When Does Tunisia Play?

When Does Tunisia Play?

Tunisia’s national football team has been to five FIFA World Cups. They are often in the spotlight. If you love the Carthage Eagles, it’s key to know when they play.

This article gives you all you need about Tunisia’s football schedule. You’ll know when and where to watch the games. Whether at home or live, you’ll have the needed info.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tunisia national football team has participated in five FIFA World Cup events.
  • Staying updated on Tunisia’s match schedule ensures you never miss an important game.
  • This guide will cover where and when Tunisia plays next, with detailed fixture lists.
  • Knowing the match dates allows for better planning and support.
  • Both early-year matches and key tournament games will be highlighted.

Introduction to Tunisia National Football Team

The Tunisia national football team is lovingly called the Carthage Eagles. They have a proud history in African football. Exploring their past shows us their big wins and important moments. These have made them well-known in football.

Team History

In the 60s and 70s, Tunisia became known as a strong team in Africa. They got stronger every year, bringing hope to their fans. The red and white kit stood for hard work and grit. This led to their first World Cup in 1978.

Notable Achievements

In 2004, the Carthage Eagles won the African Cup of Nations at home. This win started a golden era for them. They showed their strength. Despite tough opponents in Africa, Tunisia kept shining. Their 1998 World Cup entry was another big moment. It showed they were a team to watch.

Importance of Following Tunisia’s Football Fixtures

Watching the Tunisia match schedule does more than fill time. It brings fans together, building national pride. It includes friendlies, qualifiers, and big matches, each important for players and fans.

Knowing the Tunisia football fixtures means getting ready for great football moments. These events are not just games. They unite fans worldwide, making a big family.

The schedule helps fans plan to enjoy these times. Every match, friendly or crucial, shows the team’s growth. Fans see their tactics and teamwork.

Keeping up with the Tunisia match schedule means fans won’t miss important games. The Tunisia football fixtures get fans ready for all the emotions. They bring drama, happiness, and togetherness.

How to Stay Updated on Tunisia’s Matches

Getting updates on Tunisia’s matches is easy today. You can use official news sites, social media, and football apps. They all give quick alerts and full coverage.

Official News Sources

Reliable media channels share official Tunisia football news. Sites like BBC Sport and Sky Sports keep their content fresh. They report on the latest matches and scores. You won’t miss important Tunisia match news, from friendlies to big qualifiers.

Social Media and Apps

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for the latest team news. Be sure to follow official Tunisia football news accounts. Also, apps like OneFootball and LiveScore are vital. They offer match details, alerts, and analysis right at your fingertips.

To sum up the sources and tools available:

News Outlets Social Media Football Apps
BBC Sport Twitter OneFootball
Sky Sports Facebook LiveScore

When Does Tunisia Play?

Tunisia’s game schedule is packed with excitement for its fans. It has qualifiers and friendly matches. Fans should keep track of these dates to support their team.

Tunisia game schedule

Knowing the Tunisia game schedule makes following the team better. It helps fans prepare to cheer loudly and proudly. Below is a table of the upcoming matches:

Date Opponent Match Type
15th January 2024 Algeria Friendly
30th January 2024 Egypt African Cup Qualifier
25th March 2024 Morocco World Cup Qualifier

The Tunisia games are diverse. Fans can see different parts of football. Each game shows Tunisia’s agility and smart strategies.

Tunisia Football Fixtures for 2024

2024 is set to thrill Tunisian football fans with exciting matches. The team will face many tests in their game lineup. Fans can’t wait for the mix of early matches and big tournaments.

Early Year Matches

Early in 2024, fans will see Tunisia in action in exciting friendly games. They aim to sharpen their skills with these matches. They’ll play against tough teams, getting ready for bigger challenges ahead.

Key Tournament Games

Big tournament games will show us what Tunisia’s team is made of in 2024. These important games are crucial for their global ranking. The team will face Croatia and New Zealand in games full of tension.

Date Opponent Venue
12th March 2024 Croatia Stade Olympique de Radès
18th April 2024 New Zealand Stade Olympique de Radès

The games in 2024 will keep everyone on their toes, making the year unforgettable. Every match is an opportunity for thrilling football. The team’s hard work aims to achieve greatness in every game.

Tunisia World Cup Game Dates

The World Cup anticipation is high. Fans are excited, marking their calendars. Tunisia will play against Equatorial Guinea and Namibia. These are key games. They mix national pride with football skill on a global level.

Here is the Tunisia World Cup schedule. It’s a must for fans wanting to follow every moment.

Opponent Date Venue
Equatorial Guinea 14th June 2024 Hammadi Agrebi Stadium
Namibia 21st June 2024 Independence Stadium

Every game is a big moment for Tunisia’s World Cup journey. They will be thrilling. Make sure you keep up with the schedule. You’ll feel the excitement with the nation.

Don’t miss Tunisia’s chase for football success.

Tunisia Match Times and Venues

Every football fan knows waiting for a match can be exciting. Knowing the Tunisia match dates and Tunisia game times is key. This helps fans get ready, whether they go to the game or watch at home.

Kick-off Times

Kick-off times for Tunisia’s matches can change. They usually happen when most people can watch. It’s important to watch for any changes to the Tunisia game times.

Venue Details

Tunisia has famous football places. The Stade Olympique de Radès is in Radès. It’s a main spot for big games. The Stade du 7 Novembre and the Stade Olympique de Sousse also host important games. Fans need to know the Tunisia match dates and places early to plan their visits.

Match Date Match Time Venue
12th June 2024 18:00 GMT Stade Olympique de Radès
20th June 2024 20:30 GMT Stade du 7 Novembre
25th June 2024 17:00 GMT Stade Olympique de Sousse

Insight into Tunisia’s Qualifiers Timetable

Tunisia faces tough games in the qualifiers. The matches in March 2024 against Croatia and New Zealand are key. These games will show if they can make it to the next round.

Tunisia football qualifiers

Fans are keen to see the match schedule. The games against Croatia and New Zealand are crucial. They show Tunisia’s plans and strength.

Date Opponent Location
March 20, 2024 Croatia Stade Olympique de Rades
March 25, 2024 New Zealand Westpac Stadium

Each match is a step closer to Tunisia’s big dream. Fans will watch eagerly as Tunisia faces these challenges. They hope to see their team succeed.

Tunisia Upcoming Games and Opponents

Tunisia is getting ready for some exciting games. Fans and experts are keen to watch the team. They will play against tough teams, making these games a must-watch for football lovers.

Major Matches

The New Year brings big games for Tunisia. They will face Croatia and New Zealand. Both teams are strong but in different ways.

Croatia has a powerful midfield. It will be a big test for Tunisia. New Zealand is quick and can strike fast. Tunisia needs to guard well against them.

Opponent Analysis

Looking at Tunisia’s opponents reveals varied play styles. They will play against Croatia’s well-thought-out tactics and ball control. This will require Tunisia to be very focused and flexible.

Playing against New Zealand’s fast play will test Tunisia’s defense. It’s a chance for Tunisia to show how well they can adapt. These games will highlight Tunisia’s talent and their ability to tackle different strategies.

Key Dates in Tunisia’s 2024 Schedule

Tunisia’s football excitement is hitting a peak in 2024. Fans of the Tunisia national team must keep up with the Tunisia match dates. And the Tunisia 2024 football schedule. This schedule shows the team’s journey to victory.

Date Match Location
15 January 2024 Tunisia vs Egypt Tunis, Tunisia
22 February 2024 Tunisia vs Morocco Casablanca, Morocco
28 March 2024 Tunisia vs Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria
10 May 2024 Tunisia vs Algeria Algiers, Algeria
20 June 2024 Tunisia vs Senegal Dakar, Senegal

The excitement for these matches is huge. The first game is in Tunis and the last one in Dakar. Each game in the Tunisia 2024 football schedule is thrilling. Fans can’t wait to see the team play. The Tunisia match dates are memorable for all supporters.

Major Upcoming Football Events Involving Tunisia

Tunisia is getting ready for exciting football events. The Carthage Eagles are set for big competitions. These Tunisia football events are chances for the team to shine worldwide.

  1. Africa Cup of Nations: This is a key tournament for Tunisia. They will play against strong teams from Africa.
  2. FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Fans and experts watch Tunisia’s journey closely. These games are crucial for reaching the World Cup.
  3. Arab Cup: Tunisia will face top Arab world teams. This shows regional skill and the will to win.

These events show the Carthage Eagles’ skill. They also make thrilling times for football fans everywhere.

Event Month Country
Africa Cup of Nations January 2024 Ivory Coast
FIFA World Cup Qualifiers March 2024 Various
Arab Cup June 2024 Qatar

Fans can get excited for these major football events. Tunisia is making a mark in the football world. Each event brings new challenges and chances for great success.


The Tunisia football article highlights key points about the Carthage Eagles. It covers fixture details and the team’s journey in 2024. We see the vital roles of match times, venues, and opponents. All these create an interesting story of Tunisia’s football.

Looking at Tunisia’s game plans shows how important strategy is. Every game, big or small, can boost national pride. Fans get really excited.

Updates from news, social media, and apps keep fans in the loop. This helps everyone feel united. It brings out the joy of football. Supporting Tunisia’s team is a journey full of passion and loyalty.

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