sun goes down, the sky lights up in bright colours. This view stays with you forever.

The clear skies and nice weather make it even better. They make the sunset look magical.

Tunisia has many beautiful places to see the sunset. You can see it from lovely beaches or the vast Sahara desert. Each spot shows the sunset in its own special way.

The country’s rich culture and history add to the sunset. You could see it against old ruins or a lively market. So, asking when does the sun set in Tunisia is about more than time. It’s about seeing a story in the sky.

Tunisia has many great spots to see the sunset. Each place shows the sunset in a special way. You can pick from quiet beaches, big deserts, or old sites to watch this beautiful view.


Tunisia’s beaches look amazing at sunset. The calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea shine in the sunlight. La Marsa beach is very popular because of its golden sand and palm trees. The beach at Hammamet is also special. It looks like a painting with orange and pink skies.


The deserts in Tunisia offer a wide and magical sunset view. The Sahara Desert has big sand dunes. They make a perfect picture at sunset. Douz is called the doorway to the Sahara. Here, you can see the sun go down in a beautiful scene. The desert’s quiet makes the sunset even more special.

Historical Sites

In Tunisia, old sites give a mix of history and sunset beauty. Carthage has old ruins. It looks amazing when the sun sets there. The El Jem amphitheatre is also stunning at sunset. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. These places are lovely and full of history.

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