Where Does Tunisia Import From?

Where Does Tunisia Import From?

Did you know Tunisia gets goods from 170 countries around the world? This shows Tunisia’s big role in global trade. Many imports come from different places.

In 2021, Italy was the top supplier with 13.49%. France came next at 11.43%, then China with 10.39%. Germany gave 6.54%, and Turkey 5.40%. This mix of European and Asian countries helps many Tunisian industries.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisia imports from a diverse range of 170 countries.
  • Italy is the leading supplier, contributing 13.49% of imported goods.
  • France and China are also major trade partners, with 11.43% and 10.39% respectively.
  • Germany and Turkey play vital roles in Tunisia’s import market, too.
  • This extensive network underscores Tunisia’s global economic connectivity.

Introduction to Tunisia’s Import Landscape

Tunisia buys a lot from other countries. This is important for its economy. The country has over 11 million people. Its money worth is 46,687 million US dollars. Let’s learn how buying from other countries affects its economy.

Overview of Tunisia’s Economic Background

Tunisia has different ways to make money. These include farming, digging for minerals, making things, and services. But it needs to buy a lot from outside. This is for things like materials, machines, and goods people use every day.

Importance of Trade for Tunisia

Trading with other countries is key for Tunisia. It buys more than it sells. This shows in a deficit of 4,716.00 million US dollars. Trading fills the needs that Tunisia can’t meet itself. It helps the country’s economy to stay steady.

Main Trade Partners of Tunisia

Tunisia is in a great place for world trade because it buys from many countries. This shows it has a big and varied plan for getting what it needs.

Leading Countries Tunisia Imports From

Italy, France, China, Germany, and Turkey are very important to Tunisia. They sell a lot of things like energy and electronics to Tunisia. These sales help Tunisia keep its economy strong.

Tunisia economic partners

Geographical Distribution of Imports

Tunisia buys from countries all over the world. This helps it get lots of different products. These products are important for Tunisia’s industries and its people.

Here’s a table with info on Tunisia’s main trading partners:

Country Percentage of Imports Major Sectors
Italy 15% Energy, Machinery
France 12% Consumer Goods, Automotive
China 10% Electrical Equipment, Textiles
Germany 8% Machinery, Chemicals
Turkey 7% Textiles, Consumer Goods

Where Does Tunisia Import From?

Tunisia buys from many countries because it wants strong global ties. The European Union, especially Italy and France, is important for Tunisia. These countries have been friends for a long time. They send many goods to Tunisia. This helps Tunisia’s economy grow.

But Tunisia is also looking at Asia for more items. China is very important in this new plan. By buying from both Europe and Asia, Tunisia gets more benefits. This includes better prices and more goods for people and businesses.

By doing this, Tunisia shows it values strong worldwide relationships. Tunisia’s buying habits show its smart planning. It’s about keeping old friendships but also making new ones. This mix helps Tunisia’s economy stay strong and grow.

Tunisia’s Top Imported Products

Tunisia’s economy depends a lot on what it imports. The import statistics of Tunisia show a big need for important and pricey items. These are needed for its people and industries.

Overview of Key Import Categories

Tunisia buys a lot of important goods from other countries. Among these are:

  • Petroleum oils
  • Gaseous hydrocarbons
  • Electrical apparatus
  • Common wheat and meslin

Tunisia's Top Imported Products

High-Value Imported Items

These imports are crucial not just because they are needed. They also add a lot of value to the economy. Looking into the high-value imports in Tunisia helps us understand their impact:

Category Annual Import Value (USD millions)
Petroleum oils 1,500
Gaseous hydrocarbons 800
Electrical apparatus 600
Common wheat and meslin 400

These important imports are key for Tunisia’s daily life and its economic future.

Trade Statistics and Import Data

Tunisia’s economy is changing fast. The country buys all kinds of goods worth 22,496 million US dollars. These purchases impact many areas like energy, building things, and shopping.

Tunisia buys a mix of goods every year. The list includes raw and intermediate goods, plus items for consumers and for building. Machines and transport stuff show big growth. This highlights Tunisia’s focus on building better infrastructure.

Year Total Imports (in million US dollars) Growth Rate
2018 20,345 4.2%
2019 21,258 4.5%
2020 19,123 -10.1%
2021 22,496 17.6%

Impact on Tunisia’s Economy

Buying from other countries affects many parts of Tunisia’s economy. Energy sectors get a boost from oil and machinery imports. Projects to build stuff also get help from bought materials and machines. Shops are filled with imported electronics and house items. This helps us understand how trade decisions shape the future.

Import Markets in Europe

Italy and France are Tunisia’s main European trade partners. They send a lot of goods to Tunisia. This shows the strong trade links between them.

Italy as a Major Import Source

Italy is very important for Tunisia’s imports. Over time, the economic bond has grown stronger. Italy now sends goods worth 3,034 million US dollars to Tunisia. Both countries enjoy the benefits of trading together. They share many different products.

France’s Role in Tunisia’s Imports

France is also key for Tunisia’s imports, just behind Italy. Their long history and connections boost trade. France sends products worth 2,570 million US dollars to Tunisia. This shows how diverse Tunisia’s European trade partners are.

Country Import Value (Million US Dollars)
Italy 3,034
France 2,570

Imports from Asia

Tunisia now buys more from Asia. This change shows Tunisia’s new economic friends.

China’s Contribution to Tunisia’s Imports

China plays a big role in Tunisia’s imports. It gives 10.39 percent of them, worth about 2,338 million US dollars. The items range from electronics to other goods.

Other Asian Suppliers

Tunisia also gets goods from Japan, South Korea, and India. They offer many products Tunisia needs. This shows Tunisia is working more with Asia. It gets advanced tech and various goods.

Imports from Other Regions

Imports from countries outside of Europe and Asia are key for Tunisia. They have a smaller share but are still vital. Tunisia has strong economic ties with Turkey. It also trades with countries in Africa and the Americas.

Turkey’s Influence on Tunisia’s Imports

Turkey is very important for Tunisia’s imports. The trade with Turkey has hit 1,215 million US dollars. This shows Turkey is a key source for Tunisia, offering various goods like car parts and clothes.

Suppliers from Africa and the Americas

African countries like Algeria and Libya also trade with Tunisia. They mainly sell oil, farm goods, and raw materials. This trade helps local industries and strengthens ties in the region.

The Americas, including the US and Brazil, are important too. The US sells electronics and farm gear to Tunisia. Brazil sends over food items like sugar, coffee, and meats. This mix of imports from different places helps Tunisia grow stronger.

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